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Colin Trevorrow shares first beautiful set picture from Jurassic World 2!

Welcome to Jurassic World 2. Colin Trevorrow just took to twitter to share this beautiful set photo from the upcoming installment in the Jurassic Park saga. Captioned only with “Walking in giant footsteps. #Jw2”, we’re left to speculate about what the image shows.

The image, which I originally thought was concept art or a key frame, was confirmed to be an actual still from the film by Frank Marshall. It showcases a young girl (likely “Lucy“!), looking at a hall of dinosaurs in what appears to be a very ornate mansion. The current favorite theory is perhaps this is John Hammond’s mansion, though reports of a mansion set being built for filming suggest this may actually be on one of the islands. If so, it doesn’t seem nearly aged enough to have been left abandoned for 25+ years, so it’s unlikely to be John  Hammond’s (unless the film will utilize flashbacks?)

On back  left of the photo is a small therapod dinosaur, which may possibly be a Velociraptor (though it’s hard to tell) – middle left appears to be an Edmontosaurus, and front left appears to be a Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex/Nanotyrannus (see: Jane). Back right is a Protoceratops, followed by a Kosmoceratops, and finally closest to the frame is likely an Euoplocephalus or perhaps Edmontonia. The large skull center frame is a bit of a curiosity, but we currently speculate it’s a Agujaceratops.

This image is simply gorgeous – and it absolutely screams director J.A. Bayona’s and cinematographer Oscar Faura’s style. I can’t get over how beautiful the set, framing, composition, and lighting is. Whatever the image showcases, one thing is for sure: we’re in for a visual treat in Jurassic World 2.

As always, stay tuned and sound off in the comments below (especially if you think we made a mistake identifying some of the dinosaurs!).


35 thoughts on “Colin Trevorrow shares first beautiful set picture from Jurassic World 2!

  1. The skull at center isn’t from any known dinosaur, think it’s a prop. I’d wager it’s supposed to be a hybrid of some kind (though that doesn’t make much sense either).

    Also, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Absolutely beautiful photo, which prompts many questions, and a whole lot of speculation: Who exactly is the girl? “Lucy”? Young Claire? Where is she? A museum? A house? If so, whose house? As the article states, we are DEFINITELY in for a visual spectacle in “JW2.” I can’t wait!

  3. That looks nothing like a Agujaceratops to me… The design is very familiar, and the fact that it’s the centerpiece of the museum… Am I the only one who sees Stegoceratops???

  4. In Jurassic World Masrani says ‘John Hammond entrusted me with his dying wish’, maybe there was other billionaires interested that he did not trust. This could be there mansion, they’ve always loved dinosaurs and now is the time to get they’re own. ‘We’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.’ -Wu

  5. The large skull is that of a hybrid dinosaur from the Jurassic World Game on iTunes and google play. It is a mix between a Stegosaurus and Triceratops. The movie is supposed to be based in the U.K. with the “dinosaur soldiers” theory from the first Jurassic World movie.

  6. The girl in the photo is Lucy and the actress who will play her is Brooke Norbury, a relatively unknown London actress.

  7. Awesome photo! I like this style instead of a hollywood boombastic epic photo. Hopefully he will keep this style up!

  8. Very nice pic!

    Maybe the skeletons are from the first park (first 2 movies). Sick triceratops in the middle? Young TRex?

    Very nice ambiance in the pic. More serious/scary than JW!

  9. I am 100% convinced that “Ancient Futures: Jurassic World” is the actual official title, mostly because, if it was just a working title, they wouldn’t have plastered the official JP font all over it when putting up notices for buisnesses during filming.

  10. The animal in the middle looks like something of a Stegoceratops, which was apparently originally in the film before it was cut. The inward-curving brow horns, the small nose horn and overly-long squamosal and parietal horns are very similar to those seen in the level 40 version of the hybrid. Of course, the question is why it does not appear more bone-like in texture if it came from a human-engineered creature.

  11. This is so amazing! What a beautiful, dazzling first picture! Can’t wait for June, 2018!

    Speculation mode on: I really don’t think this is Claire. I can’t see JP/W caring about flashbacks about a certain character’s infant life. This is most certainly Lucy. Now, who she is, or how does she fit into the story, these are things I just can’t bring myself to put my finger on. I’m not even sure I care to know before the film opens. Right now, I’m simply basking in the wonderful light of this amazing picture.

  12. AWESOMEEEEEE!!! TBH, I dont think I cant wait 15 months before it comes out in theaters haha… I wanna see it now. This movie is going to be epic!

  13. Amazing set pic! I have a theory that this mansion belongs to Dr. Wu and Lucy is his daughter. How crazy will that be?

    1. For some odd reason I too suspect that to be the case. Lucy could always be adopted since Henry might have been too busy to have children the other way.

  14. I’m fascinated by the inclusion of Kosmoceratops, since it’s a pretty obscure dinosaur known from from patchy remains (we’ve never found a full skeleton of it). Someone on the production team obviously had an interesting time! What an odd choice, I love it!

  15. Is inspirational amazing
    remember The Lost World
    for please no make memes with
    this art piece respect
    make memes with your mother
    but no with this

  16. The atmosphere is truly amazing. Very Lost World. But I am honestly very displeased with the kaiju in center-frame. Jurassic Park taught me to appreciate amazing animals, not hypothetically but in reality. It was the realism of it that made it so captivating. Showing us a monster for our first look at the film makes me worry that the magic is truly gone. Back to monsters again.

      1. Just to add to this – the skull seems to be fossilized, so I really doubt it’s a hybrid. However, the fact that it is center frame and what the girl is looking at, and the only mysterious fossil in the room certainly has significance.

  17. could be this is Wu’s secure location or house? whoever it is is a collector if you can look at the back there is a bunch of shelves with more collector quality items on them. Maybe more of hammonds mansion from the lost world?

  18. My guess is the center skull is a hyper-stylized Triceratops. Too bad, because natural dinosaurs are so incredible all their own. This shot with the other natural dinosaur skeletons is amazing however. Very exciting.

  19. Also, for those saying the big central skull might be a real dinosaur – trust me, it’s not! This would be ludicrously oversized for any known ceratopsian. Perhaps Hammond got it from Skull Island :p

  20. Also also, I can’t help noticing that the central skull is missing several of the anatomical details I would expect to see in a real ceratopsian skull – there doesn’t seem to be any definition between premaxillary and rostral bones, no clear demarcation of the paretial/squamosals, no frill fenestrae (not present in all ceratopsians but likely in a skull of this size), etc. Even the cracks in it, while cool looking, aren’t really consistent with what real fossils actually look like. I’m guessing this must be a sculpt by the production artists of a fictionalised, possibly genetic mutant dinosaur.

    Not that I’m a massive dinosaur nerd and need to stop looking at this picture or anything…

  21. That skull in the middle is definitely not Agujaceratops. For one, the frill has no central openings. It’s pretty obviously a sytlized Triceratops. They took liberty with the raptors between all four movies (and the brachiosaurs), so continuity has never stopped them from messing with the looks of the dinos before.

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