This Jurassic Park Power Wheels Jeep is the Toy You Always Wanted!

Did you ever want your very own Jurassic Park Jeep while growing up, but not find the right toy to scratch that itch? While Kenner sold a great action figure sized item, there was never a proper driveable vehicle for kids. Much to my disappointment, a Jurassic Jeep was not part of my life, though some kids with creative parents were more lucky.

Thankfully, 2018 has remedied this longstanding conflict for all.

The first Jurassic toy since Mattel snagged the license from Hasbro has been unveiled, and while it may not be what you expected, it’s a ton of fun. The reveal did not come from a press release, or trade show, but rather Walmart Canada, who already have the item for sale: the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jurassic Park Jeep.

The Jeep pictured is #18, the vehicle Ellie, Grant, and Malcolm rode in to the park from the Helicopter. Oh how I wish I could have had this growing up. The official product description has this to say:

The Jurassic-Rex and velociraptors are on the loose! Your young adventurer knows just what to do—hop into their Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler vehicle and get moving! With awesome Jurassic Park graphics and styling, exciting dino-chase sounds, and a real working light bar, kids will feel like they’re driving the real thing! Racing at a max speed of 5 mph over hard surfaces and grass with Power-Lock brakes and a parent-controlled high-speed lock out, young off-roaders will love steering Jurassic adventures in this exciting ride-on!

Working lights, sounds, and a top speed of 5-mph? What’s not to love! Just don’t get chased by an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex at those speeds.

Speaking of highspeed T. rex chases, this Jeep also features a nod Jeep #10, which our heroes in Jurassic Park used to narrowly avoid being chomped by the most famous Tyrannosaur alive (sorry, Sue). Much like the iconic scene in the film where Roberta (Aka Rexy) is seen in the Wranglers mirrors roaring menacingly, this Power-Wheel vehicle features stickers of the iconic dino in the mirrors.

Be sure to check out Walmarts website for more images and to purchase the Jeep if it’s up your alley! This surely is not the only item coming from Mattel for Jurassic Parks 25th anniversary, prior to the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom lineup – so stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Walmart

First Look at Jurassic Park Funko Pop Series!

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s merchandise art reveal, the toy news keeps coming.

We’ve known for a couple months now that Funko was taking a trip to Isla Nublar, and returning with a lineup of Pops based on Jurassic Park just in time for its 25th anniversary. Somewhat recently, retailers listed the lineup on their websites without images – and now finally Funko has released concept art based on the anticipated collectors range!

We’ll bring it up straight away – yes there is a Ellie Sattler figure!

Apologies to Funko for assuming they omitted her. However, only including her as a bundled character does feel rather shortsighted, and not doing her character nor general female representation justice.

The Jurassic Park Pop line is sure to enthrall collectors of Funko and the the film alike, and we’ve got to say they look great! As the Dilophosaurus is listed as ‘with chase’, it’s speculated there will also be a rarer version without the frill to hunt down. Further, perhaps there will be an individual version of Ellie Sattler, not tied to the Jurassic Jeep, exclusive to another retailer.

I know I personally love these, and they will be the first line of Funko’s I collect. The only thing in the concept art that throws me off, is it seems the Velociraptor is missing its sickle claw – but that’s something the final item will surely feature.

Further, the Jeep pictured with Ellie should be Jeep 10 (open top) – not Jeep 12 (closed top, which Dennis drove).

While not yet announced, Funko will certainly have a range based upon Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in the near future as well – so this marks the start of a great collecting series. The Jurassic Park POP’s hitting to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration are as follows:

Dr. Ian Malcolm
Dr. Alan Grant
John Hammond
Dennis Nedry
Dilophosaurus (w/ chase)
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle w/ Ellie Sattler

The lineup releases March 15th, 2018 and for now, no images of the final toys are yet available – but stay tuned, it likely wont be long until they are formally unveiled. Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of these and want to see next!

Thanks to for first covering them, and Thomas Fishenden for sending them our way!

First Look at Packaging Art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merch!

Our first look at packaging art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom products is here!

Several listings for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom products showed up in a recent PEZ sales brochure, including several listings of dinosaur-shaped PEZ dispensers featuring the likenesses of Tyrannosauruses and raptors, as well as the dilophosaurus and mosasaurus.

However, the stand out of these listings is that of the packaging’s key art, which features a profile image of Blue, along with the grittier Fallen Kingdom version of the Jurassic World logo and a background image of an erupting volcano.

