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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Check Out Our Gallery of HD Screencaps From the Second Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer!

Jurassic Park has a bold new look.

Last night during the Super Bowl, Universal Pictures unleashed the latest Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, and the dinosaurs have never looked scarier. Running just over 90 seconds, this trailer put the focus on the thrills and wonder, and showcased many beautiful new looks at the numerous prehistoric fauna of Isla Nublar and InGen.

To truly appreciate the detail and artistry in each shot, we’ve amassed an HD gallery of stills taken from some of our favorite scenes in the new trailer, direct from the prores file for you to enjoy! We’re presenting this without comment, letting viewers interpret the visuals showcased – however, I can say I personally love the imagery, and really enjoyed this trailer.

So sit back, and take your time to pour over every detail showcased, be it the cinematography from Oscar Faura and JA Bayona, set design from the numerous Pinewood talent, CG work from ILM, or animatronics from Neal Scanlan’s team.

Aren’t they lovely? Aren’t they glorious?

Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest coverage on everything Jurassic!


61 thoughts on “Check Out Our Gallery of HD Screencaps From the Second Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer!

  1. I love the tiny details in the screenshots. Especially the broken amber monument from Mainstreet and how they reveal small parts of the Indoraptor but not the entire thing.

    1. I love the shots from the new trailer the sickled claw tap was amazing I am shocked and amazed. I hope it turned out well.I love how they did not revele to much.I think it will do GREAT when it hits theaters in about four months.I give the best of luck to the creators of this great movie.It lookes action packed, and was fun to film.Best of luck ,Alden.

  2. It just doesn’t give me the Jurassic Park vibe, but I hope the whole movie will. Although I see there will be a lot more suspense and tension than in Jurassic World. But that’s not very difficult since it lacked every bit of it.

    The claw and, way too long, arm of the Indoraptor, remind me more of a Xenomorph than of a dinosaur. Almost humanlike movement.
    On the other hand, it could be that they used human DNA and that’s why it didn’t kill Lucy and explains the arm movement. They used her dad’s DNA for the Indoraptor. And so they share the same DNA.
    Anyway, I’m still very excited for the movie and I hope they don’t spoil a lot more footage until June 7th!

    1. Yes, sure. You can play first Jurassic Park. You see? Thats so simple.
      Understand people.. They must do something different. They gave you more intense, darker tone, as much Rexy as they could, and you still complaining? common ..

      1. If they want to do something new and different why can’t producers just come up with a new dinosaur film franchise all together. Being that it plays off of Jurassic Park of course everyone is going to tell you it doesn’t feel as exciting as the original film, me included.

        1. Its getting boring. Nothing will be like original Jurassic Park movie, you understand that? Bayona is giving us more intense and a little horror, and your still complain about that? You want new tourist JPark again? ….

      2. Don’t you know? if it aint Star Wars, fans have to complain. This film will be amazing, people are just annoying and just want a carbon copy of the original: this one will be fully original, no more islands…Something that will further the franchise.

  3. The trailer was great. However, the moment where Owen commands Blue to attack the Indoraptir felt too much like a “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” moment. Love everything else, of course. But this is Jurassic Park, not Pokémon. Come on! Eh, I’ll probably still watch the movie, amyways…

    1. What it feels like to me, is that maybe Blue jumped in front of Owen to defend him from the Indoraptor, and Owen yells “Blue!” because he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she jumps on it anyway, claws and teeth at the ready.

  4. Love the pics and this trailer, should have been the 1st trailer as it paints a more true picture. My excitement is back baby. Keep up the great work guys

  5. I love that they showed just enough footage of the Indoraptor to establish its sheer scariness, but leave its nature and purpose ambiguous. This is exactly what I wanted from the second trailer. Loved it.

  6. I love the design of the Indoraptor, the stripe it has is orange, which is opposite from blue on the color table, a cool play on Blue’s design.

  7. Hmm, a T-Rex and a helicopter… Do you think this is an ode to the deleted ending from the first film where the rex attacks the helicopter as it rescues the main characters?

    1. I think that scene will be some sort of attempt to capture the T-rex and that they are trying to sedate it from above but than the Mosasaurus leaps out of its tank to snatch the helicopter. Because it is flying above the tank, you can see pieces of the fence that was surrounding the tank in the first Jurassic World.

