Rafe Spall Reveals His Character Name in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Universal Pictures have a tight grip on the Jurassic franchise. While other studios overload audiences with marketing for a blockbuster months (if not years) ahead of the release, Universal like to keep things quiet, and this policy extends to the cast and crew who are contractually obliged to not share details about the film.

This is nothing new for Jurassic fans and stories of script security and news embargoes stretch way back. Today, in an interview with HeyUGuys and while promoting his new movie The Ritual, British actor Rafe Spall revealed one tidbit from the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He revealed his character name, previously understood to be ‘Mills’.

In the interview below, while immediately prefacing what he says by saying he has no idea what he can say, he praises director J.A. Bayona and the script itself which has been penned by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. Watch the interview below (starting at 04:31):

Rafe’s co-star Bryce Dallas Howard previous revealed to the interviewer that the script for Fallen Kingdom is “one of the best” she’s ever read.

Rafe reveals that his character name is Eli Mills, and is present throughout the whole movie. He believes it to be a really great part and he enjoyed filming.

In another interview with the Metro, the actor shared his thoughts on working with animatronic dinosaurs on set, claiming it was “freaky and wonderful” to work with such prosthetic beasts. According to the article, he wasn’t clear on how the filming process would work when he stepped on set but was delighted to discover that many of the dinos were operated by puppeteers.” He went on to say:

“Acting with the dinosaurs was really special. There were puppeteers underneath the sound stage who were operating them and they would have a camera down there so they could see who was approaching. It was freaky and wonderful.”

Animatonic dinosaurs are nothing new to the franchise, but the production of Jurassic World unfortunately only had one animatronic on set. Writer/Producer Colin Trevorrow revealed to us that animatronics were making a comeback in the sequel so it’s great to hear that cast members had many interactions with them on set.

Thanks to Brycen for sending the video our way! Also thank to Fede on Twitter for the heads up.

World’s First Screen Accurate Replica of the Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles!

It has been 24 years since Jurassic Park thrilled audiences upon release and still to this day the fandom is growing, with fans across the globe collecting and trading merchandise, making their own Jurassic Park Jeeps, visiting the filming locations, writing fan fiction, and some are even involved with creating prop replicas to match their on-screen counterparts.

JurassicCollectables has spent the past year building a screen accurate replica of the Jurassic Park night vision goggles and today he has debuted them! Four years of research have gone into this build which included sourcing every original part to ensure these goggles were 100% screen accurate.

Without further ado, we present… The Goatfinder Mark I!

These iconic goggles feature just before the main road attack in Jurassic Park – while searching in the rear of the tour vehicle, Tim finds the goggles and uses them to look for the goat that was used to lure the female Tyrannosaurus into view of the guests. They also feature in Jurassic World where Gray picks up an old pair from a maintenance shed behind the Visitors Center.


Dubbing this build the Goatfinder Mark I – JC successfully completely the project this month and even spoke with Special Effects Technician Michael Lantieri, who built the original goggles, and has signed this pair.

Amazingly, JC was able to source the same exact lenses used in the goggles which turned out to be from a 1990s Konica Aiborg. While researching for this build, Chronicle Collectibles shared some photos of the original screen used prop which allowed him to ensure accuracy with the shape, colour and finer detailing.

“I had to spray paint the goggles in the kitchen, which made my wife really pleased. I kept the room well ventilated but I wiped down surfaces afterwards and there was a bit of green paint on everything – even on the pepper grinder”

Along with the goggles and as part of his press release, JC has produced a fantastic behind the scenes video (embedded above!) that showcases the goggles in all their glory, and details his design and build process over the past year. It’s worth the 10 minute watch, and having been lucky enough to see this project develop over the past year, I’m excited to finally see it all come together!

Amazing work from yet another talented fan. Be sure to let JurassicCollectables know what you think of the goggles in the comments section below, and subscribe to his channel for a wealth of props, toys and other Jurassic Park collectables!


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to be Really Intense + SDCC News Roundup

It’s been quiet. Perhaps too quiet. And while we decided against picking something off our secret news pile, it was an interesting couple of weeks and allowed us to anticipate what the studio might do next.

San Diego Comic Con was quiet with no studio presence, but as is tradition – Chronicle Collectibles debuted a number of new products at the event, and had guest speaker Glen McIntosh of ILM there, who was the animation supervisor on Jurassic World and animation director on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

Jurassic fan Victoria got to speak with Glen at the Chronicle booth and managed to score some tidbits from the upcoming sequel, including a rumour that the film was originally going to be titled Jurassic Earth.

