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Baby Blue is Adorable in First Footage From ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’!

Hold on to your butts.

As we approach the release of the long-awaited Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, the marketing has seemingly begun! Writer/producer Colin Trevorrow has teased another “first look” at the film – this time a video of Owen Grady meeting and interacting with what appears to be a “baby Blue”.

Life Finds a Way.

The footage appears to be taking place inside of the old Jurassic Park visitors center, with the mural out of focus in the backdrop – and features a baby Velociraptor who looks just like Blue. As Chris Pratt is wearing is Fallen Kingdom costume, it is not a flashback and cannot be showcasing Blue when she was a baby. This dinosaur is clearly the offspring of Velociraptor Blue, so it leads the question: what other Raptors were on Isla Nublar for her to breed with?

However, should we be wrong, and this is indeed Blue as a baby it begs the question of how flashbacks will be integrated. As Owen is wearing a arm harness similar to a falconers, it seems he was prepped and ready for this encounter. Could this be the first time he met Blue? If this is a flashback, it will be the first time a Jurassic film breaks the linear story conventions, and has exciting implications.

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is coming soon – but not soon enough. Stay tuned! We’ll update this article as more information becomes available.

Do you think this is Blue as a baby, or is it her offspring? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know!


85 thoughts on “Baby Blue is Adorable in First Footage From ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’!

    1. It’s not from a trailer as you can see the waggle and weird camera movement. No camera man in the world would do this kind of weird movements in a normal movie.

      This is simply something done for Thanksgiving.

    (May or not be an Office reference)
    Okay serious though, this is absolutely incredible and the hype train is real. Also the CG,I in my opinion, has improved greatly!

  2. sooo cute! BUT, you guys it can’t be a flashback due owen clothes, but can’t be in the present days too, IF it’s the visitor center mural, then it’s before, cause indominus DESTROYED the mural when was inside the center!

    1. I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the Indominus didn’t destroy the mural – only the wall directly to the left of it, the wall that encloses the gas jeep parking garage. This is based on an educated guess based on comparisons from the shot in the movie vs shots from the interior of the center in Jurassic Park.

    2. After looking further, it’s possible that the Indominus only destroyed a small portion of the left side of the mural. The portion shown in the Fallen Kingdom teaser would not have been destroyed if this is true.

    3. The markings on the baby raptor’s face math up almost exactly with blue’s. marks like that withh stratch and change slightly during growth, so it IS Blue. She wouldn’t be able to have an offspring anyway, even if one of her siblings survived, they can’t sporatically swap gender, they’ve been in an all female environment for multiple years, it would have happened by now.

      Equally important to note is that the dinosaurs in JW are essentially completely different creatures than the ones in JP, it’s mostly laid out in Wu’s big speech. They still have to fill the gaps with the DNA of other animals, and they probably use a completely different cocktail now they they did in the original park, and according to promotional material, all 4 of Owen’s raptors were partially spliced with different creatures on top of that, so even if there are wild raptors in the restricted zone, they would be decended from the original JP1 dinosaurs, so they would be genetically incapable of having an offspring.

      There is just no reasonable way for them to give Blue an offspring without having to write around a plot whole thats a mile wide, or just ignoring the plot hole altogether and hoping nobody notices.

      There is evidence of other flashbacks being in the film too, but not everyone wants to see leaks, so I won’t really get into that here.

  3. This is truly a flashback. The fact Owen wears JW:FK jacket doesn’t mean much. It could have been his old jacket simply he used when raptor hatched and then he decided to wear it again in JW:FK.

    I’m not sure if baby Blue is CGI or a well-made animatronic, but she is adorable! I really missed introduction and exploration of Blue and Owen relationship in Jurassic World. I’m glad they added that in JW:FK.

    I can’t wait for the trailer!

  4. The first thing is that this baby raptor is adorible the second i don’t now for sure if it’s blue or blue’s offspring because blue is the only velociraptor or delta is stil alive en this is the offspring off delta and blue or it’s just blue anyway im exited i can’t wait for the trailer to release

    1. Charlie, Delta, and Echo are all dead.

      Charlie was blown up by an RPG, Delta was tossed into a grill and incinerated, and Echo was killed when the Indominus clamped its jaws down on her full force and she went limp.

      Also, Blue and Delta are both female, and they didn’t have frog DNA so the gender-changing capabilities wouldn’t have been a thing. It would likely be the offspring of Blue and some yet-unnamed Velociraptor.

  5. I’d like it to be a flashback, I feel like Jurassic World begs the questions how/why/where/when did Owen start working with raptors (the most insane thing imaginable). But given the fact that’s such a interesting story in and of itself I doubt it. Plus the lack of flashbacks in the series and the picture leaks ‘i’d bet my bottom dollar’ it’s offspring. And if it’s Blue Jr. how could it be in the old visitor center, didn’t the I-Rex trash the place? I think it could be at a different location with a similar mural, maybe a (false) sanctuary owned by a certain disgraced former partner to John Hammond.

