New Jurassic World VR Experience Coming From Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios, who were behind the 2015 “Jurassic World: Apatosaurus” VR experience is back this year with a new VR experience called “Jurassic World: Blue”. This new VR experience will be a companion piece to this June’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

While the studio’s history is relatively short, it has been around long enough to get into the business. of sequels. In 2015, it produced “Jurassic World: Apatosaurus,” a companion piece to Universal’s franchise reboot “Jurassic World.” Now, it’s putting the finishing touches on “Jurassic World: Blue,” a companion piece to the upcoming “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” that will put viewers in the action with photorealistic CG dinosaurs created by Industrial Light & Magic.

“With the first ‘Jurassic World’ piece, the viewer would kind of just stand still and witness the dinosaurs around them,” says Austin Barker, EVP of creative content for Universal Pictures. “It was groundbreaking at the time, but we’ve come so far since then. I think this new experience is going to blow people’s minds.”

The title of the new experience is an obvious giveaway of what to expect. Instead of the Apatosaurus, this time it will be centered around the velociraptor, Blue. A possible setting for the VR experience could be in the jungle of Isla Nublar where Owen first comes across Blue during the rescue mission. There we would be able to see the remains of the old Jurassic Park Ford explorer.

2015’s Jurassic World: Apatosaurus

Check out the video below to see a clip from 2015’s Jurassic World: Apatosaurus VR Experience.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Variety

Dr Pepper Unveils Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Collectible Cans and Reveals Full Indoraptor Design!

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom merchandise tie-ins keep roaring in!

When I visited New York Toy Fair I heard a rumor that the soda company Dr. Pepper had a large partnership with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and that the campaign would be launching soon. Allegedly, Dr. Pepper products would make a ‘subtle’ appearance within the film, and there would be a more aggressive co-branded marketing campaign with their food products this Spring. As Dr. Pepper cans were spotted in a recent video from the Dinosaur Protection Group, it was only inevitable products would show up in stores soon after.

Thanks to the Dr Pepper Reddit, we have a picture of the entire collectors can lineup!

The four dinosaurs expected to standout the most in Fallen Kingdom each have their own can: the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor “Blue”, Stiggy the Stygimoloch (who is said to have a more heroic role), and the ‘villainous’ new hybrid the Indoraptor. Each can features unique background art, and a detailed and exciting render of one of the aforementioned dinosaur species.

This has given us our clearest look at the Indoraptor yet, which was previously teased during the Super Bowl trailer, and shown off fully in toy form. In the render above, he has a menacing quadrupedal prowl, with a similar gait of the maned wolf or a predatorial cat which looks quite intimidating and unique. While I prefer ‘real’ dinosaurs to hybrids, I’m quite excited to see more from the Indoraptor, and this excellent artwork has only made me more eager!

It’s currently unclear when the promotion fully kicks into gear, but products have already made their way on to store shelves and into homes:

We have a T-Rex. #drpepper #jurassicworldfallenkingdom #marketinglove

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What do you think of the Indoraptor design, and will you be collecting these cans? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Reddit

First Look at Classic Jurassic Park Toys Coming from Mattel!

The Mattel Jurassic World toys do not hit shelves until April 16th, however that hasn’t stopped some early items from slipping through the cracks!

While the majority of this years toy line was revealed at New York Toy Fair, that did not included exclusive assortments. One of the most anticipated lines is the ‘Jurassic World: Legacy Collection‘, which are toys based upon the first three Jurassic Park films! This line will be highly sought out by collectors, and it is exclusive to Target in the United States (availability worldwide may vary).

Only one item has shown up in stores so far: the Extreme Chompin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex – however the back of its packaging reveals Robert Muldoon and Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, both packed with a Compsognathus from The Lost Wolrd! Also from The Lost World is the male juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Pachycephalosaurus.

The Jurassic World Facts App has revealed other dinosaurs coming to the Legacy Collection this year as well: from Jurassic Park 3 there is a male Velociraptor, Pteranodon, and a large Spinosaurus (the exact size of the toy is unknown). Additionally, from The Lost World there is the male tiger striped Velociraptor. It remains unclear if there will be dinosaurs from the first Jurassic Park (other than the large T. rex), but the line also includes Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm.

