Jurassic Park RV Restoration

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Jurassic Park RV Restoration
Jurassic Park RV Restoration.png
Title Card from 2017 onwards.
Genre Automotive/Film Documentary
Directed by Cody Boesen (2014-2016)
Presented by Christopher Rutkowski (2014-2016)
Franck Galiègue (2017-)
Narrated by Christopher Rutkowski (2014-2016)
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 18
Distributor Youtube
Original network The Aficionauto (2014-2016)
Movie Cars Central (2017- )
Picture format 16:9

Jurassic Park RV Restoration is a web-series chronicling the restoration of the hero Mobile Lab from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The first two seasons of the series were produced by and aired on The Aficionauto, after a long hiatus and little to no progress on the restoration the show returned over a year later on Movie Car Central. A special episode titled 'The Lost Files' was released soon after it's return featuring footage from the hiatus.


Series Overiew

Season Episodes Channel Originally aired
Season Premiere Season Finale
Season 1 5 The Aficionauto September 21, 2014 (2014-09-21) March 14, 2015 (2015-03-14)
Season 2 5 June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11) July 21, 2016 (2016-07-21)
Season 3 9 Movie Cars Central October 18, 2017 (2017-10-18) December 27, 2017 (2017-12-27)