God Creates Dinosaurs (Film Universe)

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God Creates Dinosaurs
God Creates Dinosaurs (Film Universe).png
Author Ian Malcolm
Country USA
Language English
Subject Chaos Theory
Publisher Row Press
Media type Non-Fiction
Production Notes
Appearances Jurassic Park III (Mentioned)
Jurassic World

God Creates Dinosaurs was a book written by Ian Malcolm about his experiences during the Jurassic Park Incident, the Isla Sorna Incident and the San Diego Incident as well as the repercussions of InGen's De-extinction process.


The book was written following the San Diego Incident the subsequent restoration of Malcolm's credibility that it caused. The book was read by Eric Kirby sometime prior to the Isla Sorna Rescue Mission in 2001. Kirby later indicated a preference to Alan Grant's Book, citing Malcolm's overuse of Chaos Theory and narcissistic writing style.

At least 2 copies of the book were present on Isla Nublar in 2015, one belonging to Zara Young, which she was reading on the Monorail whilst accompanying Zach and Gray Mitchell and the other in the Control Room, between Lowery Cruthers and Vivian Krill's desks.


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The mathematics challenge everything we know about the world.

— Leonard Marchand, Astrophysicist


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