Jurassic Park System (Film Universe)

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Ray Arnold using the Jurassic Park System.

The Jurassic Park System was a collection of networked computers and software that formed the control systems for Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar.


System Architecture


Nedryland was system developed by Dennis Nedry as a means of displaying visual output for the system user. It ran on System 7.


Screen Description
Isla Nublar, Costa Rica
Displays maps and schematics of the island and its facilities.
Jurassic Park System
Displays user screensaver. Used when accessing system code.
Animal Paddocks
Displays a map of the Animal Paddocks. Used when accessing Park Fences.

Irix Terminal

Central Park Control Console

Command Description
tour initiate
Activates Park Grounds Tour program, or restarts it if program is holding.
system raptors
Displays the current status of the Velociraptor Pen systems and security.
A command disguised as a .obj file. Designed by Dennis Nedry as a means of bypassing Park Security, this command causes disruptions in Visitors' Center security systems as well as the Park fences. It also suspends user access to the security systems.