Exciting New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merch Teases a New Dinosaur!

It’s been a few months since Universal released any information about Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, the last updates being the title reveal in June and the speculated Indoraptor reveal in July. However, that hasn’t stopped license partners from releasing small morsels of information in the form of 2018 merchandise teases.

Thanks to PPR Solutions we have our first look at what appears to be Fallen Kingdom school supplies.

The merchandise provides exciting looks at new promotional dinosaur designs for the film. These include new renders for the T-Rex(the original Jurassic Park T-Rex that first made her comeback in 2015’s Jurassic World), Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Blue the Velociraptor among others.

The leftmost design with the text “Escape the Island” features a stampede of dinosaurs fleeing some sort of explosion or perhaps the volcano threat that was reported in July as appearing in the film. The rightmost design is perhaps the most exciting promotional picture yet – more on that below.

While there is a lot to digest from the new product images, including a silhouette of the Mosasaurus on the side of the one T-Rex binder, perhaps the most interesting is the eye looking through what appears to be a cage with a hand projecting out. It almost looks like a slender Velociraptor style hand but with the inclusion of a small Indominus Rex thumb. Could this potentially be our first real tease of the “Indoraptor”? While we know really nothing of this new hybrid dinosaur, we can speculate on its appearance based on the previous film and rumors/reports during the filming process. Could the Indoraptor be the dream dinosaur that Vic Hoskins mentioned in the final act of Jurassic World?

“Imagine. That one, a fraction of the size – deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

Intriguingly, the artwork of the hand coming through the cage can’t help but remind us of the set photo of director J.A. Bayona with the mysterious dinosaur jaw. Take a close look again at that photo, are those bars of a cage?…..

Finally, in the second image, underneath the fiery Jurassic logo, could that be the Indoraptor skin pattern? Again, all of this is pure speculation on our part and trying to connect the dots of the information that is available – it certainly seems to match the dinosaur in the photo with JA Bayona. It remains to be seen what that mystery cage dinosaur is, and how the new designs play out when it comes to the film – but our best guess is it’s the new hybrid.

What do you think of the new merchandise and dinosaur design for Fallen Kingdom – will you buy them, or display them alongside other Jurassic Park collectibles? Also, do you think that mystery dinosaur could be the Indoraptor? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: PPR Solutions, Instagram

Hurricane Iniki halted Jurassic Park production 25 years ago today

Before we start this story, the team of Jurassic Outpost would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Unfortunately this time of year is known for hurricanes and on September 11, 1992, the production of Jurassic Park had filming temporarily halted as Hurricane Iniki, a category 4 hurricane, hit the island of Kauaʻi as well as other Hawaiian islands. Today marks the 25th anniversary of this natural event.

To learn more about Hurricane Iniki and how it impacted the Jurassic Park production, please check out the 2009 episode of Storm Stories below.

On this 25th anniversary of Hurricane Iniki, let us know your thoughts below and on our forums. Also please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in your thoughts and prayers.

Sources: Hurricane Iniki Documentary on Youtube

Jurassic Park 1:5 Female T-Rex Pre-Order Announcement

Chronicle Collectibles announced that their Jurassic Park 1:5 Female T-Rex will be available for pre-order on August 25, 2017 at 12pm CST. The box dimensions will be roughly 8′ x 4′ x 4′ and will weigh roughly 150 pounds crated. Only 100 pieces will be available and will cost $4499.00. The usual payment plans are being offered including a 16 month plan.


Pre-Order Announcement, Jurassic Park 1:5 Female T-Rex. The 1:5 T-Rex will be available for pre-order on August 25, 2017 at 12pm CST. Limited to 100 Pieces worldwide. We are trying to coordinate an international release on the same day. The 1:5 Rex will be available at: www.chroniclecollectibles.com We will “NOT” be shipping this product outside the continental United States. If you live outside of the continental US, you will need to find a local distributor that will carry this item. The box dimensions will be roughly 8′ x 4′ x 4′. You read that right that is in feet not inches and will weight 150 pounds roughly crated. The 1:5 T-Rex ships fully assembled with the base and plaque stand as separate pieces. You will need to mount the Rex to the base with help from a friend. We will be offering our usual payment plans including a 16 month plan to help those that need a more affordable payment option. 1:5 T-Rex $4499.00 shipped in the continental USA, excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Will come crated or palletized depending on your location. If you would like to arrange local pick up at our studio in Irving, TX the retail is $4000.00. Produced by Toynami. We are proud to bring this massive Jurassic Park 1:5 Female T-Rex to market for the first time.

