‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Viral Website Answers Questions While Creating All New Mysteries

Get ready for a deep dive into Ingen’s secrets and inconsistencies.

Alongside the ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Super Bowl trailer earlier this month, the viral website for Dinosaur Protection Group formally launched with a trove of new information and images. The DPG is a fictional organization introduced in the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel founded by Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), with the goal of gaining public and financial support to save the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar from the ‘extinction level’ eruption of the once dormant Mount Sibo.

Claire’s ambition to save the dinosaurs is driven by not only an empathetic bond to animals in need, but the moral responsibility of those who created the dinosaurs to save them from a doomed fate – a fate humanity dictated due to their unnatural forced containment and isolation. The DPG argues mankind must be held accountable for the life they’ve created, for better or worse, and it’s their obligation to save the dinosaurs via relocation or other means.

Thus, the ‘in-universe’ intent of the Dinosaur Protection Group website is to educate the world not only about the prehistoric life created through de-extinction, but to also help the public better understand the history of InGen’s actions, and the range of impact the epochal company has induced.

In a new DPG update today, the groundwork is set for explaining many of the mysteries of the Jurassic universe (such as why was the Spinosaurus not on InGen’s list, for starters). But before we go that far, it’s best to understand the lay of the land – after the San Diego incident in 1997, the Gene Guard Act was passed by the US House Committee in collaboration with InGen. The act rewarded currently existing dinosaur species the same rights as naturally existing endangered species, protected the islands from outsiders, and outlawed furthered creation of extinct prehistoric fauna.

This act was put into place before John Hammond passed away, and at the time InGen was fully committed to upholding a greater standard of ethics, standing as guardians of these majestic animals from the past. The restrictions would remain enforced when Masrani Global acquired InGen in 1998, though it was later discovered the company neglected the law well before the sanctions were dropped in 2003 (note: those sanctions were later discovered to be removed under illegal pretenses such as bribery).

The breaches in the Gene Protection Act began as soon as 100 days after Masrani Globals acquisition of InGen, and led to the creation of the Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Corythosaurus* (all new species which first appeared in Jurassic Park 3). Curiously, the Jurassic Park 3 Ankylosaurus varies from that seen in Jurassic World – perhaps it’s an example of sexual dimorphism, where the males of the species have a different body structure and a splash of red on their face. The aformentioned file leak dates to 1997, prior to the acquisition; presumably any new variation of dinosaur seen in ‘World’ not listed as illegally cloned was created after 2003.

*Note: Despite what the DPG says, the Corythosaurus was not cloned illegally, and existed on Isla Sorna prior to the Gene Protection Act. It can be seen as part of the species list in ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’.

The files also point to the breeding Velociraptors, and much like Grant did, assumes Frog DNA is to blame. However, this does not take into account that modern reptiles and birds have been observed changing sex, and breeding in nature. As birds are a direct decedent of dinosaurs, and share the common archosaur ancestory with reptiles, it can be assumed that particular genetic ability evolved naturally. Hence, even without the frog DNA, dinosaurs would likely find a way to breed in certain circumstances. This is further evidenced by the documented breeding of Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs, Gallimimus, Pteranodons, and in all likelihood, numerous other species (for example sexual dimorphism can be observed in Parasaurolophus with green females, and orangeish males).

What the InGen file leak does not account for is the curious omission of Proceratosaurus, both a species on the Jurassic Park map, and a viable embryo stolen by Dennis Nedry – perhaps this can be explained by carelessness in InGens archival of information, or it was scrubbed from record for even more nefarious motives. Further anomalies that are yet to be explained are the separate sub-species of Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Pteranodon observed on Isla Sorna during the events of Jurassic Park 3.

The latest DPG blog entry is vague on the status of Isla Sorna – it’s alluded that InGen at least claimed they moved all species to Isla Nublar, however the likelihood of that being true or possible seems slim at best – especially as many of the species of Sorna are nowhere to be found on Nublar. While one may account that to population extinction, earlier DPG updates suggest the only known extinctions are Metriacanthosaurus and Edmontosaurus on Isla Nublar only.