However, we have since heard that this was merely a misinterpreted joke between Glen and Chronicle. He spoke very highly of the sequel however and said “it’s gonna be really scary, really intense, to a level that I think we haven’t seen before” and went on to compliment the creative team behind the film:

“Colin’s script, JA’s direction, they’ve really pushed the envelope of the intensity and I think that’s supported by the cinematography, there’s very harsh lighting. It’s gonna look fantastic.

At the booth Glen was gifting fans with free sketches of dinosaurs from the series and showed video from a motion capture screen test he was working on at ILM – showcasing a man in a motion capture suit animating a Velociraptor live, seen through a monitor in the foreground.

You can see the full 9 minute video here showing what Victoria saw at the Chronicle booth, including some of their new products – the Hammond Cane (which they worked in collaboration with Paradise Collectibles on), the sick Triceratops and the Indominus Rex statue.

You can watch Chronicle’s interview with Glen at the booth here, and below are some photos taken by Figure.com showcasing Chronicle’s new products:


At the booth, Chronicle revealed their new product in collaboration with Paradise Collectibles: The John Hammond Cane prop replica! Cast from an original film prop seen in the movie, this cane is an exclusive 1:1 scale replica and is available for pre-order now through Paradise Collectibles new website.

Read more about the Hammond cane here, and let us know what you think of all these new products in the comments below! We really enjoy reading all of the discussions you guys have below, so keep it up!

Source: Victoria’s Cantina, Figures.com

Official Limited Edition Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane Replica by Paradise Collectibles Now Available To Preorder!

Roaring out of 2017’s San Diego Comic Con comes a new officially licensed Jurassic Park collectible… John Hammond’s Amber Cane!

Chronicle Collectibles have partnered with Paradise Collect, a new online store dedicated to movie and entertainment memorabilia such as action figures, statues, props, posters and more! The website has launched with a number of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World products from Chronicle Collectibles, as well as Paradise Collectibles’ first exclusive product:

Chronicle Collectibles and Paradise Collect began collaborating on this iconic prop replica in 2015 and has been working tirelessly to ensure it is as accurate as can be to the cane seen in Jurassic Park and briefly in The Lost World.

Celebrate the legacy of Jurassic Park by bringing home a piece of history with this exclusive limited edition 1:1 prop replica of John Hammond’s Amber Cane, cast from an original film prop with an expertly crafted finish. Special Jurassic Park logo plague, hanger clip, and wall mount hardware included.

Fans, collectors, and movie goers alike will instantly recognize this piece of luxurious pre-historic deco as there are none others line it! This walking stick is constructed of a cast resin shaft in the form of thirteen tapering sections of dinosaur bone crowned by an egg-shaped multifaceted top gem of amber, with a large prehistoric, fossilized mosquito suspended inside. The cane ends with a screen accurate footer tip and is sure to amaze and inspire pop culture enthusiasts around the globe!


The cane is an officially licensed product and the delivery is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2017. The full price is $249.99, but much like Chronicle, Paradise Collect offers payment plans. The 6 month plan brings the cane down to $42 a month!

Only 1000 canes will be produced, so be sure to secure a copy before the opportunity goes extinct! Pre-order now!

About Paradise Collectibles Group:

Paradise Collectibles Group is proud to announce the official release of the Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane by Chronicle Collectibles, LLC. This product is a high-end collectible prop replica and is a global exclusive to Paradise Collectibles Group and its website paradisecollect.com. Paradise Collectibles Group is retailer of officially licensed pop culture collectibles based around your favorite movie & entertainment properties.

Paradise Collectibles have big plans for the brand and hope to have more exclusive Jurassic products later in the year. Check out more about the cane on its official web page!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom WRAPS Filming!

On the 23rd February, the sequel to Jurassic World began filming in the UK. In late June the production headed to the island of Oahu in Hawaii and filmed at various locations including the Kualoa Ranch and the He’eia Kea harbor.

Now, thanks to a tweet by director J.A. Bayona, we have learned that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has officially wrapped filming!

The past few months have been very exciting and while we all hopefully know very little about the plot, the set photos alone show us that this feels and looks like a Jurassic Park movie, especially Claire’s costume in the latest photos. Very Sarah Harding.

