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(The Isla Sorna Incident)
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===The Isla Sorna Incident===
===The Isla Sorna Incident===
{{main|Isla Sorna Incident (Film Universe)}}
{{main|Isla Sorna Incident (Film Universe)}}
===The Isla Sorna Rescue Mission===
{{main|Isla Sorna Rescue Mission (Film Universe)}}
==InGen's Site B==
==InGen's Site B==

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Isla Sorna
File:Isla Sorna (Film Universe).png
Location Pacific Ocean
Costa Rica
Owner InGen (Former Lease Holder)
Masrani Global (Lease Holder)

Isla Sorna is a Costa Rican island located 207 miles west of the mainland in the North Pacific Ocean. It is part of a chain of islands referred to as the Las Cinco Muertes. It was discretely leased by InGen, but later abandoned after Hurricane Clarissa wiped out their facilities. After several incidents the island has been quarantined as a biological preserve.


Hurricane Clarissa

The Bowman Incident

The Isla Sorna Incident

The Isla Sorna Rescue Mission

InGen's Site B

Layout and Facilities

Geography and Geology