There is a lot more to dig into on the Dinosaur Protection Group website, such as dinosaur population counts from 1993 to 1997, illustrating the various survival rates and hunting patterns of the animals on both islands. Further, it showcases that some of the new dinosaurs seen in ‘World’ were species InGen aspired to create via incomplete genomes during the ‘Park’ era, such as the Dimorphodon and Allosaurus.

This is an exciting time to be a Jurassic Park fan, and further dig into the canon of the films. Be sure to check the website out, and sound off on what you think of this latest lore expansion!

Source: Dinosaur Protection Group

Jurassic World 3 to Release June 11th, 2021 – Emily Carmichael Joins as Writer!

Hold on to your butts – Jurassic World 3 has a release date, and a new face joining the writing team!

Jurassic World 3 will release June 11th, 2021! Pacific Rim Uprising writer Emily Carmichael joins Colin Trevorrow as a writer for Jurassic World 3, working from a story by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. No details have been shared about who is directing, though we suspect Colin Trevorrow may return.

Emily Carmichael is no stranger to Amblin Entertainment, as she was brought on to write and direct an upcoming action-adventure titled Powerhouse – further, she recently rewrote ‘The Black Hole’ for Disney. Colin Trevorrow had this to say about her joining the team (via Variety):

“It’s important to this franchise that we welcome new creative voices to keep our storytelling fresh and alive,” says Trevorrow. “I’m thrilled with the tension and beauty J.A. has brought to ‘Fallen Kingdom,’ and I know Emily will add another layer of emotion to the concluding chapter of our trilogy.”

Emily Carmichael fell onto Amblins radar from work on projects like her short film Stryka, which you can watch below:

Jurassic World 2 is directed by JA Bayona, and release June 22nd, 2018.

Who do you want to direct the 6th Jurassic Park film, and where would you like the story to go? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

Hands On With the First Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys!

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is 1000 pictures worth?

That’s the question I’m asking myself as I sit in my hotel room, overwhelmed by everything I had the chance to see and experience today, while trying to find a way to filter and present the information on this website. There are just too many pictures – I’m not sorry about that, but I am struggling to find the best way to share them all!

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. Today, as you no doubt already know, Universal Pictures held a first look event at their numerous Jurassic World toys and merchandise – this of course included LEGO, Mattel, and Funko – but also included high end fashion, candy, and much more! We were there to see, hold, and demo the items, geek out, take pictures and videos, and ask way too many questions.

To be as in depth as possible with our articles, we will be uploading images to social media first – particularly Facebook. Major brands such as Mattel will get their own designated articles, like so. As Toy Fair continues to roar on this weekend, we will provide numerous updates via new articles, however, if this article see’s updates we will also make note of it. I’ll do an in depth ‘blog/review’ of my experience (spoiler alert: I loved it all) later, perhaps via podcast, but for now I wanted to share as many direct images as possible.

As a buffer to the Mattel items, you should know their main line has all been scaled around 3.75″ humans – so each separate SKU houses dinosaurs of the same relative size, meaning the entire lineup scales proportionately. This is something Jurassic Park fans haven’t had since the Kenner days, prior to Jurassic Park 3, and in many ways, Mattel has raised the bar. With that out of the way, it’s time to dig in.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy – starting with this video:

NOTE: These are only select images – see our Facebook Album for every photo we took!

Basic Dinosaurs ‘Attack Pack’ (price N/A):

The basic dinosaurs – these dinosaurs are articulated, and represent the smaller Jurassic Park and World species. Perhaps the most interesting one on display was the Herrerasaurus, based on the Telltale game – Universal has confirmed they’re dedicated to making a robust expanded universe, and this is the evidence! Take note, a few of the dinosaurs such as the Dimorphodon and Dilophosaurus have color variants on display.