Producer Frank Marshall also acknowledged the final day of filming by tweeted a picture from the set with the quote: “Last group of animatronic dinos ready for the final day of shooting, congrats to all on wrapping FALLEN KINGDOM!”

The photo showcases the return of a location from Jurassic World and some plush toy dinosaurs left over from the incident at the park in 2015.

The last filming day was at Halona Beach and some set photos show cast and crew on this beautiful beach cove (potential spoiler warning).

And further posts confirm that the main cast members have indeed wrapped filming. There is always the chance that the second unit will continue to film plate shots, establishing shots, inserts etc.

How excited are you? The fifth Jurassic Park movie is “in the can” so to speak, and now Bayona and his editor will begin to piece together the movie. While there were rumours of a teaser trailer “soon”, we don’t expect to see one for quite some time.

Huge congratulations to the cast and crew that put this movie together and made it happen! It’s a very exciting time for the franchise!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set for release on June 22nd 2018 in the USA, with an earlier release date in the UK on June 8th.

Legacy Effects (Stan Winston Studios) Are NOT Involved With Fallen Kingdom

When you think of people who helped craft and influence the Jurassic Park franchise, one of the names that springs to mind is the late Stan Winston. While those who he worked with at his company Stan Winston Studios, formed Legacy Effects after his unfortunate passing, the team remained active within the industry and went on to creative special effects and animatronics for films such as 2012, Avatar, The Hunger Games, Iron Man 2&3, and many more.

The company also continued its relationship with the Jurassic franchise with 2015’s Jurassic World, where the team created a full size Apatosaurus neck animatronic that was seen in a key scene in the film.

Unfortunately only the one animatronic made it into the film, but writer/producer Colin Trevorrow stated to numerous outlets that the sequel, directed by J.A. Bayona, will feature more animatronics in the same way the original three films did. Naturally, fans assumed that Legacy Effects would return in full force and would bring back fan favourites in animatronic form.

However, in December of last year, we began to hear that Legacy Effects were not involved with the sequel, and that Neal Scanlan and his team had put a bid in for the film – and won. Neal’s last project was Star Wars: The Force Awakens which also filmed at Pinewood Studios in London, where all of Fallen Kingdom’s studio work would be filmed.

The prospect of Stan Winston’s original team not being involved with the franchise anymore obviously shocked fans, and while business is business, the exclusion of this company to some perhaps seems illogical, when you consider how prominent and ground breaking the animatronics were in the original trilogy.

In March, a glimmer of hope shone in Legacy’s direction, when a filming permit for Ancient Futures (Fallen Kingdom’s working title) was acquired for Pacoima, Los Angeles. Legacy Effects are very close to that same area, which led some to speculate that they will be involved with the sequel in some capacity.

However, after speaking with Stan Winston School of Character Arts’ co-founder and son of Stan Winston, Matt Winston, he clarified to us that Legacy Effects are not involved with the sequel.

“Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge of JW2 since Legacy was not involved. My fingers are crossed that Neal and his time did a great job.”

With Fallen Kingdom’s production office based in London and with most of the key studio scenes being filmed there, it does make sense for the production to opt for a local animatronic/special effects company, who also have a working relationship with Pinewood Studios. Using a local company also helps to keep costs down, especially when you consider how expensive and time consuming it would be to ship huge and heavy animatronics across the pond.

It is unfortunate to hear that Legacy’s team will not be involved, but we can have faith that Neal Scanlan’s team will do the film justice! The team is working on Star Wars: Episode VIII and previously worked on the last two Star Wars films, Prometheus, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more. What do you make of their work?

WINNERS of the #MyJurassicSelfie Contest!

Jurassic June is a month of celebrating all things Jurassic Park, and this year we hosted the #MyJurassicSelfie contest! For the past couple of weeks we’ve been seeing your fantastic entries roll in, and now we’ve chosen the winners!


There were so many fantastic entries that really made this a tough decision – below are some well deserved mentions:

If you won and you have yet to get in touch, please email us or DM Jurassic June so we can send you your prizes!

Amazing work all round, we’ve loved looking through all the entries and the effort that has gone in really is impressive! Be sure to search the hashtag #MyJurassicSelfie on Instagram to view all of the entries.

Another Jurassic June has flown by, and what a month it’s been!

