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A pair of Tour Vehicles approach the Tyrannosaur Paddock

The Park Grounds Tour was to be the flagship attraction at Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. By 1992 enough of the ride was operational that it could be used to debut the Park to the inspection team. Due to the abandonment of Jurassic Park, it never opened.


Ride Spiel


By the time of the inspection in 1992, the ride had progressed to an operable status, though Ray Arnold expressed some concerns over it's reliability.


Like the rest of the resort, the Park Grounds Tour relied heavily on state-of-the-art equipment.

Control Systems

In place of physical controls, the Park Ground Tour was entirely operated from the Control Systems in the Control Room.

Vehicle Inspection

Tour Operation

Tour Vehicles

A fleet of at least 4 modified Ford Explorer XLTs operated as the ride vehicles for the Park Grounds Tour. They could accommodate a maximum of 5 riders and featured interactive touch screens in the both the front and rear sections of the vehicle.

Production Notes

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