Visit Chronicle Collectibles official website for more information about the Jurassic Park 1:5 Female T-Rex as it becomes available. So what do you think about about this piece, and do you plan to spare no expense and pre-order? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Chronicle Collectibles on Facebook

New Mattel board game for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom?

A new trademark made by Mattel, Inc. on August 4th could potentially be a hint at a possible board game for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. This is complete speculation at this point and there has been no confirmation if this is indeed related to the upcoming film or possibly just another product Mattel is producing.

The trademark filed by Mattel, Inc. on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website is for the phrase “Evacuate The Island”. The description of the trademark is “PARLOR GAMES AND ACCESSORIES THEREFOR; BOARD GAMES AND ACCESSORIES THEREFOR” indicating this is some sort of game.

It has been previously reported that Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom will feature a volcanic threat and it is safe to assume the characters may have to evacuate the island at some point which makes the speculation strong for this trademark to be related to the film. Another trademark for “Fossil Strikers” was also filed on August 4th by Mattel for Toy Figures and accessories.

What do you think of the “Evacuate the Island” trademark by Mattel? Do you think it is Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom related? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Sources: United States Patent and Trademark Office

New Hawaii set photos and the possible return of a fan favorite

New photos have emerged from the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at Kualoa Ranch and a photo of a set piece that will drive fans out of their mind has also surfaced. So please beware of possible spoilers within this article. If you wish to remain completely unspoiled for the upcoming sequel do not continue below.

Still here? Ok, lets continue on to the set photos that contain possible spoilers. The 9 photos you see below were taken at the Kualoa Ranch and you can make out some skeletons of what appears to be a Triceratops and an Apatosaurus. Also the one photo shows the wreckage of a Gyrosphere. Heavy fog continues to be pumped into the filming area indicating some big natural event could be occurring on the island.

These images come courtesy of Ken brewer, the @SmokingGoose on Twitter:



More behind the scenes set photos from the ranch are also available on Dread Central, so make sure to check those out also.

Now for the big possible spoiler.

The original Jurassic Park ford explorer had been spotted in Los Angeles (being prepped to ship to Hawaii) over a month ago, and appears to be set to return to the big screen in the sequel! As you will notice in the photo below from Slash Film the number on the explorer is “04”. Jurassic fans will remember this as the explorer that was destroyed by the T-Rex in the original film.

If this explorer is returning in the sequel, could it be in a flash back segment? Perhaps there were two “04” vehicles on the island or maybe production is going to crush the car before filming to recreate the wreckage. As it stands in the image, the vehicle is not 100% accurate as it’s missing the glass domed roof. However, this is likely before the art department finished with it, and judging by the image below, it was altered and weathered quite a bit! Lots of questions but it is exciting that is appears this classic vehicle will be returning just like the jeep returned in Jurassic World.

Moving on, Twitter user hawaii_isla808 also posted some photos on Twitter of a Stegosaurus prop that was featured on KITV News.

Finally, a few more peaks of the dinosaur stand-ins on site at Heeia Kea harbour:


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What do you think of these new set photos from Hawaii and are you excited to possibly see the return of the original Jurassic Park ford explorer? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Sources: Slash Film, Dread Central, hawaii isla 808 on Twitter, cocoandmaulove on Instagram, and iamamberose on Instagram


Crash McCreey’s 1:1 Baby Raptors Diorama Available For Pre-Order

Chronicle Collectibles today announced that their 1:1 scale Crash McCreey Jurassic Park Baby Raptors Diorama is now available for pre-order at a special sale price of $550.00 for the first 30 days when you purchase direct. The diorama is 18″ long, 9″ tall and 12″ deep. Each Baby Raptor is roughly 12″ long. There currently is no official ship date, but the diorama is scheduled to start shipping in the 1st quarter of 2018. 3, 6 and 10 month payment plans are offered!

Mark “Crash” McCreery always knew that he wanted to “do dinosaurs”. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in 1988, Crash went on to work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Stephen Hopkins for Predator 2, Tim Burton for Edward Scissorhands and James Cameron for Terminator 2. Just after attaining an Academy Award nomination for his make-up design for Batman Returns, Crash got the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg on Jurassic Park.Crash was given the challenge to create a whole new vision of dinosaurs based on new science and ideas of what dinosaurs really were. Jurassic Park was kept secret in the early stages of pre-production, so Crash worked in solitude for an entire year while he sketched and drew dinosaur renders. Once the actual production started for the film, Crash and Stan Winston brought these dinosaurs to life through puppetry and radio- and cable-controlled performances. Crash even donned the full size Raptor suit that he designed as an on-set puppeteer.