This design seems to be the general format for other products – such as those being released by LEGO and Mattel – with Blue being the centerpiece for all of the packaging.

And, since that is the case, this marks the first time that a Tyrannosaurus or other large, headlining dino (like the spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III) has not been the focus of packaging art for the franchise. The art for Jurassic World (pictured below) featured a head-on image of the Tyrannosaurus, as well as the sleeker, blue and silver version of the JW logo.

What this means for the franchise and products yet to come, we have yet to find out, but a different turn is always exciting.

Let us know your thoughts on the packaging in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: PEZ 2018 Catalog

First Look at Mattel’s Owen and Claire Barbie Dolls For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

Exciting news everyone! We finally have our first look at the long awaited Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Owen and Claire Barbie dolls from Mattel, via the following image posted by [removed]. This image also indicates that these dolls will be available starting on April 15th.

Image removed at the request of NBC Universal

Jurassic World 2 Claire Barbie Doll 2018 – FJH70
UPC Code: 887961-53700-0


Jurassic World 2 Owen Barbie Doll 2018 – FJH57
UPC Code: 887961-53700-7

Cheryl’s Dolls & Collectibles also has some additional information available on their site about the Barbie dolls and the pre-order price is listed as $34.95.

Get ready for dino-mite action and adventure when all-new Jurassic Park 2 roars into theaters on June 22, 2018. The collectible dolls in this assortment are based on the two key characters, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen (Chris Pratt). Each doll is sculpted to the likeness of the actor and is fully articulated.


While these sculpts depicted here are likely placeholder, and not the finalized product, they give us a good idea of what to expect. This marks the first time the Jurassic franchise has been represented in Barbie form, and we’re excited to see more. Let us know your thoughts on this first look at the Owen and Claire Barbie dolls in the comment section below and on our forums!

Source: Cheryl’s Dolls & Collectibles

Full Expanded Descriptions of Every LEGO ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Set! (Potential Spoilers)

In 2015, LEGO released a range of sets for Jurassic World which quickly became fan favorites due to their variety and creativity. While the builds weren’t very accurate to the film itself, they were fun, and captured the Jurassic play factor and identity fairly well. Due to their roaring success, fans have been eagerly looking forward to how LEGO would step up the game with their Fallen Kingdom range – it was widely assumed the new range would be more involved, and accurate to what was on screen in the movie.

Thanks to LEGO fan site [Redacted] fans questions have been answered, and we have detailed descriptions of the sets! Check out their video below, and read on for our write-up based on their information and more(warning – potential spoilers):

video removed

*Removed at the request of NBC Universal*

LEGO toys are always fun, and these are no different, but after the success of Jurassic World, plus the solid sales of the merchandise, we were left hoping for more. LEGO usually does a great job with licensed properties (look no further than Star Wars or Harry Potter), so by comparison, these look particularly simplistic. It would be easier to be less judgmental if LEGO prices were not so steep, but considering their profit margin, it’s hard not to want a little more.

Perhaps there is yet another set yet to be discovered, exclusive to a specific retailer, which will help further flesh out the line with new content. With any luck, LEGO will continue to support the Jurassic brand after these sets, and not wait for the next film, offering more variety in time.

Again, thanks to [redacted] for first reporting on these LEGO sets. The sets are expected to release some time after April 16th, 2018. Sound off in the comments below to let us know what set you’re looking forward to the most, and stay tuned for all the latest news!

Source: [Redacted]

Everything You Need to Know About the Official Jurassic Park Iron Studios Statue Lineup Unveiled at CCXP!

Jurassic Park fans and collectors are in for a treat – make no mistake about it. Iron Studios recently revealed they have the Jurassic Park license, and teased their upcoming lineup over social media prior to its full reveal at Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. I traveled to São Paulo to cover the work of Iron Studios and catch the premiere of the Fallen Kingdom trailer at CCXP 2017, and have every detail you could want about the statues!

Dinosaurs ruled the earth at CCXP 2017 – upon entering the convention hall the first thing I saw was a life sized Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex, towering over the iconic jungle colored Ford Explorer from the film. The Jurassic Park theme was on full blast, and the sound of the Tyrannosaurus bellowed, echoing over the thousands of excited convention attendees. This Tyrannosaurus Rex was sculpted by Iron Studios simply so Jurassic Park fans attending the con would have a great time, and a great photo-op. In front of the large Rex under a gigantic Jurassic Park banner sat their upcoming line of Jurassic collectibles.

