Justice Smith excited for Jurassic World 2

During a video interview recently, which Jurassic Outpost has been unable to verify the date or the exact source of the interview at this moment, Justice Smith expressed his excitement for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel. It was first reported on December 1st by The Hollywood Reporter that Justice Smith was added to the cast. There have been unverified rumors that he could be playing a character by the name of “Clint” in the sequel.

In the 28 second video clip that was posted on the jurassicworldtrilogy Instagram account, Justice Smith, with a huge smile, had this to say:

Hi guys, it’s Justice Smith. Hello. Jurassic World 2, I can’t talk about it, but it’s going to be really cool. There’s going to be dinosaurs and stuff. So look out for that.

There is then a question to him about something at the end of May where he responds that he will be in London until June filming the Jurassic World sequel. There has been rumors that the end of filming would be sometime in June or July, so if Smith is there on the last day it appears filming is scheduled to wrap up sometime in June. Though there is always the chance Smith is scheduled to end his filming before the rest of the actors. See the full 28 second clip below.

"Jurassic World 2" star Justice Smith sending out a brief special message on the sequel.. Smith says he will be staying and remaining with us filming in London, U.K. all the way up until June 2017, meaning the possibility of part or most of its cast and filming extensively being centred and taking place within London during this period. English actors Toby Jones and Rafe Spall are expected to appear alongside returning stars (and American representatives) Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. London and Hawaii will be the home and setting of filming over the next couple of months with much of the films setting taking place on the mainland. Filming will begin in February next month in both London and Hawaii. Stay tuned for further exciting announcements coming soon! #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #spielberg #bayona #universal #universalstudios #film #movie #movienight #chrispratt #brycedallashoward #justicesmith #dafnekeen #rafespall #tobyjones #owengrady #clairedearing #islanublar #islasorna #london #hawaii #dinosaur #jurassicworld2 #jurassicworldsequel #jurassic #dinosaursruletheearth #movies #filmproduction #filming

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So while there is not a whole lot of information in the clip itself it is still exciting to see the cast talking about the production which is going to kick off real soon. So what do you think about Justice Smith’s enthusiasm for the upcoming sequel and what do you think his character might be up to in the sequel? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Thank you to Ana on Twitter for the heads up.

Source: jurassicworldtrilogy on Instagram

Thomas Tull Leaving Legendary Entertainment

Legendary Entertainment founder, chairman and CEO Thomas Tull has resigned under pressure after selling the company to China’s Dalian Wanda Group for $3.5 billion in January of 2016. Tull served as an executive producer on 2015’s Jurassic World and his company Legendary Entertainment served as a production company on the film in association with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

“We are thankful to Thomas for his founding vision of Legendary as well as his commitment, leadership and partnership this past year. He will forever be part of the company’s already rich legacy and powerful DNA,” said Gao in a statement. “As we move forward, Wanda aims to transform Legendary into a next generation studio of the future with a far-reaching creative and global platform. We look forward to working with the creative team to manage our already viable film slate with more to come in the near future.”

While there was never any official announcement from Universal Pictures, many assumed Legendary Entertainment would again serve as a production company on the upcoming Jurassic World Sequel with Tull returning as an executive producer. However, after the company was sold to the Dalian Wanda Group and with Tull’s exit from the company, its pretty clear he will not be returning as executive producer on the sequel and the prospects of Legendary Entertainment returning are not guaranteed.

Thomas Tull (left) at the Jurassic World premiere in 2015

Legendary Entertainment’s relationship with Universal Pictures has been shaky as of late with the studio being upset with Tull taking more credit for the success of Jurassic World then he deserved. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the strain between the two companies in September of 2015 after Universal let the rights to the upcoming Kong: Skull Island film go to Warner Brothers.

Universal Pictures’ decision last week to let Thomas Tull’s Legendary Pictures take its Kong: Skull Island project to Warner Bros. in the midst of a five-year production and financing deal is being read as a symptom of relationship trouble between the companies.

Several sources say there has been strain, in part because Tull kicked off the deal in 2014 with a couple of clunkers that he put through Universal’s distribution system and then upset some at the studio who feel he has indulged a bad habit of wrapping himself in credit for hits that he merely helped finance. In this case, the film at issue was the biggest movie of the year to date, Jurassic World.

What do you think of Thomas Tull leaving Legendary Entertainment and what it might mean for the production company’s involvement in the Jurassic World sequel? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Bernat Vilaplana joins Jurassic World Sequel as Editor

Jurassic World Sequel director J.A. Bayona today announced on Twitter that Bernat Vilaplana will be the Editor on the upcoming sequel that is scheduled to start filming at the beginning of March. This comes one week after Bayona announced that Oscar Faura will serve as the film’s Cinematographer.

bernatvilaplanaBernat Vilaplana(left) with Elena Ruiz(right) at the Goya Cinema Awards in 2013

Bernat Vilaplana joins the sequel having served as film editor on many films including Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, The Impossible and the upcoming A Monster Calls which is also directed by J.A. Bayona.

panslabrinth2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth

What do you think of Bernat Vilaplana joining the Jurassic World sequel, which hits theaters in June 2018, as the film’s editor? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

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Michael Giacchino To Score Jurassic World Sequel

The Hollywood Reporter today dropped a juicy news nugget confirming that Jurassic World composer Michael Giacchino will be returning to compose the score for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel due in 2018.


While Giacchino did not discuss the Jurassic World sequel during the interview, the Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the film is on his to do list along with multiple other films.

