Dinosaur Detectives (Film Universe)

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Dinosaur Detectives
Dinosaur Detectives (Film Universe).png
Author Alan Grant
Michael Backes
Country USA
Language English
Subject Paleontology
Publisher Perineum Press, Quinn and Ryan Publishers
Media type Non-Fiction
ISBN 0394588169
Followed by Alan Grant's Second Book
Production Notes
Appearances Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III (Mentioned)

Dinosaur Detectives was a best-selling book detailing paleontological discoveries written by Alan Grant and Michael Backes. It featured a Forward by Sir Richard Attenborough.


At some time prior to the Jurassic Park Incident, Alan Grant along with Michael Backes wrote Dinosaur Detectives. The book was a financial success becoming the nationwide best-seller of the time and propelling Grant into scientific stardom.

Tim Murphy later brought of copy of the book with him to Isla Nublar where Grant was surveying John Hammond's dinosaur theme park, Jurassic Park. Tim probed Grant on many of the theories he had made in the book, as well as comparing it to another book by Robert T. Bakker, commenting that Bakker's book was "much fatter than [Grant's]...". Ellie Sattler rebuffed than Grant's book was fully illustrated, unlike Bakker's. Tim's book was left abandoned and likely ruined in Tour Vehicle #4 after it was attacked by the Tyrannosaurus. Following his ordeal at Jurassic Park, Grant wrote a much more critical follow up book.

Years later, during the Isla Sorna Rescue Mission, Eric Kirby stated that he preferred Grant's first book to his second as Grant "Liked dinosaurs back then". Grant replied that "they hadn't tried to eat me yet". Kirby also indicated a preference of Grant's books over God Creates Dinosaurs by Ian Malcolm.


Front Cover

The quest that uncovered the secrets of the extinct dinosaurs.

Back Cover

One of the world's greatest paleontologists, Alan Grant is the curator of paleontology at the museum of the hills by Hell's Bells, Montana. In 1992, he was awarded a fellowship from the Nimitz Foundation. He also holds a bunch of degrees from obscure schools most folks have never heard of, but he writes a lot of really good articles.


From the Back Cover:

Whether you like dinosaurs or not, this book will open your eyes to the truly fascinating world of palaeontology. A refreshingly bright and interesting overview of these so-called dinosaur detectives... Loads of good stuff!

— Martin Kline, Columbia University

Production Notes

The Book was based on the design of Jurassic Park consultant John R. Horner's book Digging Dinosaurs.