Check out the rest of the pictures below, and stay tuned for more toy announcements in the future, as both Walmart and Toys R Us* have exclusive toys.

*The fate of the Toys R Us toys currently remains unknown, as the company is closing every store in the US.

Huge thanks to shrieker_fan on the JP Toys forums for sharing!

Chronicle Collectibles Will Distribute Iron Studios’ 1/10th Scale Jurassic Park T. rex

Last December at CCXP in Brazil, Iron Studios revealed their first official Jurassic Park collectible item – a huge diorama statue based on the T. rex breakout scene. The statue included a section of the main road including the security fences, both Ford Explorer tour vehicles, the infamous Lady Rex, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, and even Tim and Lex!

The separate pieces in this diorama statue were initially only going to be distributed in Iron Studios’ home country of Brazil, however thanks to a deal with Texas-based company Chronicle Collectibles, the statue will now see distribution worldwide!

The 1/10 scale T. rex is a limited edition statue, hand-painted and crafted in polystone. Based on the main road sequence from the 1993 film, where the park’s main attraction breaks through the fences and attacks the tour group, this huge piece will distribute at the end of this year and is now available to pre-order through Chronicle’s website.

While this is a limited edition piece, the exact number count has not yet been decided, but if you are wanting to purchase this item then I wouldn’t wait around!

She measures 44cm in height and reaches 85cm end-to-end! As always with Chronicle, multiple payment plans are available to help you break down the cost, with the full price sitting at $649. With the weight estimated to be around 20lbs, this truly is a whopping collectible – made even bigger with the additional pieces!


Not only can you now purchase the T. rex from this diorama, now the 1/10 scale human figures are both available for pre-order too! Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm are available for $89 each, a modest price considering the colouring and detail!

Also shipping towards the end of the year, these collectible statues will come on a unique based featuring the Jurassic Park logo and weigh roughly 8lbs each.

These statues will look fantastic on their own, but if you’re keen for the whole diorama piece then more items are set to be announced this year with pricing and sizing info. For now, Chronicle have released this info:

This initial offering from Iron Studios represents just a small piece of a much larger complete diorama set that will also eventually be distributed by Chronicle Collectibles. Iron Studios, in coordination with Chronicle Collectibles, plans to release new pieces of the diorama over time, culminating in a complete 1/10 scale “T-Rex Attack” diorama once all pieces are assembled.

Iron Studios spared no expense when announcing this diorama piece at CCXP, with a full size T. rex statue towering over their display and a screen accurate tour vehicle available for photos ops. Their display was surrounded with foliage which makes the diorama piece really stand out.

Read more on CCXP by checking out our write-up from last December, and head to Chronicle’s official website to pre-order these items!

What do you make of Iron Studios’ officially licensed Jurassic Park collectibles? Will you be adding this diorama to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jeff Goldblum shows off his Ian Malcolm Funko Pop! Figures on Conan

Jeff Goldblum, who is reprising his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, was a guest on the Conan talk show last night. They briefly showed and talked about the two Ian Malcolm Funko Pop! Figures that have been released. Check out the clip below.

The Target Exclusive Wounded Ian Malcolm Funko POP officially went on sale this past Wednesday at midnight PST and was completely sold out in less than 15 minutes. Fear not though as a second wave will be hitting online closer to the release of Fallen Kingdom According to Funko.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: TeamCoco, Funko

We’ve Partnered With Entertainment Earth to Giveaway these Jurassic Park Funko Pops – Enter Now!

We’ve got the Jurassic Park Funko Pops in hand, and spoiler alert, we love them!

The first wave of Jurassic Park Funko Pops included Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Dennis Nedry, a Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Each Pop is sculpted and painted with a surprising amount of fun, stylized detail and makes for a great display for Jurassic Park and Funko collectors!

Check out our video review:

Thanks to Entertainment Earth, we were able to review these fantastic collectors items, and partner up to give them away! Entry is simple, just follow the instructions with the Gleam app embedded below, or visit the entry portal directly.