    1. After some time and hearing more discussion, I’m pretty sure it is Baby Blue. I hope it’s done well in the movie pertaining to Owens character development if it goes there.

      Now I’ve got a new question though, could the Indoraptor be Blue’s direct DNA offspring?

  6. yes the cgi has DEF improved. i mean, this has more texture and realness that ANYTHING from JW, which I didn’t really care for anyway (maybe because the script was just horrible)……

    but yes, this CGI is f’n awesome.

    1. I was wondering the same. This seems like a very sudden and intentional early clip from a soon to release trailer. And they did it the day before Thanksgiving. Hmmm.

  7. The blue markings on baby Blue and adult Blue look very similar, if not almost identical. I certainly can’t speak to the whole – baby dinosaur takes on the identical appearance of its parent – topic, but I think you can never rule out, without a doubt, the very legitimate possibility that this could be a flashback.

    On the other hand, the tagline is “Life Finds a Way,” so it would make perfect sense that one of the ways Owen, Claire, & Co. find this out is by discovering Blue’s offspring.

  8. Aww, that’s so adorable, I can’t wai- WHERE IS THE TRAILER?! I NEED IT! I’LL SELL YOU MY UNBORN CHILDREN!!


    I’m okay. I’m fine.

  9. Looking at the mural in the background this could very well be the old VC, although it doesn’t match up with the murals I remember. Looking just behind Owen it looks like this could just be a small enclosure or room with a different mural and some plant life to simulate the Velociraptor’s natural habitat, similar to what they do in zoos.

    Either way very exciting to see and I am excited to learn more about this scene.

  10. Baby Blue (assuming it is Blue) is adorable! Just goes to show that the species with the single highest kill count in the franchise can be cute at some point in life (then again, I thought Charlie gave Owen a cute look before she got blown up– kinda like she was asking, “Did I do good, Papa?”). If this isn’t Blue, it could mean that there were other raptors on Nublar all along. Or (perhaps overlapping into Nightmare Fuel territory) InGen tinkered too much with the raptor pack’s DNA and made them capable of parthenogenesis.

    I remember there was a lot of theories about at least some dinosaurs being wild on Nublar (chief among them a pretty damn convincing theory about Dilophosaurus). If this isn’t a flashback it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there was a pack of wild Velociraptors that had avoided humans at all costs. They (or at least the elder members of the pack) would probably remember the cleanup operation that InGen did after the first movie. If that was anything like the novels, firebombs and guns military grade guns (assuming InGen sent people on the ground) would probably give them reason to fear humans.

    I want a plushie of this now. I demand one, to go with my Dilo plushie from the first film. XD

  11. Doesn’t look like a flashback with Owen’s clothes being modern so, at first glance, it can be perceived as Blue having reproduced by herself via parthenogenesis in the old VC(which the I.rex only smashed one section of, mind you, not the whole main hall). But a flashback with Blue’s first encounter and consequent bonding with Owen isn’t out of the picture. In either case, that baby is cute and, if ending out to be the former scenario, absolutely must be saved! O_,0

  12. I don’t think that shot was taken directly from the film. It looks more like a behind the scenes shot judging by the camera movements so i don’t think the costume really matters since its not really from the film itself. And is that an animatronic blue?

  13. For a moment, Baby Blue looks like Baby Aladar from Disney’s Dinosaur. But this clip alone gave me more nostalgia from the originals than most of the Jurassic World film.

  14. I’m guessing its a flash back to one of Owen’s first encounters with blue. The background is probably a jungle painted on a wall in some sort of nursery. His falconry gear is probably so the baby raptors can perch on his arm for bonding/training. he’s wearing shorts, that says he’s aloof; this is before he really knew the danger of these animals, before they really earned his respect.

  15. Could there be some indomonous rex eggs around the park also. This could be an scene from the actual new film. Are we going ti see this new mysterious hybrid in the new trailer.

  16. Here’s a wild guess. It’s a flashback. Maybe Blue showed she was the smartest early on by escaping and managing to get all the way to the old Visitor’s Centre before Owen caught up to her? She no doubt would have been chipped so he could find her and Masrani did mention in JW that they were always trying to escape. Maybe she did at only a couple months old?

  17. I don’t think its a flashback to the imprinting moment with baby Blue after she was just hachted from the egg because this baby raptor is way to big for a newly hachted raptor. Compare it with the size of the hachting raptor in jurassic park. It must be a random flashback to the period of Blue being very young or it must be Blues offspring.

  18. My guess is flashback. The shakey cam will probably have a ‘home camera recorder’ HUD overlay in the finished shot. I’ll be happy either way though.
    I like that the baby raptor resembles how they looked in Crash’s concept art from the original film. Is that animatronic, CGI or a combination of both? Hmm… I think it’s both?