The statue set is based off the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex breakout scene from Jurassic Park, and Iron Studios have captured every detail you can imagine. At an impressive 1/10th scale, these pieces are quite large, towering over other Jurassic Park collectibles. Everything you see in the pictures are part of the numerous sets – the roadway, the electric fences, and yes, even the jungle greenery! I spoke with the numerous artists who worked hard to make this piece as amazing as possible, and let me tell you, they spared no expense getting the details right.

For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase a Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex with colors that are accurate to the iconic creature in the film. While other fantastic Jurassic Park collectibles have been made of the Tyrannosaurus in the past, none have quite got her colors right, favoring the more saturated and bright browns of the unfinished behind the scenes color scheme or restored head made circa 1997. It’s been a longstanding complaint amongst Jurassic Park fans that Universal doesn’t seem to know the real color of the T. rex, but thankfully Iron Studios got it right.

Her colors reflect the darker, muted colors of the animal in the film, expertly highlighting the subtle striping, and capturing the look of the deeply colored orbital sockets that hasn’t been seen since 1993. Her eyes display the intense focus of the dinosaurs gaze, which look forward at Dr. Alan Grant has she lets loose her triumphant roar. Every detail of her body is sculpted with focus, capturing the folds and bumps of the skin to a level of perfection. Likewise, the attention to detail with the paint is also fantastic, even giving lesser looked spots like the feet or hands the spotlight.

The Ford Explorers received a similar amount of love, with every decal and color translated with phenomenal craftsmanship. Details like like the Jurassic Park tag hanging from the rear view mirror, the case with the flares and park brochures in the back, and the on board computer displaying its splash screen. Not to mention the distressed damage on the Explorer that has been attacked by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which also has Tim and Lex screaming in terror inside – or the rain effect that has been added to truly capture the atmosphere of the scene.

Finally, Dr. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, sculpted with an incredible likeness to their respective actors, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. From the expressions on their faces, to the mud splattered around their feet, these statues capture the finest details with expertise. Look no further than the flares in their hands, or the chain around Malcolm’s neck.

However, don’t take our word for it alone – check out our gallery of images below, and pour over the details yourself! Already sold, and wondering where you purchase one (or the whole set), and for how much? The Iron Studios range will be available worldwide (with only distribution in the US currently undetermined). The pricing model is based upon two sets to complete the diorama, as well as single pieces on basic bases for more affordable prices:

  • SET A ( Left Base, Left Back Base + Fence and Plants, Destroyed Ford Explorer, Tim & Lex, + T. rex )
    SRP $1,199.99 USD
  • SET B ( Middle and Right Base, Middle and Right Back Base + Fence and Plants, Ford Explorer, Alan Grant, & Ian Malcolm )
    SRP $1,199.99  USD
  • Ian Malcolm Art Scale 1/10
    $89.99 USD
  • Alan Grant Art Scale 1/10
    $89.99 USD
  • T. rex Art Scale 1/10 on custom base (not yet revealed)
    SRP  $649.99 USD
  • Ford Explorer Art Scale 1/10 on custom base ( not yet revealed )
    SRP $649.99 USD
  • Be sure to follow Iron Studios in Facebook and Instagram, and check out their official website here! While the exact date preorders will open has yet to be announced, they were hopeful to allow orders near the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Stay tuned, as Iron Studios have many more surprises in store for Jurassic Park fans!

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    Will you be picking up any of the Iron Studios pieces? Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think!

    The First Listings of Jurassic Park POP Toys by Funko Have Arrived (Updated)

    Update: The first images have been released, and Ellie Sattler is bundled with the Jurassic Park Jeep!

    Funko POP figures are all the rage, and cover almost every popular property you can imagine – so for years fans have questioned why they haven’t done Jurassic Park. Thankfully, a few months back, Universal Pictures shared that Funko was a partner for the Jurassic World license, which includes all 5 films. Fans rejoiced.

    “We’ll discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back…”

    Since then, the first listings have appeared online, and while the lineup is certainly exciting, its missing a pivotal character. Laura Dern’s Dr. Ellie Sattler. It’s a disappointing trend that toy companies tend to omit female characters, but seeing it from Funko, who make lineups for other properties that included even the most forgettable of throwaway characters is extra frustrating. Especially when Ellie is one of the leads, and the only member of the main trio missing.

