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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Breaking: Jurassic World 2 begins filming Thursday, Feb. 23rd in Slough, England!

Hold on to your butts! We’ve just learned (via a now deleted Twitter post) that Jurassic World 2 (under the working title ‘Ancient Futures’) will begin filming this Thursday (February 23rd, 2017) at the Langley Business Centre! The business center that will be home to filming is situated in Slough, a large town in Berkshire, England which is about 20 miles away from London. The owners of businesses in the center were sent letters from the production, preparing them for the upcoming filming – take a look below!

Langley filming notice (private contact details omitted)

Filming appears to be for 1 day only – however the letter says 11 more days are planned in the same location on to-be-determined dates in the future. It sounds like it will be a more simple, abbreviated shoot, with no mention of prep work – simply some larger vehicles showing up on-site Wednesday, the 22nd. Also of note, the letter confirms filming will continue well into June, and is not ending at the start of the month.

Unit 7 Langley Business Centre

The fact that this is filming for only one day, only to later resume filming at the same location sometime in the future is a curious affair. Normally, the locations needs will be shot all at once, to minimize travel and setup complications. That fact that they are isolating a 1 day shoot in a location they plan to later return to must be for a good reason, and perhaps the reason is the talent and content involved. If a key actor needed to film some early scenes, which were to be referenced throughout the rest of the shoot, it may be important to lock them in first. However, if the actors schedule was tight and they had other commitments, they may need to split the shoot like so. It may just be wishful thinking on my part, but the name ‘Jeff Goldblum’ keeps sounding off in my head…

This news is incredibly exciting – Jurassic World 2 aka Jurassic Park 5 is finally about to start filming! Will the production share photos or videos from the first day of shooting, and will we finally get the official title of the upcoming sequel? I’m not holding my breath, but I am still hopeful, and fully expect some images to surface from the shoot! Until then, let’s all admire how cool the working title ‘Ancient Futures’ looks on the letterhead!

Stay tuned – additional news, including more about this shoot, is surely inbound! Jurassic World 2 films at Pinewood Studios in London, as well as Minley, Surrey, Hawaii, and Breacon Becons, Wales!


11 thoughts on “Breaking: Jurassic World 2 begins filming Thursday, Feb. 23rd in Slough, England!

  1. Well, Jeff Goldblum is currently filming Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ in the Uk. So, he might have a cameo in JP5. Now the filmmakers have to want him to reprise his role, otherwise it doesn’t matter even if he is filming on the same building as the ‘Ancient Futures’ crew.

  2. This is so exciting!! Slough is only a short train ride from me, if they’re back towards the summer to shoot more I’ll be there!!!

  3. Interesting that the are 3 scratch marks (like JP3) behind the Ancient Futures logo…if anything it’s be 2 surely?…. (putting my Sherlock hat on)

  4. Great news. And so it begins again. Hope somebody makes a comment about it on Thursday, like Marshall did on the first day of JW’s shooting.

    Chris, no offense (I know you guys are trustworthy), but is the source reliable? We all know filming was scheduled to start late February, but the “Ancient Futures” logo seems to be pasted into the letter. Besides, the scratch mark with three claws does resemble the JPIII one, as previously noted, and seems a little out of place, since it’s Jurassic World 2.

    1. This is the real deal, that is the working logo of the film, more for production than any one else! Also just because this is the date of recording at Langley business centre, doesn’t meant it is the first day of shooting, they could have been shooting at Pinewood for a couple of weeks now!

    2. Yep, it’s real (I was able to track down another internal use of the AF logo for cross reference) and found postings online from those mentioning February 23rd predating this image.

  5. I’m starting to think that the movie might actually be called Ancient Futures… Yeah, they said it was a code name, but why use a code name if you are going to use the easy to recognize JP font?

    1. I was thinking about the font also… I really wish it is called Ancient Futures. It’s a great title… and somehow another title will be dissapointing to me now haha.

  6. Thanks, Chris and fellows JP lovers. I’m glad you didn’t take offense at me questioning the authenticity of the document. It really wasn’t my intention.

    Anyway, I’m really excited now. For one thing, after the long wait between JPIII and JW (and all the times we were nearly led to lose faith that the fourth film would ever see the light of day – I remember that, right after Crichton’s death, Kathleen Kennedy hinted it was probably best not to meddle with his universe anymore), it’s great to know the next installment is readily being produced.

    Thank you, guys at JO for your efforts in giving us the freshest news.

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