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The SS Venture crashes into the InGen Dock.

The SS Venture is a small cargo vessel owned and operated by InGen. It brought the Tyrannosaur that caused the 1997 San Diego Incident to the mainland from Isla Sorna. After the Tyrannosaur was re-secured, it was used to transport the animal back to the island.


The San Diego Incident

Production Notes



The American Salvor (now known as the Triton Explorer) was used to represent the 1:1 full scale SS Venture. Four cargo doors were constructed on the deck to represent the cargo hold, although only two of these actually functioned, the two at the rear were strictly decorative.

Filming Miniature

For the scene where the SS Venture crashes into the San Diego dock, a miniature of the ship and dock were created, filmed at high speed and composited with blue screen actors and other particle effects.



Following the film's release, the miniature Venture was put on display at Universal Studios Hollywood. Eight years later, another ship miniature also called the SS Venture from Peter Jackson's King Kong went on display elsewhere in the park on the Studio Backlot Tour.

The miniature Venture on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.