    Jurassic Park created an incredibly strong character with Ellie Sattler, who served as role model for boys and girls alike. It’s not often summer blockbusters can inspire with a strong female character, who kicks ass, takes names, and isn’t there to serve as a prop for male heroes to display. So where the hell is her Funko POP – especially after campaigns likes #WheresRey made so much noise?

    This is a disservice to all fans, but especially the female fans, who so often do not get their fair shake in representation.

    The franchise is known for its girl power, all the dinosaurs are born as female (until they’re sometimes not), plus it features other strong leads like Sarah Harding played by Julianne Moore (or gives supporting characters like Lex the chance to shine and save the day). It’s no surprise the film series has a very large female fanbase, both in audience and community members – for instance, 48% of Jurassic World’s box office viewership was female on opening weekend.

    As it stands, the list of Jurassic Park POP’s hitting to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration are as follows:

    Dr. Ian Malcolm – $14.99
    Dr. Alan Grant – $14.99
    John Hammond – $14.99
    Dennis Nedry – $14.99
    Velociraptor – $14.99
    Dilophosaurus – $14.99
    Tyrannosaurus Rex – $14.99
    Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle – $34.99

    The lineup releases March 15th, 2018 and for now, no images are yet available – but stay tuned, it likely wont be long until they are formally unveiled.

    Hopefully this is a flub, and Ellie is on the way – it’s quite possible the website somehow failed to list her Funko POP alongside the others. Though given the current evidence, it’s quite suspect that the one missing character is the only female lead. At least Mattel has a Dr. Sattler (and Claire Dearing!) on the way. If it turns out Ellie is indeed part of the main line, and not locked away as an exclusive or excluded entirely, we’ll happily eat our words and update the article. Prove us wrong, Funko.

    Prove us wrong.

    Source: (via TheJPCollection)

    Iron Studios teases Jurassic Park statues ahead of CCXP 17 Next Week

    Hold on to your wallets – and be prepared to spare no expense.

    Iron Studios is set to unveil their first 1/10 art scale Jurassic Park statues at the 2017 Comic Con Experience (CCXP17) next week in São Paulo, Brazil. CCXP17 runs from Thursday December 7th until Sunday December 10th, but have been sharing numerous teases prior to the event.

    It appears their first statue display is of the classic T-Rex breakout scene. It is likely the pieces will be sold separately as they’re in a massive 1:10th scale, and so far they have teased the JP Ford Explorer vehicle, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and the T-Rex. All appear to have base pieces set within the Tyrannosaur paddock, including fences and vehicle tracks.

    Take a look below at some of the teases and how unbelievably detailed some of the pieces are!


    Jurassic Outpost’s Chris Pugh will be traveling to CCXP 2017, so make sure to follow his updates from there here on the site!

    What do you think of these teases from Iron Studio of their Jurassic Park statues? Are you excited to see the full display next week at CCXP17? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

    Source: Iron Studios

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Book Confirms First Film Appearance of Fan Favorite Dinosaur!

    Spoiler Warning! While this piece of merchandise and description was released directly by the manufacturer, there is a possibility it was not yet meant to be public – particularly before the first trailer. If you would rather discover at least one of the new dinosaur species directly from the marketing, it’s best to turn back now.

    Still with us?

    While the eagerly anticipated first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has yet to release, small tidbits of news continue to surface from various sources. The eminent threat of a volcanic eruption has been confirmed from numerous pieces of artwork featured on upcoming products, as well as the return of fan favorites such as Velociraptor Blue and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The latest batch of information comes from the upcoming ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ augmented reality book by Carlton Kids, and it’s quite exciting.

    While the cover art reveals nothing new, it does once again hammer home the fiery theme of a volcanic eruption which has been present in all forms of Fallen Kingdom marketing and merchandise. However, the description of the book is a different story – while it’s fairly vague, it outright confirms that a fan favorite dinosaur will be making its on screen debut in Fallen Kingdom: Baryonyx.

    Carlton’s official Augmented Reality book is jam-packed with exclusive movie imagery and background facts, and lets you experience original Jurassic World dinosaurs through mind-blowing next-generation, fully interactive Digital Magic. Learn how to bond with and train alpha Velociraptor “Blue”, then use her as your protector and guide as you encounter other dinosaurs through the app. From brand-new movie dinosaur characters including awesome Baryonyx and a terrifying new hybrid breed, to old favourites like T. Rex and Stegosaurus, this Jurassic World AR book will wow readers all over again.

