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Welcome Explorers, to the Jurassic Outpost Encyclopedia!
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We are in the very early stages of development so please excuse the mess. Mr DNA is lurking around every corner to point out any unfinished articles.

The Jurassic Outpost Encyclopedia was created with the aim to become one of the most cohesive resources on all things Jurassic Park, past, present and future! Currently focused on the films, it will be expanding (or should we say evolving) into the novels, rides, games and much more in the coming months!

Throughout development we've kept 3 clear goals in mind; to put fans in contact with as much accurate, interesting and concise information as they could ever dream of, as well as to make said information easily accessible and navigable, and to celebrate a franchise that means so much to the team here at Jurassic Outpost.

The being said, we're only human. So if you spot a mistake or think you could help develop the Encyclopedia don't hesitate to get it touch! We love to talk Jurassic Park to any fan over some Chilean Sea Bass.

The Franchise