Lockwood Estate (Film Universe)

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Lockwood Estate
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General information
Status Abandoned
Location Northern California

The Lockwood Estate was the home of Benjamin and Maisie Lockwood in Northern California. It was here that Lockwood and John Hammond would extract their first DNA sample from Fossilised Amber paving the way for De-Extinction and Jurassic Park.

It would later become the headquarters of the Lockwood Foundation and be usurped by Eli Mills for his own agenda, including the creation of the Indoraptor and auctioning the surviving animals of the Isla Nublar Crisis to fund further research and development.



Isla Nublar Crisis

Layout and Facilities

Estate Main Gate

Reception Hall

Estate Library

The Lockwood Estate boasts a two storey private Library with open reading spaces. The ground floor level is home to a collection of prehistoric fossils as well as a series of windowed dinosaur dioramas.

Private Rooms

Maisie's Room

Lockwood's Room

Eli Mills' Office

Laboratory and Containment Pens


Receiving Dock

Production Notes



Post Production