  19. The main thing to note here (IMO)

    – doesn’t matter if the baby raptor is Blue or its offspring
    – doesn’t matter if the footage is actually from the film or just “promo” material
    – doesn’t matter if it’s a flashback scene or not

    what does matter……is that this film already looks a million – or should i say 65 million! – times better than JW (especially in terms of cinematography, which Bayona is known for in his films)

    so excited for this! this could be the first WORTHY sequel to TLW, and hopefully it earns the JP name.

    1. I thought Jurassic World was worthy of the JP name but each to their own. I am excited to see what Bayona can do with this IP after seeing his other films.

    2. Glad to see you are excited my friend but I do wonder how a context-free 6-second clip is any indication of the quality of the overall flick. And the comment about Bayona’s directing is very curious considering the sloppy and distracting shakycam element of the camerawork here.

  20. Dude, we already knew the film would have flashbacks; they rebuilt an undamaged version of the tourist shop lane thing from JW.

  21. Ok, it’s adorable, the baby raptor is cute, the scene seems well made, BUT the last thing I want is a Jurassic Park film to turn into a romance flick or a film filled with “ohhhhhh, so cute!” moments. As much as I loathe the idea of the franchise becoming a hybrid/monster-driven-by-sheer-evil film (as with the I-Rex), I equally don’t want a movie filled with falling in love with the dinos moments. JP films have to be grim, dark, somber, filled with action packed, thrilling sequences that will make us want to bite out nails. And not because the dinos are acting like Jasons in disguise, but because they’re being what they are: dinosaurs. So, yes, this scene does look cute, lovely and well made, but I really hope this is as far as it goes.

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  23. So…. there’s wild raptors on Nublar. Given that there was a new pack introduced in JP The Game and there was raptor with eggs in the poster for the first JW movie, yeah i think that’s the case. Probably feeding on those little deer idk

  24. I have a felling this is blues offspring. Remember the poster that came out before jw of the raptor on the jeep wreck with a cluster of eggs? Maybe that is actually blue on top(Seeing as the jeep wreck is back in this moving) and also in the poster there was a stegosaurus getting air lifted. Maybe it was getting airlifted away and rescued, not brought in. Because there was also leaks of dinos in the same sort of cages as the poster.

    1. The poster was simply promotional art and nothing else. Artist had creativity freedom. Blue was hatched by Masrani when park was already opened, therefore that raptor in the poster cannot be Blue. Of course Masrani had to clean the Island up and kill every wild dinosaurs (maybe hebrivores were spared), velociraptors and carnivores especially, before they started building new park.

      There is no evidance there are any remaining velociraptors on the Island, Masrani would have not opened the park, before they were sure raptors and other carnivores were gone. (The mention of Dilo spit in Gyrosphere we can treat as Easter Egg) Owing to the fact the park was operational for long enough time, they would have noticed there were wild dinosaurs around. (Restricted area is simply an area not accesable for tourists)

      There is no other velociraptor alive except for Blue. There is theory about Echo being alive, but that doesn’t change the fact those 2 raptors cannot breed. They are both females and I am more than sure Masrani scientists did their best to make sure they cannot breed.

      This is baby Blue interacting with Owen. By looking at the camera movement, we can tell it is suppoused to look like it was recorded by hand-hold camera and someone was recording interaction for further studies probably (perhaps Barry). I can imagine at some point in the movie Owen would be watching this clip from that hand-hold camera (my bet is when he revistis his house on Isla Nublar)

      1. I agree with you entirely. One point though; you said there’s no evidence that there were any other raptors left on the island. You might be wrong there, Blues’ pack originally had an additional member: I.B.R.I.S. subject V.2.
        That one looked more like the original JP raptors and was deemed a failure for being too agressive and unpredictable. It was probably destroyed but maybe not, we don’t know.
        The raptor is canon as it was featured on the in canon website so I thought I’d bring it up.
        What do you think?

        1. Sigh. Nowadays every disagreement is called “ranting”.

          There is no mention of subject v.2 anywhere, If you had a source, I’d like to read that. If that subject was the part of IBRIS and was too agressive I’m sure it was killed.

  25. Only ONE thing prevents me from readily accepting that this is the offspring of Blue, rather than Blue herself.

    The Falconer’s gauntlet. It implies prior knowledge of the existence of baby Raptors able to be handled.

  26. I find it interesting that this page isn’t reporting on Daryl L Lynn’s trailer music that was posted over a month ago. He more or less confirmed on twitter that he was commissioned to put it together for the trailer.

  27. I think this is a flashback as well. The leaked photos of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard on the beach for the last day of shoots have his character, Owen, wearing low cut boots and a blue henley shirt. The clip of Owen and the baby raptor is showing him wearing a darker crew shirt and high leather boots. Take a look and met me know if I am not the only one who made this connection….I hope i didn’t look too much into it haha

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