Jurassic World ID Badges (Film Universe)

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Jurassic World ID Badges were the primary method of identification and access for employees and non-vacation related visitors of Jurassic World. They were still in use up until the 2015 Jurassic World Incident.

Layout and Variations

The standard layout of the ID Badge is as shown below, with the obvious variation of Photo, Name, Position and QR Code as well as the use of colour to indicate division.

Jurassic World ID Badge Variations
Operations Park Services Security Sciences Visitors
Jurassic World ID Badge ORANGE.png Jurassic World ID Badge GREEN.png Jurassic World ID Badge GREY.png Jurassic World ID Badge BLUE.png
  • Park Administrators
  • Control Room Staff
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Corporate Visitors

Known Cards

Name Ryan Crest Roy Harper Henry Wu Aaron Jacobs
ID Badge Ryan Crest ID Badge.png Roy Harper ID Badge.png Henry Wu ID Badge.png Aaron Jacobs ID Badge.png
Title Geneticist Geneticist Lead Genetic Biologist Geneticist
Park Services
Name Steven Paul Mason Andrew
ID Badge Steven Paul ID Badge.png 200px Andrew ID Badge.png
Title Isla Guide Isla Guide Retail Associate

Production Notes