Jurassic Outpost Pop! Vinyl Giveaway Sponsored by Entertainment Earth!


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Have you already picked up the Jurassic Park Funko Pops, or will you be entering the giveaway? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Huge thanks to Entertainment Earth for partnering on this giveaway!

Target Exclusive ‘Injured Dr. Malcolm’ Jurassic Park Funko Pop Now Available!

Get ready for a late night.

If you want to secure yourself your very own Target exclusive sexy Dr. Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park Funk Pop, you’re going to need to order fast. The option to order it goes live tonight at midnight PST, and supplies are expected to run out fast! In the past, they’ve released exclusives like this online in waves throughout the day after the initial batch, to give as many people a fair shot at ordering.


Target Exclusive Jurassic Park Injured Malcolm Funko Pop – Order Now!

Update: The first wave has sold out.

Be sure to follow us on our social media channels, particularly Twitter for on the fly availability updates! Otherwise, use any of the product links provided, and keep refreshing for your best shot at getting an order before it’s sold out!

While the others are not yet available at Target, here are some other options for ordering the Jurassic Park Funko Pops!

Will you be buying the Injured Malcolm Pop? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

New Jurassic World LEGO Sets Return to Jurassic Park!

It appears LEGO still has a few surprises up their sleeve for Jurassic World!

This evening, images of new Jurassic sets hit the web, and much to the joy of fans, one includes the much anticipated return to Jurassic Park in celebration of the films 25th anniversary. While the box-art remains Jurassic World focused, the set itself is based within the control room of Jurassic Park, with a nod to the lab and kitchen. Featuring Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, Lex, and Tim plus a classic Jurassic Velociraptor, it is a must for fans and collectors!

The classic set joins another World based set, featuring another fan favorite: the Dilophosaurus. The images and descriptions have surfaced on, and while it’s not confirmed as such, they’re thought to be exclusive to the retailer. Check them out below!

LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase 75932

Recreate a classic scene from the original Jurassic Park movie with this fun LEGO set that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original blockbuster movie. Open the kitchen cabinet to hide Lex and Tim Murphy from the prowling Velociraptor, use the locking door function to keep the dinosaur out of the computer control room, then push it through the breakable window to continue the chase. This dinosaur set includes 4 minifigures and a Velociraptor figure.


LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack 75931

Brace the hunters for a fierce Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack in this fun play set inspired by Jurassic World. Step down from the lookout tower and crane, featuring exploding gate and wall functions, crate and baby Dilophosaurus*, and use the tranquilizer gun to stop the Dilophosaurus breaking through the fences. This dinosaur set includes 3 minifigures and 2 dinosaur figures.


*Note: while the official description says baby Dilophosaurus, it is clearly baby Blue and on the box it is listed as a generic baby dino

We love the name of that Dilophosaurus set, and the new Jurassic Park accurate paint job looks fantastic! Word is there are a few more Jurassic LEGO sets yet to be revealed (at least one is a Toys R Us exclusive), so stay tuned as there are sure to be more reveals soon! Fingers crossed for John Hammond and the classic Jurassic vehicles.

Are you a fan of the LEGO Jurassic sets? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Walmart (Set 1, Set 2)

Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Thrash N Throw T Rex Video Review!

Mattel have spared no expense.

That is the resounding impression I have been left with after going hands on with their Jurassic World line at New York Toy Fair, and now with my very own here at home. I knew the toys were good when I saw them on display – but could they really stand on their own, were the paint applications really that good – you never know until you have the final item.

As it turns out, there was no smoke and mirrors. The toys have continued to impress with their outstanding quality, and innovative and fun play features. The new Thrash N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex perhaps is the most innovative of the bunch, taking the typical large biting Rex toy and throwing in a new range of motion for exciting, and lifelike movement.

Check out the video review below, and read on for more specific impressions.

About the toy:

Relive the Big Screen Action-Adventure! Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! Relive captivating movie moments and exciting scenes with this line of film-inspired products featuring authentic detail, amazing design and incredible value fans will love!

Authentic Sculpting & Decoration
In the style of the fan-favorite character from the original Jurassic Park, Thrash ‘N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex™ is back and better than ever with exciting action features, authentic sculpting and decoration.