Blink and you’ll miss it! Part of this lineup is the male Velociraptor from The Lost World, as pictured on the back of the packaging:

Basic Human Figures ($7.99):

Humans – packed with gear and sometimes a small dino! While it looks like only one is backed with an actual hatchling (Owen and Baby Blue), these figures sport lots of articulation and great paint applications. With great play factor along with fun collectability, these should be a welcome addition to everyone.

Electronic Dinosaurs ‘Roarivores’ ($14.99):

These electronic toys sport great articulation, biting actions, and button activated roars. They’re based on the mid sized dinosaurs of the Jurassic universe, such as Triceratops, Allosaurus, and Metriacanthosaurus. One thing that stood out to me was how detailed the toys were, and the fact that they are larger than the pictures implied – while I had initially thought they were close in size to the JP3 electronic dinos, they are in fact closer to the 2013 Dino Showdown sets.

Jurassic World ‘Action Attacks’ ($19.99):

Based upon the medium large dinosaurs of the Jurassic franchise, these toys are large, detailed, and eye catching. These are certain to attract fans of all ages, with their button activated attack features, and their striking paint applications. The Carnotaurus is easily the standout from this lineup, and is hands down the best Carnotaurus toy in the series.

Indoraptor (price N/A)

The new villain of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Not much is known about this new dinosaur, but from the name alone one can assume she is a variation of the Indominus Rex, favoring more Velociraptor DNA over Tyrannosaurus. This toy is super articulated, and ultra detailed, though sadly there was no loose sample to experiment with – however we were quite impressed with what we saw!

Real Feel Mosasaurus ($29.99):

This toy is massive and made out of a hollow soft plastic (or perhaps a harder rubber?), and features an articulated jaw and fins. It’s simple, kid friendly (while it’s not made for water play, it’s been tested), and yet still attractive to collectors. I fully expect this toy will fly off the shelves faster the Mosasaurus jumping to eat the Indominus Rex.

Thrash N’ Throw T rex ($39.99):

This was the toy I was most worried about – while we didn’t cover it on our website, images had previously leaked, and it didn’t look great. Thankfully, the leaks were not representative of the real item, which ended up being one of my favorite toys of the lineup! The play factor on this toy is next level, and while reminiscent of the Thrasher from ’97, it adds far more action (see the video) as well as electronic roars!

Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex ($54.99)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the star of Jurassic Park, and the queen of Isla Nublar – so it’s no surprise Mattel has made a massive toy based on this iconic dinosaur. Measuring at least 3 feet long, this toy is a showstopper, towering over the rest of the line – it features articulated jaws, and a hollow belly, allowing it to chomp and eat smaller toys, such as the ill-fated mercenary in these pictures!

Lights and Sounds Vehicles ($19.99)

Both the ‘Deep Dive Submarine’ and the ‘Off Road Rescue Rig’ are based upon key vehicles in Fallen Kingdom, and feature moving parts plus authentic light up features. They’re quite large, and can fit multiple basic human figures – and perhaps even a dino or two! Their paint applications are basic, but effective, and they’re surprisingly affordable for their size.

Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle ($29.99)

This vehicle is cool enough even without the Gyropshere functionality, which takes it to a whole new level – this heavy armored truck is perfect for hunting down the dinos, but if things get too dangerous, the drivers can make a quick escape via the push of a button, launching the Gyrosphere out! Be sure to watch the video at the top of this article to fully appreciate the feature!

Thats not all!

This was just a sampling of the items on showcase today – check out the expanded gallery below, the full gallery on Facebook, and the PDF embedded at the end of this article for every Jurassic World Mattel item announced so far (and yes – more are coming!).

As always, stay tuned – we will continue to cover toy fair, build a section based on the toys, and all the latest news. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Jurassic World Mattel Toy Fair Preview

Huge thanks to Tim Cianfano for assisting with photos and video!

Check Out Our Gallery of HD Screencaps From the Second Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer!

Jurassic Park has a bold new look.