Crash rendered hundreds of drawings for Jurassic Park. One that was never fully realized in the film is the drawing of the baby raptors playing together shortly after hatching from their incubated eggs. Since the Velociraptors were so terrifying in the film, maybe portraying them as cute, almost domesticated creatures wouldn’t fit. Thankfully, Crash and Universal have allowed Chronicle Collectibles to create a three dimensional product of this adorable artwork.

Visit Chronicle Collectibles official website for more information and photos of this rare collectible diorama. So what do you think about about this new diorama of Crash McCreey’s Baby Raptors, and do you plan to spare no expense and pre-order? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Chronicle Collectibles on Twitter

Trevorrow Believes Sequel Will Be Scarier Than Previous Installment

We have heard in the past year from new director J.A. Bayona that the Jurassic World sequel will have a scarier tone than the previous installment and writer/producer Colin Trevorrow expanded on that notion in an exclusive chat with CinemaBlend.

Asked why he believes Bayona’s vision will make the Jurassic World sequel scarier, Trevorrow had the following to say.

“J.A Bayona is very good at [creating scares]. There are things that he’ll just do with a shadow, or a rustling curtain on a wall. He’s so tapped into that kind of fear, especially the fear through the eyes of child. Which, you know, he and I are just simpatico. We may be the mirrors of each other. It is by far the most satisfying collaboration of my life.”

“First of all I think the mainstream loves being scared, and I think the scares in the first movie were made to make children think like they were seeing something horrifying, that their parents shouldn’t be allowing them to see. We have that a little bit here. But there’s also that same big, fun adventure, sweeping, romantic kind of action in part of the movie. That people seemingly responded really well to. We’re not throwing it all way, but we’re definitely going to some new places.”

So what do you think about Trevorrows’s comments that he believes the Jurassic World sequel will be scarier than the previous installment? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: CinemaBlend

Support Jurassic Plush Spinosaurus and Triceratops Kickstarter

In 2015 a company based in the UK called Jungle Plush started a Kickstater for a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Apatosaurus plush. It was a success and both cuddly animals were produced and have been on sale to purchase since. However, according to the Jungle Plush website only the Tyrannosaurus Rex is still available as the Apatosaurus is currently sold out. But for fans of these plush dinosaurs there is good news as the company just launched a new Kickstarter this Jurassic June for a Spinosaurus and Triceratops plush.

The Kickstarter goal to launch the new line of dinosaur plush animals is $4,511. There are currently 29 days left to donate to make this a reality. While this company is not associated with Universal Studios or the Jurassic films, these plush dinosaurs are a great collectible for all Jurassic fans.

So what do you think about this new Kickstater for a Spinosaurus and Triceratops plush? Will you help support it? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Thank you to Pachy on Twitter for the heads up.

Source: Jungle Plush

Jurassic Park Raptor Egg 1:1 Prop Replica Available For Pre-Order On June 9th!

Chronicle Collectibles today announced that they have produced a Jurassic Park Raptor Egg 1:1 Prop Replica and that it will be available for pre-order on Friday June 9th at 12 noon CST for $200.00. 3-month and 6-month payment plans are offered!

Currently there is no further information yet available such as shipping dates, but more information is sure to follow in the coming week so please keep an eye on this space and at Chronicle Collectibles’ official website.

So what do you think about about this new prop replica and do you plan to pre-order and add this to your collection? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Chronicle Collectibles

Ian Malcolm will be a ‘saucy, sassy man’ in Jurassic World Sequel

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Jeff Goldblum, who will be reprising his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, talked a little bit about what we should expect when his character returns.

You’ve also got an upcoming role in Jurassic World 2. What are you looking forward to about your return to that franchise?

Off I go in a few weeks to London, where they’ve been hard at work, and I’ll try to contribute something to the plate of dino-entertainment. I like my character. I think my character is a saucy, sassy man of some integrity and deep thinking. And of course, that whole world continues to be popular, slam-bang, top entertainment. I talked to the director, J.A. Bayona, over the phone. I enjoyed his movie The Impossible with Naomi Watts, and he’s something else. I didn’t realize he was a good friend of a friend of mine, a director I worked with a while ago in Spain named Fernando Trueba, who’s just fantastic. Knowing that the two of them are brethren and brotherly in their friendship makes me feel very good, too. Even though some might say it’s popcorn-y entertainment (top-notch, of course), in our conversation he was very focused on the serious issues of greed as it oftentimes comes up in those movies, and the marvels of science and reason and the very fascinating point at which our species finds itself both in real life and in this imaginary world too. I’m very interested in that myself, so I’m looking forward to this. I’ve got a few things to do. I’m nothing if not conscientious, so I’m enjoying working on it every day.

So what do you think about Goldblum’s comments about Ian Malcolm and working with director J.A. Bayona? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Entertainment Weekly