New Jurassic World 2 Vehicles Spotted Outside of Sets in London (potential spoilers)

The pictures are really starting to pour in now. Just yesterday we posted an article regarding set construction at Kualoa which featured some sort of large container or architecture.

Today, we are going back to Slough in the U.K. to discuss the latest round of set pictures courtesy of super sleuths sickkgirl_, RaptorChaser17 and emmaaugier on Twitter. Before continuing, we should note that the following pictures may contain spoilers.

The pictures show two different types of heavy-duty trucks; one appears to be a sort of personnel transport and the other seems to be a transport truck carrying a cage. The first truck looks similar to what you would see militaries using to carry armed personnel. Thanks to Baptiste C. Reviews, we now know that the truck in question is most likely a modified Volvo N10. According to the military-today, the N10 is described as being effective for military operations due to the truck’s design and specifications.

With that knowledge, we can speculate as to what role the vehicle will play in the movie. We know that the film will be set on Isla Nublar for an unknown amount of time. It can be assumed that there will be team or teams in addition to Owen and Claire when they return to the island.

The N10 will most likely be used as a personnel carrier for those that are on the island. Since the truck is suitable for military operations, perhaps the truck belongs to group that are heavily armed and operate similarly to a military. One thought that comes to mind is that this could be InGen, who are also seen in Jurassic World operating in a militaristic fashion. Are InGen or another armed organization returning to the island for some reason? The other truck appears to be carrying a heavy duty cage on its bed.

A cage and an island full of large dinosaurs seem like a match made in heaven. Naturally, it can be assumed that the purpose of the truck is to capture and transport a dinosaur or dinosaurs. As you’ll see down below, the truck appears to quite long, therefore it could either carry a large, lengthy dinosaur or several smaller ones. Now, whether or not it is successful remains to be seen. This truck most likely belongs to whichever organization that brings all the other vehicles to the island.

These vehicles seem to be giving the impression that there will be some sort of mission or expedition to the island that would require a large number of armed personnel, as evidenced by the Volvo N10, and the capture of dinosaurs based on the heavy duty transport truck. Assuming the above speculation is close to being correct, we cannot help but feel a The Lost World vibe from everything we’ve seen.

Let us know what you think these vehicles may be used for in the comments and with the more frequent influx of news and pictures, stay locked to Jurassic Outpost for the latest in all things Jurassic.

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New Set Pictures Show Construction Has Begun in Hawaii for Jurassic World 2!

Its time to start speculating as we now have our first look at a set being built for the Jurassic World sequel at the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii. The picture comes from our friends at Reel News Hawaii, who has provided the us with many set construction pictures from Jurassic World and news tid-bits over the past few years.

Looking at the set, it is clear that the team is still fairly early in fully constructing the set. Despite that, we can still begin to take a few guesses as to what it may be.


Some have mentioned that it could be a garage or an entry point to a building that may be added in digitally in post-production. Perhaps it is a shipping container or cage used to transport large dinosaurs or even a container that is being airlifted onto the island that contains vehicles and other equipment that the main characters will be seen using in the movie. These of course are all speculation!

Though it may be hard to accurately judge the size of the set from pictures, we believe that it is fairly large given the fact the picture is taken from a distance and it appears to as large as the crane seen to the left. It should be noted that this set was spotted on the Kualoa Ranch, an area that has been featured in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

As we near the start of filming in Hawaii during the summer, we expect more set pictures to undoubtedly find their way online.  Recently, the production held an open casting call in Oahu, Hawaii for extras to appear in the film for an undisclosed reason. Keep your eye out on this website for the latest news on the Jurassic World sequel and let us know what you think this set could be.

Source: Reel News Hawaii

Ed Verreaux Returns for a Fourth Trip to Jurassic

Here is a fun little tid-bit for fans of behind the scenes information on Jurassic movies. Ed Verreaux, who worked on Jurassic Park and then later did the production design for Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World, is returning for the sequel to Jurassic World as an illustrator in the art department. This news comes from IMDB which may make some raise an eyebrow to this news however it should be noted that for information regarding the crew on a film’s production, the site is usually reliable.


If this were to be true, Ed Verreaux would be one of the few individuals to have had a hand in four of the five Jurassic movies. It is also nice to see that the Jurassic World sequel might be continuing the trend from Jurassic World by bringing in veterans of the Jurassic franchise, which may in turn help keep the spirit of the original Jurassic Park series alive through the new movies. Stay tuned to the site for more information as the sequel begins filming in a short few months.

Source: Ed Verreaux IMDB

Jake Johnson Not Returning for Jurassic World 2


It looks like everyone’s favorite booth operator will not be seen dealing with dinosaurs in Jurassic World 2. When Jake Johnson was asked whether or not fan favorite character “Lowery” would be returning in the Jurassic World sequel, he responded:

Even though this may sound unfortunate to some, as Lowery was considered one of the highlights of the film to many, his character would have no place in the sequel based on what we know of the next movie. The Jurassic Park franchise has never been about shoehorning side characters into sequels, and oftentimes features an entirely new cast.

With that in mind, as the start of production nears, it is only a matter of time before more casting news begins to emerge.

Source: Jake Johnson