Universal Clarifies: There Will NOT Be A Fallen Kingdom Trailer at Comic Con

Recently there have been rumours that a teaser trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be hitting Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con this July. While timing could allow for the studio to reveal a short (and sweet) teaser trailer to an excited audience, after reaching out to Universal Pictures for comment it would appear that this is nothing more than a rumour.

While it is always fun to speculate and with actor Daniella Pineda having recently tweeted that she believes there will be a teaser trailer “soon”, it’s important to remember to always throw in a pinch of salt with the rumours you hear. The studio told us:

“As a studio we aren’t planning any presence for the film at SDCC.”

So there you have it. Unfortunately there will not be a Jurassic presence this year at Comic Con, and it may be some time before we see any footage from the upcoming sequel.

There is just under a year to go until the release and while modern blockbusters all have a copious amount of teaser trailers for teaser trailers, teaser trailers for trailers, and trailers upon trailers, it’s refreshing that the studio are taking a relaxed stance so far with the sequel.

While the marketing plans have not been revealed and we have a while to go until we can expect a trailer, I do hope they retain a number of the key plot points this time around. It’s all about that cinema experience.

Fallen Kingdom hits cinemas in the UK on 8th June and the USA on 22nd June 2018.

New Photos Show Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Filming at Oahu Harbour

For the past week or so, the Jurassic World 2 production has been setting up and filming on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. With many locations on the island being utilized, including the Kualoa Ranch, one of the main locations this week has been the He’eia Kea Harbor, a small boat harbor on the East side of the island.

Hawaii News Now reports that filming began on Wednesday 21st June at the harbor and that dinosaurs, smoke machines and large black tarps are currently occupy over half of the harbor. The report also states that boat owners were paid handsomely to move their boats and five commercial businesses were paid to temporarily halt their operations during filming.

We did report on the harbor filming a few days ago, but now we have more photos and a longer video from Hawaii News Now! As always we’ll provide a friendly spoiler warning – do not scroll down if you want to avoid any spoilers for the movie.

The context of what is being filmed at the harbour is unclear but from the photos we can see that smoke has played a large part, along with the military vehicles that we have seen at various other locations too.



While filming continues at the harbour, a portion of the Kamehameha highway will also remain closed until next week. What do you think they may be filming here? The area of He’eia Kea is not alien to filming – 50 First Dates filmed at the Harbor, and the nose piece of Flight 815 from Lost was stored and filmed on the other side of the highway.

A further spoiler warning for the following – our friends over at Reel News Hawaii recently shared a photo from the Kualoa Ranch which shows a familiar dinosaur…

And the Bryce Dallas Howard Network revealed some photos that show Claire Dearing’s costume in the upcoming sequel.

Fallen Kingdom will continue to film on the island of Oahu for the next few weeks, with Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith and Ted Levine known to be on island currently.

In related news – rumours have been floating around that a Fallen Kingdom teaser trailer will show in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con this July. Recently, Universal Pictures informed us that there are no current plans for a teaser trailer, and while Comic Con is always a perfect event to market a movie, this franchise has never truly explored this. In 2011 Steven Spielberg announced to an excited audience that they have a story for Jurassic Park 4 and will hopefully see the light of day in 2 or 3 years. And in 2014 during the run-up to Jurassic World, fans were able to text Universal for a location to pick up an exclusive SDCC poster.

However, having reached out to Universal directly they informed us that: “as a studio we aren’t planning any presence for the film at SDCC”. It’s not time to get excited, just yet.

Source: Hawaii News Now

Jurassic World 2 is Officially Titled: FALLEN KINGDOM

The official title for the Jurassic World sequel has finally been announced – say hello to JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM!

The reveal came via the official Jurassic World socials feeds with the quote “In one year, life finds a way.”

With Jeff Goldblum having recently been announced as joining the sequel, the 2018 follow-up to 2015’s Jurassic World is shaping up to be an action-packed sequel, feeling more in line with the first two movies and opting for similar art style to The Lost World. See the full poster below, including the new tagline:

While the poster reveals very little and is utilising the current Jurassic World colours, the logo is now seen to be cracked and corroded (much like The Lost World) and the poster shows some glowing amber ashes flying past – something we saw very recently on some of the key art used at the Las Vegas Expo.

With only one year to go until the US release date, we will begin to hear more on the sequel in the coming months. While I don’t expect we’ll see a teaser trailer soon, a plot synopsis would be very welcomed.

So what are your thoughts on Fallen Kingdom? Do let us know in the comments section below!