      1. I noticed that piece of the shot as well, definitely very intriguing. The top of the fence/structure looks very similar to that of the fence around the Mosasaurus enclosure.

      2. I think you could be bang on due to the glimpses of the fence. However, I really really hope this could be part of the prologue set on the same night as the Jurassic Park T Rex breakout. The director has mentioned the movie starts with a James Bond like action opening sequence and although you cant quite see it here, the person being pulled up into the helicopter is wearing a bright yellow rain jacket looking like the old JP yellow jacket worn by Nedry. It would be amazing to open the movie in the past on that night and have the original young Rexy shown. Not sure quite what the story would be (possibly someone else heading into the island to grab Nedry’s shaving can embryos and being evacuated by the helicopter as the Rex attacks?)

    2. It reminds me of the very ending of The Lost World, where Sarah Harding tranquilizes the bull T. rex. The shot of Claire holding a gun kind of mirrors that to me.

  8. I like how the Indoraptor has an orange-colored line going from the head to the tail. Instead of its body being solid black in color. 😊

  9. I’m all for this franchise moving forward in a new direction. We’ll always have Jurassic Park, Lost World, and JP3 to look back on (hopefully in 4k this year hehe). Loving what I’m seeing from Bayona and the team for JWFK. Bring it on!

  10. The pic of looking into the mouth of a dinosaur: the detail of that is extraordinary. I truly feel like I’m about to get shredded to pieces by a carnivore when looking at that pic. They went above and beyond designing these creatures, and with this new director I’m sure it’s going to be worth the long wait

  11. The IndoRaptor looks very similar to the Indomnious Rex. Could it be the “smaller version” that was mentioned in JW before Delta took him to his final resting place?

  12. I know this is weird, but I hope that guy gets crushed by the stampeding Triceratops. It would make it the first death caused by a Herbivore.

        1. Well if HE is a pro vegetarian conspiracy we should be ok with it. Good values to defend in this “ashes after bonfire” world

  13. The opening scene with the Indoraptor hovering over the girl’s bed reminds me of the “T. Rex in the tent” scene from The Lost World.

    1. Sure… Except the Rex had a reason for looking in the tent. It smelled it’s infant’s blood. This monster on the other hand is just being a monster. Complete with the slow creep.

  14. I feel like this film will be visually interesting, but the story direction is just utterly disappointing.

    Amazing, isn’t it? Star Wars, Jurassic Park…we have all the technical ability in the world today to make great entries in these franchises – and yet they are put in the hands of people with terrible story ideas.

    1. You have the mighty masses to thank for that. They love explosions, action and clear good/evil fights. In short, they’re stupid and film and music are suffering as a result.

      All the greatest stories have already been told. The world today may be technologically amazing, but it’s really just the ashes after a bonfire, smouldering until there’s nothing left but dust.

      1. You seem like a jaded, frustrated man who doesn’t know what to do with his anger but vent on the internet. How’s that going for you? Feel any better?

        Does it truly anger you to know a lot of people will see this movie and love it, despite you hoping it fails? If that’s the case maybe you should just take a step back. Enjoy the movies in the franchise that you enjoy and just move on to something else you love.

        I’m not trying to be a dick. Holding on to hate/anger like this (every one of your comments I’ve seen is highly negative), for a MOVIE, is not worth your time and unhealthy. Find a better use for your time.

  15. Where’s Isla Sorna in all of this? A natural habitat guarded by the navy. Complete with a massive crocodile monster that could have sold just as many tickets as the Indominus rex would have… Nah, they had to destroy a fully functioning and profitable park to test a special dinosaur designed for military purposes… Even now the DPG aren’t taking the animals to Sorna where they could live happily and free for the rest of their lives. Nope. The original sequels are clearly being ignored and a select few fans tasked with managing a website can type whatever they want on the matter but what is shown in the films comes first.

    1. Isla Sorna has plenty of mention on the official DPG site (and both TLW and JPIII are referenced). We’ll have to wait and see where is place is in the bigger picture. Perhaps Sorna is suffering from seismic activity as well. I envision a situation similar to how the demolition of Pennsylvania Station (plug in Isla Sorna) in New York led to the preservation of Grand Central Terminal. That also was a fight led by preservationists.

  16. Some beautiful shots here and it’s nice to stop to check out all the details I missed. Didn’t notice that carnivore in the stampede in the trailer. I feel like there’s a lot of surprises still to be revealed.

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