Last night during the Super Bowl, Universal Pictures unleashed the latest Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, and the dinosaurs have never looked scarier. Running just over 90 seconds, this trailer put the focus on the thrills and wonder, and showcased many beautiful new looks at the numerous prehistoric fauna of Isla Nublar and InGen.

To truly appreciate the detail and artistry in each shot, we’ve amassed an HD gallery of stills taken from some of our favorite scenes in the new trailer, direct from the prores file for you to enjoy! We’re presenting this without comment, letting viewers interpret the visuals showcased – however, I can say I personally love the imagery, and really enjoyed this trailer.

So sit back, and take your time to pour over every detail showcased, be it the cinematography from Oscar Faura and JA Bayona, set design from the numerous Pinewood talent, CG work from ILM, or animatronics from Neal Scanlan’s team.

Aren’t they lovely? Aren’t they glorious?

Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest coverage on everything Jurassic!

Jeff Goldblum Stars in New Jurassic Park Jeep Commercial!

Hold on to your butts – the Jurassic action roars on!

Shortly before kickoff of Super Bowl LII we got a new 90 second look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but it wasn’t the only commercial that was Jurassic themed.

During the third quarter of the big game a commercial from Jeep aired starring Jeff Goldblum for the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. In what starts as a recreation of the classic T-Rex Jeep chase from Jurassic Park, it takes a hilarious turn as Jeff Goldblum begins to chase the T-Rex. Check out the Jeep Wrangler commercial below:

Not only is the commercial Jurassic Park themed, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who is serving as writer/executive producer on Fallen Kingdom, directed this TV spot for Jeep. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s great to see some extra Dr. Ian Malcolm action, with a flair of humor at that! Sound off ans let us know what you think, and in cased you missed it, don’t forget to check out the Super Bowl TV spot for the film!

Source: YouTube

Two Brand New Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Pieces Available for Pre-Order!

Chronicle Collectibles have announced two great new additions to their ever growing Jurassic Park lineup today, and they are already available for pre-order!

First up is the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary faux Bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex statue. Adapted from their previous T. rex breakout set, it features a brand new streamlined base, putting the focus on the dinosaur with its bronze finish. Measuring in at 24″ long, 9″ wide and 10″ tall, and set on a 9″ diameter base, this piece is a must have!

“Has it really been 25 years since Jurassic Park wove its way into the hearts and minds of generations of movie-goers? In 1993, Universal Studios, together with Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston Studios, changed movie history forever with Jurassic Park. The mixture of fully engineered forty-foot dinosaur puppets with live-action actors and new computer-generated imagery allows Jurassic Park to stand tall over the test of time. Chronicle Collectibles is passionate about celebrating these films that have shaped the industry for the past several decades.

To commemorate 25 years of movie growth and inspiration, Chronicle Collectibles is proud to bring a beautiful limited edition faux bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex into your home. Modeled after the design of the Stan Winston Bronzes, this elegant polyresin statue is the roaring T. rex pose on a smooth black base. These will be hand-numbered and only available for a limited time.”

Edition Size: TBD
Price: $349.00

The next dinosaur is a fan favorite herbivore from The Lost World, the Pachycephalosaurus! This ‘ram headed’ dino is cast directly off of the original Stan Winston Studio maquette, and is painted to match every detail. The Pachy statue is no small piece: it measures 31″ long, 19″ tall and 7″ wide with a base that is 13″ wide, 9″ deep and 2″ tall.

“We are proud to announce that for the first-time ever you can bring home “Pachy” to round out
your growing collection of Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park pieces. The Pachycephalosaurus
continues our line of cinema-quality statues molded directly from the maquettes originally
created by Stan Winston Studios.

Whether you have all of our Jurassic Park offerings or this is your first, the Pachycephalosaurus
will make a unique conversation piece to display in your home or office. Made to exacting detail,
the Pachycephalosaurus is roughly the same size and weight as our The Lost World: Jurassic
Park Stegosaurus. This statue is set on an circular base designed to resemble a dirt and rock-
strewn surface.”

