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Amazing new Jurassic World concept art recaptures the magic of Jurassic Park

Jurassic World released in 2015, but new concept art continues to surface, providing beautiful looks behind the scenes of design. The latest batch of images come from concept artist John Bell, who has long time been associated with the franchise, starting with the first Jurassic Park! He’s the artist of many iconic designs you know and love, and contributed to the Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, and much more!

As expected, his Jurassic World designs are nothing short of stunning, and provide a tantalizing look at the early, alternate story and art. First, let’s start with his park map:

While the park layout varies from that seen in the final film, with main facilities near the coast rather than an inland lagoon, it altogether looks familiar. It even includes the now much important volcano! However, the real standouts in the image are scene descriptions, many of which were not in the final version of Jurassic World. These scenes include “Red & Raptors attack Stegosaur herd”, “Pteranodon Monorail attack”, and featured different characters by the names of ‘Nick’ and ‘Tim’.

Further, it includes alternative attractions, such as a public Raptor show, a rollercoaster, a Pachycephalosaurus show, and a Brachiosaurus restaurant. Finally, rather than featuring a Mosasaurus as seen in the film, it featured a Plesiosaurus.

The rest of the art is perhaps less revealing, but no less striking, filled with beautiful colors, detail, and imagination:

Personally, I find these designs immediately more appealing than what was put on display in the final film, capturing the magic of Jurassic Park in a way we just didn’t see. The final movie featured a park that could have been anywhere in the world, and more often than not, didn’t create its own unique visual identity. I’m bummed we didn’t get any of what was on display here, as it really has a wonderful Disney World goes Jurassic Park look that I never knew I wanted until now.

John Bell – Jurassic Park (1993) art

I’m in love with this artwork, and hope future movies find a way to capture the look and feel on display here. If you’re a fan of this art, be sure to check out our interview with John Bell, which has many pictures of his other work on the franchise!

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the artwork! Special thanks to Derrick Davis for sharing.

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20 thoughts on “Amazing new Jurassic World concept art recaptures the magic of Jurassic Park

  1. A pteranodon attack on the monorail would have been fantastic.
    But what is meant by the M-saurus attack, in the middle of the map?
    And that Tim guy can only be one Tim ofcourse! Maybe he was supposed to turn back to the park.
    And maybe, after 3 movies, somebody will finally get that Barbasol canister!

    1. Haha everyone is so obsessed with that barbasol can. It’s not happening. It’s buried in mud. The embryos are dead.

  2. I would have loved to see other attractions like these in Jurassic world. It’s kinda what JW was lacking. With that movie being the last time we see a functional theme park they should have upped their game a bit. I don’t feel the Collin Trevorrow was a fan of the series like everyone else is.

  3. No two ways about it — this is light years beyond what we got in JW. This has soul. This has great ideas peppered all over it.

    It is almost shocking how much of a missed opportunity JW was.

    1. Your comment sums up my feelings perfectly. The formula was there and they ditched it for something with, as you put it, no soul.

      I wish they had stuck with the Silver/Jaffa script. Trevorrow/Connolly wanted to rewrite the story to make everything “bigger” (which doesn’t always mean better), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Silver/Jaffa’s version had all the soul that ‘Jurassic World’ ultimately lacked. I will forever be bitter that Trevorrow/Connolly gave us a dull, half-assed version of a concept that could have delivered INCREDIBLE things. And we will *never* see another film centered around an open park, unless the franchise is completely rebooted. Missed opportunity is right.

      This is why I’m only cautiously optimistic for the next film and not outright excited, because the same writers are back. From the interviews I’ve read, I don’t think Trevorrow learned a damn thing post-World (I hope I’m wrong on that one). Thank God they at least had the sense to hire a competent director. Bayona has the potential to transform a lackluster script into a solid film. He’s the only real reason I have some hope. At the very least, ‘Fallen Kingdom’ is going to look absolutely phenomenal. I do worry for the sixth film, though, because I can easily see Trevorrow wanting to once again write AND direct that one. If the studio has any sense, they’ll say no and stick with Bayona.

  4. I am not gonna lie I am sad that we didn’t get the script the rick and amandatory wrote. But what we did get was not horrible, in fact it was great. I enjoy it quite a bit. But it would have been nice for them to have focused on different aspects of the park. Also I wish more animals escape into the main street.

  5. Pteranodon monorail attack? No thanks. The WORST part of JW was the unrealistic Pterosaur skitz-out in the main street. 90% of those animals would have picked a direction and kept flying rather than start attacking something that isn’t even a food source.

  6. Honestly, I prefer what I saw in the movies. These drawings are beautiful, hands down, but the concept is too outlandish for my taste.

    1. I thoougt the same at first. but then I agree that the design of the Jurassic World we got is quite generic ad it could be a theme park about anythng else.. Meanwhile these concept have an uniqe personalluty, that matches quite well with the original park. Im in love with the desing of the building for example. maybe something between this and the final version would have been great

  7. the difference. this is a park that looks fun that we want to go to.
    Jurassic world the film is like a video game market to young adults who are afraid to look like a child.

    these picture is what we as Jurassic fans love. we love fun theme park architecture.

    the only thing is the script does not fit the park. this is not a park that says we need more genetic manipulated dinos so we can sell more tickets. we are not selling enough.. the whole park was that bigger better more electronic more corp.. sell sell sell.

    these images of park looks so much fun people would just come. .. no need for a bigger dino..

    1. that is a good thought. I also would not have bought that a park like this would have the same pretentions as the park of Jurassic World

  8. Jeepers, almost two weeks without any news.

    Why don’t you guys pick something off the pile of news items you’re keeping under wraps and write an article about it? No use pretending you don’t know way more about the production than you’re actually reporting on.

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