Giacchino took a break to speak with THR between Rogue One and his next geeky gigs, which include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, War of the Planet of the Apes, the next Jurassic Park sequel and Pixar’s The Incredibles 2.

The news of Giacchino returning for the Jurassic World sequel is not a huge surprise and most fans expected this to be the case. Given that he did a remarkable job on the Jurassic World score, has developed a solid working relationship with the Jurassic World sequel writer/producer Colin Trevorrow and already has a friendship with the Jurassic World sequel director J.A. Bayona it seemed like he would definitely be back.


Michael Giacchino with J.A. Bayona in 2013

So are you excited that composer Michael Giacchino will be returning to score the Jurassic World sequel? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Trevorrow teases Claire’s shoe choice in upcoming sequel

One of the biggest complaints people seemed to have about Jurassic World was that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character of Claire wore high heels throughout the entire movie. Running through the jungle and even out running a T-Rex in route to saving the day.

Most fans just roll their eyes now when people and articles still bring up this supposed “controversy” but Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow decided to poke some fun at it today when he revealed the shoes that Claire will be wearing in the upcoming sequel.


Included with the above photo, Trevorrow simply tweeted:

See you soon, @BryceDHoward

Are you happy that Claire will be trading in the high heels for boots in the upcoming sequel due on June 22, 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and on our forums.

Source: Colin Trevorrow on Twitter

Frank Marshall teases B.D. Wong’s return in Jurassic World Sequel

Jurassic World stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt were confirmed for the Jurassic World sequel when Universal made the official sequel announcement back in July of 2015. Very little information since has been revealed about the rest of the cast with the exception of auditions for a mysterious role named “Lucy” and Variety’s report of Toby Jones and Rafe Spall being in talks. But now Producer Frank Marshall hints via an interview with Cinema Blend that B.D. Wong, who played Dr. Henry Wu in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World could be returning.


When Cinema Blend asked Frank Marshall about the possibility of the character of Dr. Wu returning in the upcoming sequel, he had this to say:

“When they take off in helicopters, you know they’re probably going to come back.”

Does this mean B.D. Wong will definitely reprise his role as Dr. Wu? We will just have to wait and see but this does seem to be a strong hint from Frank Marshall that he will. Let us know what you think about Dr. Wu possibly returning in the sequel in the comments below and on our forums.

Thank you to Sickle_Claw for the heads up.

Jurassic World hits U.S. theaters on June 22, 2018.

Source: Cinema Blend

Jurassic World: The Exhibition Roars Open in Philadelphia!

The Park is Open! Well at least in Philadelphia. Today was the grand opening of Jurassic World: The Exhibition at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Exhibition makes its North American debut after spending nearly 7 months at the Melbourne Museum in Australia.


The Exhibition opened today, and will run through April 23, 2017. New to the Exhibition, guests can get an up close experience with Blue the Velociraptor – this Raptor suit and experience were not part of the previous opening in Australia.


“Get closer to dinosaurs than ever before in Jurassic World: The Exhibition! Based on one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, the Exhibition immerses audiences of all ages in scenes inspired by the beloved film. Now, the park that was only a promise comes to life…right before your eyes.

Travel to Isla Nublar as a VIP guest and explore Jurassic World. Stare in wonder at a towering Brachiosaurus; come face-to-face with a Velociraptor; and get a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Created in close collaboration with renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, the Exhibition is infused with interactive educational elements—drawn from the real-world science of dinosaur DNA that allowed Jurassic World to come to life. Visitors of all ages can now learn all about these incredible prehistoric creatures.”

Footage from Australia stop, The Exhibition has since been updated & upgraded.

Visit The Franklin Institute’s website for more information on the event and ticket prices. Book your trip to Isla Nublar today!

Will you be going to Jurassic World: The Exhibition? Have you already visited? Let us know in the comments section below and share your photos with us on Twitter!

Source: The Franklin Institute

Unreleased Music set to be released in New John Williams 4 CD set

This morning La-La Land Records made an exciting announcement as they, along with Universal Studios, Universal Music Special Markets and Amblin Entertainment will be releasing The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection – Limited Edition.

The 4-CD set will contain score tracks from the the hit original 1993 film Jurassic Park and the 1997 sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park. There will only be a limited edition amount of 5,000 units with a retail price of $59.98.

“La-La Land Records, Universal Studios, Universal Music Special Markets and Amblin Entertainment present THE JOHN WILLIAMS JURASSIC PARK COLLECTION, a special limited edition 4-CD set featuring newly remastered and expanded reissues of maestro John Williams’ (JAWS, STAR WARS, SCHINDLER’S LIST) original motion picture scores to the 1993 blockbuster JURASSIC PARK and its 1997 follow-up THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK, both directed by Steven Spielberg. Williams’ monumental JURASSIC PARK scores are integral to the franchise’s worldwide phenomenon. Teeming with action, drama, humor and heart, they rank among the celebrated composer’s most accomplished works. This deluxe edition, meticulously produced, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino, in consultation with the composer, director and producers, finally showcases these master works in a worthy, definitive presentation, with additional music never before released. The set’s 56-page booklet features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Matessino and elegant art design, packed with amazing images, by Jim Titus. This is a limited edition of 5000 units. Life indeed “finds a way,” and these indelible Williams scores make the journey a thrillingly wonderful trip!”

Please visit La-La Land Record’s Facebook page for a complete breakdown of all the score tracks on all four CDs.

Thanks to Derrick Davis for sending this our way!

Source: La-La Land Records