Edition Size: 150
Price: $399.00

Both new statues are available with 10 month payment plans, meaning you can purchase the Pachy with installments of $39.90 a month, and the Rex as low as $34.90 – Chronicle Collectibles have been leading the industry with their incremental payment options, making it easier for collectors like myself to afford the pieces.

If these pieces are up your alley, be sure to pre-order now, as they’re limited edition and will likely sell out fast!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our review for the sold out Breakout Tyrannosaurus Rex from Chronicle, which is a beautiful piece, and hands down the most accurately sculpted Tyrannosaur based upon the first film. Also check out our gallery of images for these new pieces below, including a look at in hand images the sold out full size female Jurassic Park Velociraptor for another example of Chronicles quality!

If you’re already interested, you can pre-order the Bronze Tyrannosaur here, and Pachycephalosaurus here!

Finally, frequent InGeneral Podcast guest Paul Francis recently joined the Yes Have Some Podcast, to talk the latest about everything Chronicle Collectibles and Jurassic World – be sure to give it a listen if you want some insight on the behind the scenes happenings and the products yet to come!

Source: Chronicle Collectibles

First Official Look at LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Sets; Animated Videos Announced!

Hold on to your bricks!

Fresh from Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, LEGO and Universal Pictures have unveiled the official first look at the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom toy line. While this is just a sneak peek at what’s to come, with the whole line being unveiled at New York Toy Fair, they shared numerous pictures and details – including announcing new animated LEGO content in the vein of The Indominus Escape is inbound!

NUREMBERG, Germany, Jan. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Universal Brand Development (Universal) and the LEGO Group announced today the launch of their largest Jurassic World partnership to date, offering an expanded line of construction sets, all-new animated content, and, for the first time ever, a lifestyle collection. In anticipation of the upcoming global theatrical release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in June, Universal is building upon the success of LEGO Jurassic World, with the debut of construction sets that span every LEGO age category, as well as two all-new, animated videos, and a collection of soft lines and publishing to reach audiences beyond the toy aisle.

“Fans embraced LEGO Jurassic World with our initial product launch, and we couldn’t wait to come back and give them more of what they love with new ways to play and new opportunities to interact with the brand,” said Vince Klaseus, President of Universal Brand Development. “The expansion of our partnership reflects Universal’s objective to create lifestyle programs and engaging fan experiences that reach every age category, 365 days-a-year.”

Little is known about the animated videos beyond that in the press release above, however it is fully expected to be based upon the latest Jurassic film, Fallen Kingdom. Whether or not they will be released for free online, sold as a DVD/Blu-ray set, or distributed in a different fashion remains to be seen – we suspect these may be shorter and online only, with something longer yet to be announced.

The official Fallen Kingdom sets shown off are as follows!

LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit


Builders can unite Owen with his lead Velociraptor in this set designed for fans, ages seven and up. The set includes a quadbike, helicopter, featuring rotating blades and dual searchlights. The set also includes three minifigures: Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Ken Wheatley (Ted Levine) and a pilot, plus Blue, the Velociraptor.

LEGO Junior Jurassic World T. rex Breakout


Children as young as four can play along and build a posable T. rex, opening gate and a truck with Quick Start chassis. This LEGO Juniors set includes easier building instructions and quick start elements as well as three minifigures and a baby dinosaur figure. Minifig characters include Claire (as played by Bryce Dallas Howard)

DUPLO Junior Jurassic World T. rex Tower


This new LEGO DUPLO set is suitable for builders, ages two and older. This easy-to-build dinosaur features large building bricks and is great for creating endless role-play stories! Toddlers and their parents can build this set together, which features a T. rex with opening jaw, revolving lookout tower, car and an Owen LEGO® DUPLO® figure.

