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Early Jurassic Park Storyboards Reveal an Alternate Ending for Nedry’s Dilophosaurus Attack

With the Jurassic Park franchise making a comeback thanks to 2015’s Jurassic World, more and more rare and previously unseen behind the scenes material is beginning to show up among fans. Derrick Davis of Jurassic Time recently won an auction that provided him with a rare glimpse at some early storyboards from the production of Jurassic Park.

The storyboards were from Dinosaur Supervisor Phil Tippett’s personal collection, and along with a number of other items, went up for auction on the Prop Store last October. Some lucky fans were able to snag some incredibly rare props and documents from the movie, and Derrick has been kind enough to share his haul online!

The storyboards show a slightly alternate ending to the Nedry vs Dilophosaurus sequence in Jurassic Park, where instead of Nedry making it inside of the Jeep and being surprised by another Dilophosaurus, he is dragged away as he tries to enter it. Check out some of the boards below:



You can view the rest of the sequence here, along with the header sheet and script page which details the alternate ending for Nedry.

Huge thanks to Derrick for sharing these – with a wealth of reveals among the community recently, it’s getting more and more exciting to think what other unknown treasures are waiting for fans to discover. Phil Tippett sold a huge number of his personal items in the auction showcasing his time working on the movie, along with many others.

We recently revealed the complete story arc for the unreleased Jurassic Park cartoon television series which you can check out here! The story follows on immediately from the ending of the first movie – literally in the helicopter as the survivors leave the island – and details Hammond’s plans to ensure the safety of the island and the dinosaurs on it, protecting them from poachers and a certain malicious company.


If you enjoyed seeing the above storyboards then be sure to have a glance at Derrick’s other albums which include alternate storyboard shots from the Main Road sequence and a unique look at an alternate ending to the movie, which never made it to the final shooting script. Also, check out his unboxing video of his auction win below:

Thanks again to Derrick for sharing these! Take to the comments section below to let us know which ending you prefer!


3 thoughts on “Early Jurassic Park Storyboards Reveal an Alternate Ending for Nedry’s Dilophosaurus Attack

  1. Very interesting. They sorta do this in JPTG. Always fun to see storyboards like these when they couldve gone into some private dicks collection, never to be seen to us fans.

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