Chomping & Stomping Sound Effects
In addition to authentic sculpt and decoration, Thrash ‘N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex™ has sound effect features like chomping and stomping, an impressive roar and a HUGE bite.

Thrash & Throw Tail Activation
Thrash ‘N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex™ can use her tail activation to open her mouth and pick up other human and dinosaur action figures, and then thrash and throw them across the room just like epic dinosaur action scenes from the movie!

Ages 3+
SRP $39.99
Releases April 16th, 2018

The Thrash N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex measures about 21 inches long, stands on its own, and can roar, bite, stomp, and thrash its head with a total of 7 sounds. You can control the motions by moving its tail up and down, as well as left and right, which translates to the inverse motion on the head. The more you play, the more you can find ways to fine tune her movements, which can be surprisingly lifelike.

With the biting feature, you can have the T. rex lunge downward, biting and picking up other dinosaurs or humans that sit below her – from there you can thrash her body and head back and forth, until throwing the dino-food, much like the scenes in the Jurassic Park films.

The toy is large and detailed, with the most film accurate sculpt the series has seen! Not only does she have the bumps and scales she’s famous for, she has her scars from the end battles of Jurassic Park and World, easily making the toy a must for kids and collectors.

A fun new feature of this toy line is the Jurassic Facts App – each dino has a DNA strand QR code on their foot, which unlocks them within the app. As of the time of filming this review, the app was not yet available, however it has since launched on IOS. Check out our article here!

Also check out our reviews for the Action Attack Carnotaurus and Stegosaurus, plus a wide range of the Mattel Jurassic World toys from our Toy Fair 2018 gallery on Facebook here!

Factory Entertainment Announce Limited Edition Jurassic Park Gates Statue for Pre-order & We Have a 10% Off Code!

Admit it, we all watched Jurassic Park and were left with two thoughts – the want to go there, and the want to take a piece of it home with you.

Considering dinosaurs have yet to be brought back by de-extinction (and even if they were alive, keeping one as a pet may be chaotic), Factory Entertainment has the next best thing. They have brought the iconic Jurassic Park gates to life as a polystone statue, with electronic light up flames, and a Ford Explorer vehicle as part of the diorama!

Pre-order now!

Just in time for the 25th anniversary, this limited edition statue is a must have for high end collectors. We’ve partnered with Factory Entertainment to offer a 10% off the statue – Simply use “YOUGOTTAGO” during checkout and receive 10% off, now through May 31, 2018 (or while limited edition quantities last).

“What have they got in there, King Kong?” – Dr. Ian Malcom

We’re thrilled to officially announce that our long awaited Jurassic Park Gates Environment Sculpture is now available for pre-order, just in time for the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park!

Like eccentric entrepreneur and founder of the dinosaur sanctuary, John Hammond, we spared no expense in producing this highly detailed 11 inch tall heavyweight polystone/mixed media limited edition collectible. Featuring the park vehicle and illuminated flickering torches*, this stunning fan-favorite tribute will make the perfect addition to your collection, whether a couple of years or 65 million in the making!

Hold on to your butts, because we’re taking the one good idea that the “blood-sucking lawyer” had and are using it starting right now! Instead of a “coupon day” we’ve decided to extend it to a couple of “coupon months!” We’ve partnered with our friends at to provide Factory Direct customers and their loyal readers an exclusive 10% off coupon code! Simply use “YOUGOTTAGO” during checkout and receive 10% off, now through May 31, 2018 (or while limited edition quantities last).

Hurry! Quantities are limited and the piece will be extinct before you know it!

*Requires 2 AA Batteries (Not Included).

Shipping October/November 2018

Factory Entertainment has a few more Jurassic Park products coming out this year, which you can see in our New York Toy Fair gallery on Facebook. The model on display there had the illuminated flames turned on, which looked quite nice in motion – though it may be hard to tell from the brightly lit photos.

Will you be Pre-ordering the Jurassic Park gates from Factory Entertainment, and do you own any other collectibles from them? Sound off on the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

Source: Factory Entertainment