Followers of Jurassic Outpost who think they know all there is to know about the upcoming LEGO lineup need to think again – not only are the the previously listed sets coming, but there are exclusives that we have yet to hear details on! It seems likely with the April street date the retailers will show off their exclusives alongside the rest of the line, so be sure to keep your eye on our website!

In support of the theatrical launch of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Universal and the LEGO Group will globally launch 13 constructions sets that span across the various LEGO® play categories: LEGO Systems (ages 6+), LEGO Juniors (ages 4-7) and LEGO DUPLO (ages 2-4), plus a collectability offering with LEGO BrickHeadz, available this spring only at Walmart. The sets will hit shelves in April, with retailer exclusives at both Toys “R” Us and Walmart. Additionally, fans will find new soft line and publishing offerings available later this year.

On a final note, in a very surprising move, LEGO have seemingly teased the first official look at the films mysterious new ‘villain dinosaur’ (suspected to be called the Indoraptor) on the back of the boxart. As the dinosaur on the bottom left (75930) is clearly not the previously showcased Allosaurus or Baryonyx, nor is it a known Jurassic species, it certainly makes sense – plus it just doesn’t look like any known real dinosaur otherwise!

Check out the chart above, which suggests building your own hybrid, and also teases the Carnotaurus and Stygimoloch!

Stay tuned – New York Toy Fair is just two weeks away, and the Super Bowl bringing new Fallen Kingdom footage is even sooner! As always, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the LEGO lineup!

Source: PR Newswire, Comingsoon, Yahoo

Survive Isla Nublar in ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ a New Board Game Coming May 2018!

As the celebration of Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary stomps onward, and the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom crawls ever nearer, the merchandise news continues to break out!

In the latest dino-filled update unearthed, we’re met with a welcome surprise: a new board game based on the original Jurassic Park film. Welcome to ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!‘, a 2-5 player adventure survival game. Thanks to Board Game Geek, we have the first images and information:

Designed by Forrest-Pruzan Creative, who have released games such as ‘Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle’ and ‘Cranium Cariboo’, and published by Ravensburger, ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ is slated to release May of this year. Recommended for ages 10 and up, with an average playtime of 50 minutes onward, the games official description is as follows:

The first visitors have arrived at Jurassic Park to see its miraculous dinosaurs firsthand, but chaos has hit Isla Nublar: The power is out, and the prehistoric creatures are on the hunt!

In Jurassic Park: Danger! Adventure Strategy Game, one player controls the T. Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor, prowling through the jungle to attack the humans. The other players team up as characters from the classic movie, struggling to get Jurassic Park back online and escape the island before they fall prey to old-time predators!

Beyond the description available, little is known about how the game will play, but the concept of pitting players playing as the Jurassic Park guests vs the escaped dinosaurs is recipe for exciting fun. Intriguingly, Mondo have also announced a game based on Jurassic Park called ‘The Chaos Gene‘ with a similar sounding play style releasing this year.

How the games differ remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: we’re in for a wild year of Jurassic jubilee – I cannot remember the last time two original Jurassic games released anywhere near one another.

2018 is shaping up to be an amazing time to be a Jurassic fan! I know I cannot wait to get my hands on this game and try it out with friends, or even fellow Jurassic community members. Not only does the game sound fantastic, the artwork is phenomenal, and is sure to attract collectors with that element alone. Be sure to keep your eyes on Jurassic Outpost, as more information on ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ is sure to come soon, whether at New York Toy Fair or elsewhere.

Will you be picking up ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

Source: Board Game Geek

Factory Entertainment Announce New Jurassic Park Products Ahead of New York Toy Fair!

In the ever ramping-up recent trend of Jurassic World toy and merchandise reveals, Factory Entertainment has thrown their hat in the ring. While they’re no newcomer to Jurassic, their latest reveals break into new territory.

Yesterday, Factory Entertainment took to social media to announce REVOs (“revolutionary vinyls”) ahead of New York Toy Fair, a line of vinyl figures based on popular film properties such as IT, The Wizard of Oz, Justice League, and of course, Jurassic Park. While yesterday’s reveal was just a tease at what’s to come, we have the exclusive first look at Jurassic Park REVOs mockups!

