Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles (Film Universe)

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Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles (Film Universe).jpg
Manufacturer InGen
Owner Jurassic Park
Users Tim Murphy
Gray Mitchell
Status Abandoned

The Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles were specialised binocular goggles with night vision capabilities supplied in the Ford Explorer Tour Vehicles at Jurassic Park. They were intended for guest use on the Park Grounds Tour but were abandoned with the rest of the park following the Jurassic Park Incident.


Jurassic Park Incident

Jurassic World Incident

Production Notes

Jurassic Park


The various prop Goggles built for the film were constructed from the same basic items. The lenses were taken from Konica Aiborg cameras. These where unique in that they featured a fitted lens cap that retracted up into the lens as it was extended, adding an additional layer of motion to the film prop. The headgear used was the K117 by Huntsman, used on their welding helmets.

Jurassic World


The last surviving pair of Night Vision Goggles from Jurassic Park were loaned by Universal Archives to Production for use in Jurassic World under the prevision they been return in the same, if not better condition. As they were intended to portray a pair that had sat dormant in the Visitors' Center Garage for over 20 years, the props department did a non-permanent age on the Prop. In the film, the left lens detaches from the housing as Gray uses the zoom mechanism. It is not clear if this was intended, or a malfunction of the Prop during shooting. All other behind the scenes videos of the prop in use show the lens remaining fastened in place during operation.



Theme Parks

The last production used pair were later put on display in 2018 at the AMC Cinema at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of Jurassic Park's 25th Anniversary. The left lens is still noticeably not attached correctly.

Video Games