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Daniella Pineda has seen Jurassic World 2 footage, and says a teaser is coming “soon”!

Update 2: “No plans yet for a teaser trailer.” – Universal Pictures

Update: the footage, though described as a trailer by some, was not an actual trailer but a sizzle reel of scenes.

Hold on to your butts – something is coming (and this time it’s not our website rebrand being mistaken as the Jurassic World 2 title). A Jurassic World 2 trailer is looming on the horizon, ready to break free at any moment. Well, ok, it may not be that dramatic or soon – but it sounds like we will get a trailer before November at any rate.

Jurassic World 2 star Daniella Pineda took to Twitter this evening to hold a spontaneous AMA – and she teased quite bit about the upcoming Jurassic World sequel. During last nights London wrap party, the cast and crew were treated with a reel of behind the scenes footage, as well as the very first Jurassic World 2 trailer! Daniella had this to say about the trailer:

“UK WRAPPED. HAWAII AWAITS. Guys, I’ve seen footage. It gave me SHIVERS. Oh it’s BAAD (as in James Brown GOOD). When you look at the footage, it FEELS like the biggest movie ever made. It’s going to be VERY special. Trust me, and I hate EVERYTHING.”

The praise is to be expected from someone working on the project themselves, but it’s hard not to get a little excited by it all the same. Jurassic super fan and twitter frequenter  Matt (@Sickle_Claw) replied to her tweet about the footage, asking when fans could expect to see it. She replied with good news:

Daniella also shared a few more promising teases about the upcoming sequel, including animatronics and a return to the sensibilities of Jurassic Park:

While we’re on a kick with Daniella, check out this great picture of her with BD Wong at the wrap party:

@wongbd 🙊😉❤️

A post shared by Daniella Pineda (@therealmiddlefinger) on

While she seems confident that fans will have a teaser soon, I would recommend everyone holds off from being too expectant. Soon is quite vague, and could really mean anything – however, Jurassic June is inbound, and June 22nd marks the one year until release date. Perhaps fans can expect something around then, as the timing would be perfect!

What I find most curious is that even Daniella Pineda does not know the real title of the movie – and it seems they have whipped together a JP3 style logo in meantime. Will the title come before the teaser, or will the teaser use the “Jurassic World II” logo as seen at the after party?

As always, stay tuned for the latest news – and sound off in the comments below with what you want to see the trailer!


15 thoughts on “Daniella Pineda has seen Jurassic World 2 footage, and says a teaser is coming “soon”!

  1. I can live with ‘Jurassic World II’ and not lose sleep over it. I am actually kinda digging it. Though, it was confirmed by Bayona, I think, that they have a different title. I think it will be a new title with Jurassic World as the subtitle, like JP2.

    1. I would personally hate if they call it Jurassic World 2. It takes Jurassic World and tries to portray it as a spin off, rather than a sequel. I want to think of Jurassic World being Jurassic Park 4, rather than some separate franchise or spin off (even though it very clearly is a sequel). This whole thing of calling the fifth entry JW2 drives me crazy.

  2. It surprises me a lot that right after the shooting.. and not even finished they already have footage fir a teaser.. cgi already included?

  3. I find it really odd that she doesn’t know the title and the fact that they have been using this JWII logo for the wrap party makes me think they’re going to call it that. My only real issue with this is that it kind of detracts from the fact that this is, ultimately, Jurassic Park 5!
    Also — the answer to the TRex tweet — I am so confused by it?!!?!!

    1. Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Jurassic World, regardless of what anyone says, was clearly Jurassic Park 4, just with a different title (exactly as the second book had a different title). They are trying now to treat what was an obvious sequel as instead a spin off franchise after the fact. The next film really is Jurassic Park 5. I don’t care what they call it (I do, but I refuse to acknowledge it as being anything other than the fifth film, not the second) the next film is JP5. The fact Ian Malcolm makes a return even briefly should hammer that fact in even more. It supposedly ties into the first film even more than JW did. Why treat this as some separate franchise?

  4. I really doubt that she would know if or when a teaser was actually coming, she could potentially just be saying that based on the fact that they showed footage at the London wrap party. I don’t think we will se a trailer until the holidays at the earliest.

  5. Think I might attempt the near-impossible and go into this film mostly spoiler-free (no teasers, no trailers, just a plot synopsis and promo images). I spoiled everything for myself with Jurassic World and, despite not liking the film for other reasons, the experience was soured by knowing what was going to happen in every scene.

    Loving what Danielle has to say! I’m especially pleased regarding the bit about matching the sensibility of the first movie. Danielle strikes me as very direct, no nonsense, and honest (and not just about this film, but in general). Clearly she wouldn’t talk down on something she’s apart of, but I also can’t see her as the type to overtly praise it unless she’s genuinely pleased with the product. Basically, her excitement has me excited!

    Also, it’s clearly not going to be Jurassic World 2 or Jurassic Park 5. I’m still betting on Subtitle: Jurassic World. I do believe ‘Life Finds A Way’ may just be the tagline, however, which is fine by me!

  6. Ughhh everyone is so bent out of shape about the potential title. Who cares 🙄
    The movie will be badass regardless.

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