Sneak peek at WIP rendered mockups – subject to change

About the toys (via Action Figure Insider):

“Unlike any other popular vinyl figures, REVOs™ incorporate Factory Entertainment’s special “spin”– MOVEMENT. The secret—a proprietary, self-righting mechanism built into the base of every REVO™, which allows the figure to revolve, rock and wobble. Movingly charming, you can face your favorite characters off against each other in head to head REVO™ battles and/or build a pop-culture army that’s always on the move. You can spin’em, rock‘em, knock’em and revolve‘em , but you literally can’t put them down!”

REVOs stand about 4 inches tall, with an SRP of $11.99, and are expected to be available the third quarter of 2018. While the sneak peek above gives an awesome first look at the Jurassic portion of the lineup, you’ll have to wait until New York Toy Fair for actual product images, where the first prototypes are expected to debut.

Factory Entertainment additionally provided us with a first look at their prototype Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Bottle Opener, also expected to debut at New York Toy Fair. This particular collectible targets older fans, and would be right up Alan Grants alley – I know it’s something I also plan to pick up!

Finally, the Factory Entertainment Jurassic Park Gates set is expected to be shown off at NYTF, which was previously announced during San Diego Comic Con 2017. The model shown off above is an earlier prototype, and will likely see small revisions in its Toy Fair unveil (where pricing and availability should also become known).

Factory Entertainment has numerous Jurassic collectibles available now, and you can shop their lineup at Entertainment Earth here, as well as check out what Amazon has to offer here!

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the Factory Entertainment REVOs and more! As always stay tuned for the latest news – a new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is expected to debut during the Super Bowl (February 4th), and Toy Fair is soon after.

Source: Factory Entertainment, Action Figure Insider

New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merchandise Revealed at London Toy Fair!

Today officially marks the start of London Toy Fair at the Olympia London, and while it’s a bit early for major new reveals, some Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom products were put on display.

Thanks to Thomas Fishenden of Jurassic Park Podcast, pictures and details of the publicly revealed items are available! While most are placeholder images, it’s still exciting to see and hear about some of the new products hitting shelves this April – even if the majority remain tightly locked behind closed paddock doors.

Fallen Kingdom Merchandise Key Art Mural

The largest Jurassic product display came from Clementoni – a company that specializes in puzzles and STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) toys. Their product range varied from paleontology kits, to complex puzzles. The former consisted of Velociraptor (£14.99) , Tyrannosaurus Rex (£24.99), and a 3-in-1 (Rex, Ticeratops, and Pteranodon – £29.99) excavation kits – allowing kids to both unearth the faux dino fossils, and assemble them for display.

While the box art utilizes placeholder art to avoid spoilers, it’s still exciting to get a general sense of the product style.

Images courtesy of Jurassic Park Podcast

The three puzzle sets Clementoni had on display (£14.99 each) were an ‘impossible’ puzzle, a panorama, and general 104-piece set. They’re pictured below, and again are using placeholder images for rough mock-ups.

Images courtesy of Jurassic Park Podcast

Other Jurassic plush products were on display at Posh Paws, but images were not allowed. The range consisted of cute plushie dinosaurs that were stylized in a similar style to those sold for the first Jurassic World. Finally, Funko had a booth at toy fair, and while they did not have Jurassic items on display, they shared that more products and exclusives for the Jurassic Park and World Pop lines were on their way!

In case you need a refresher, check out the recently revealed Jurassic Park Funko Pops – they’re also listed below with pre-order links!

It’s an exciting time to be a Jurassic fan and collector, and with New York Toy Fair right around the corner, it seems safe to assume even more reveals are coming soon.

As always, stay tuned for more on everything Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, and sound off in the comments below to tell us what you want to see from the upcoming merchandise!

Source: Jurassic Park Podcast