    Baryonyx is a bipedal carnivousous dinosaur, that could reach lengths of over 30 feet long, and stood nearly 10 feet tall. The fossil record suggest this predatory dinosaur lived primarily off of a diet of fish, swiping them from the water with long clawed limbs or its crocodile like jaw. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be regarded as a threat – especially as InGen creations tend to be more dangerous than their real world namesakes.

    Baryonyx art created for in 2015 by Julius Csotonyi

    Barynoyx has an interesting history with the Jurassic Park franchise, and despite never being seen in any of the films, was allegedly on Isla Nublar during the events of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. According to the first films park map, it had a riverside paddock on the far east of the island. Likewise, it appears on the Jurassic World park map, and is said to be one of the dinosaurs you can see during the ‘Cretaceous Cruise’.

    Further, Baryonyx was almost the main antagonist of Jurassic Park 3, but was later replaced by its larger cousin species the Spinosaurus. In fact, an early version of the Jurassic Park 3 logo featured the Baryonyx over its sailed back relative, which was featured on the final logos. As an homage to this change, Billy Brennan mistakenly identifies the Spinosaurus as a Baryonyx, and when corrected by Alan Grant, comments the Spinosaurus was never present on InGen’s list.

    While the Baryonyx has never been depicted in the films, artwork was created for it by paleoartist Julius Csotonyi for the official Jurassic World website – however, it should be noted, this was not commissioned by the fillmaking team, but rather a late addition by the web marketing team. As such, its visual depiction does not reflect its upcoming Fallen Kingdom design, as there was no film material reference. This canonical visual indifference can be seen with the artwork for species that exist in the films, but had no ILM renders, such as Pachycephalosaurus, and Parasaurolophus – in their cases, the Csotonyi artwork looks nothing like their film counterparts.

    The Baryonyx isn’t the only exciting detail the augmented reality book revealed – it also confirmed that Fallen Kingdom will feature an all new hybrid dinosaur. While it doesn’t reveal its name, it is safe to assume the creature in question is the ‘Indoraptor‘, which universal trademarked a few months back. No details of this dinosaur beyond its name are known, other than it is likely the dinosaur in the picture above.

    The Augmented Reality book is the second in the series from Carlton Kids, following the release of one in 2015 for Jurassic World. It retails for around $9.99, has 32 pages, and releases May 2018. Check out the 2015 book in action to see how the augmented reality features works!

    The first trailer for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom debuts December 7th, during Thursday Night Football on NBC and is expected to contain a glimpse at the Baryonyx among many other dinosaur species. Are you excited to finally see this dinosaur in action? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned as more news is sure to erupt online soon!

    Source: Carlton Books

    McDonalds to Offer Jurassic World Happy Meal Toy This December!

    Celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season this year with a Jurassic World Happy Meal toy from McDonalds. This upcoming range of toys only offers one Jurassic World item, which is part of the McDonalds ‘Holiday Express’ fictional train lineup. Check out the picture below!

    The Jurassic World Happy Meal toy is simple but cute, featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex under Jurassic Park gates, atop a train car. It’s curious that the gates are clearly Jurassic Park, not world, and use the red font face, while the train car features a Jurassic World logo. With the disjointed branding, this perhaps remains the best way to hit two birds with one stone, and celebrate the legacy of the franchise under the new name.

    Other Universal Pictures films join the Holiday Express such as Minions and The Secret Life of Pets – but it’s not just limited to Universal. My Little Pony, Transformers, Barbie and Hot Wheels also join the fun, making this one of the more cross branded Jurassic marketing outputs in recent times.

    McDonald’s previously promoted Jurassic Park in 1993, with a series of collectors cups sporting much loved artwork based upon the iconic film. These cups today remain a sought after collector item, namely for how great the unique artwork really was. Check out the ‘dino size’ promotion below!

    Perhaps this is a sign of things to come, and McDonald’s will offer a fully featured promotional lineup for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in June. While it was recently reported on Reddit that Dairy Queen would return to the Park in 2018, it’s very possible they’re one of many fast food retailers joining in on the dinosaur craze.

    Will you be picking up the Happy Meal toy? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

    Thanks to Jurassicraptor for the heads up!