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Jurassic World
Jurassic World Logo.png
Slogan "The Park is Open"
Location Isla Nublar, Costa Rica
Theme Prehistoric Zoo
Owner Masrani Global
Operated by Masrani Global
InGen Security (Emergency Operations, 2015)
General Manager Claire Dearing
Opened June 2005
Closed December 2015
Operating season Year-round
Opening Hours 08:00-22:00
Rides and Attractions
Total 19
Water rides 2
Website Official Website
Status Evacuated
Jurassic World Brochure

Jurassic World was a theme park established on Isla Nublar after the death of John Hammond and the acquisition of InGen by Masrani Global. Unlike its predecessor, the park opened to the public in 2005 and continued to operate without incident for 10 years. The park was evacuated in 2015 following the breakout of an upcoming attraction, the Indominus Rex.


Following the passing of John Hammond in 1997, Masrani Global began pursuing the acquisition of InGen and all their assets with the intention of reviving Jurassic Park. By 1998 a deal was struck and InGen became a subsidiary of Masrani Global. The following year saw limited access granted to both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Henry Wu, the creator of the original animals for Jurassic Park, was brought on to the project in 1999 by Simon Masrani in a new leadership role with InGen. With planning for the project now in full motion, Masrani opted to update the name to Jurassic World to match its new scope, and move away from any bad press associated with previous incidents.

Masrani subsidiaries Axis Boulder Engineering and Timack Construction began work on the preparation and planning prior to construction on the island in 2002. InGen Security watched over construction, protecting workers from the remaining native wildlife until its completion in 2004. During this time, the island became a target for conservation groups around the globe who were looking and waiting for any incident to try and take Isla Nublar away from Masrani Global.

Welcome to Jurassic World

Jurassic World finally opened to the public in June 2005 with attendance of 98,120 visitors in the first month of operation. At the time of opening, there were a total of 8 species in the park. By 2015 that number had grown to 20; 14 Herbivores and 6 Carnivores.

The Jurassic World Incident

On the day of the Jurassic World Incident, a total of 21,216 visitors were present in the park. Simon Masrani and Vic Hoskins also arrived on the island to inspect their respective projects and Verizon Wireless were present to discuss an endorsement deal with Claire Dearing, who in turn was awaiting the arrival of her nephews.

Zach and Gray Mitchell arrived that morning at Jurassic World via the Isla Nublar Ferry. They were greeted by Zara Young as their aunt was otherwise disposed with her Park Manager duties.

Layout and Facillities

Region Location Icon Description
Sector 1
Main Gates The Entrance to Jurassic World.
Ferry Landing Ferry ICON.png The Docks at which all Visitors to Jurassic World arrive.
Golf Course Golf ICON.png An 18 hole, Jurassic-themed Golf Course.
Botanical Gardens Botanical ICON.png Tropical Gardens featuring genetically recreated prehistoric fauna.
Sector 2
Weather Station The Park's weather monitoring station.
Bamboo Forest Bamboo ICON.png A Jungle Trail through a Bamboo Forest.
Sector 3 /
Jurassic World Lagoon
Boardwalk East
Pachy Arena Pachy ICON.png An arena-based show featuring the Park's Pachychephalosaurus.
Havaianas A flip-flop store, located on the West Boardwalk.
Yoshinoya A Japanese fast food restaurant, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Boardwalk West
Baked By Melissa A boutique bakery, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Ben & Jerry's An Ice-cream Parlour, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Dave & Buster's An arcade, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Havaianas A flip-flop store, located on the West Boardwalk.
Jamba Juice A smoothie shop, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience An IMAX based attraction showcasing Pteranodons.
Yoshinoya A Japanese fast food restaurant, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Main Street
Aquatic Park Aquatic ICON.png A Waterpark, located adjacent to Main Street.
Brookstone A book store, located on Main Street.
Caliza Spa A beauty space, located on Main Street.
Columbia A sportswear store, located on Main Street.
Events Center The center for events at Jurassic World.
Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Gentle ICON.png A Petting Zoo featuring infant Dinosaurs.
IWC A high end watch store, located on Main Street.
Innovation Center Innovation ICON.png The Central Hub of Operations at Jurassic World, located at the end of Main Street.
Jurassic Traders A Gift Shop for Jurassic World Merchandise.
Jurassic Traders Outpost A small outdoor stall for Jurassic World Merchandise.
Margaritaville A restaurant at the entrance of Main Street.
Nobu A sushi restaurant, located on Main Street.
Oakley A sunglass store, located on Main Street.
Origin A Nightclub, located on Main Street.
Pandora A Jewellery Store, located on Main Street.
Starbucks A Coffee Shop, located on Main Street.
Sunrio A Tequila Bar and Grill.
T. Rex Kingdom / Paddock 9 Tyrannosaur ICON.png An Animal Paddock featuring the Park's main attraction, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Winston's Steakhouse A Steakhouse, located at the end of Main Street.
Mosasaurus Feeding Show Mosasaur ICON.png An arena-based show featuring the Park's Mosasaurus.
Hilton Isla Nublar The Park's main hotel.
Security Headquarters The central hub of Jurassic World's security operations.
Egg Spinner Egg ICON.png A motion-based spinner attraction.
Underwater Observatory Underwater ICON.png An underwater viewing platform located in the Jurassic World Lagoon.
Sector 4
Gyrosphere Valley Gyrosphere ICON.png A free-roaming attraction in which guests can explore the park from complete safety.
Triceratops Territory Triceratops ICON.png Paddocks that are home to the Park's resident Triceratops.
West Plains An open area of the park.
Gallimimus Valley Gallimimus ICON.png A guided tour through the Gallimimus Paddock.
Sector 5
Aviary Aviary ICON.png A large aviary home to Jurassic World's winged reptiles.
Cretaceous Cruise Cretaceous ICON.png A free-roam kayak attraction along the Park's Jungle River.
Sector 6 / Restricted Area
Indominus Rex Paddock / Paddock 11 An upcoming attraction, featuring a genetic hybrid dinosaur.
Raptor Paddock A secure paddock where Velociraptor training takes place.
Monorail Monorail ICON.png The main method of transport around the island.
Owen's Shack The home of Owen Grady on the island.

Maps and Diagrams

There are several different maps depicting the facilities and layout of Jurassic World. In some instances they are contradictory and do not match the physical facilities as seen in the park.

Official Maps of Jurassic World
Control Room Brochure Website Topographic
Isla Nublar Control Room Map.png Jurassic World Brochure Map.png Jurassic World Website Map.png Isla Nublar Topographic Map.jpg
Maps of Park Areas

Paddocks and Animal Ranges

Like it's predecessor, Jurassic World featured Electrified Perimeter Fences as well as smaller Containment Pens. Unlike Jurassic Park however, it also included an Invisible Fence barrier system to minimise visual obstructions whilst maintaining control over the animal's movement.

Rides and Attractions

Current Attractions

Planned Future Attractions


At the time of opening, Jurassic World only had 8 species. By 2015 that number had grown to 20; 14 Herbivores and 6 Carnivores.





Production Notes