Simon Masrani (Film Universe)

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Simon Masrani
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Occupation CEO
Affiliation Masrani Global
Family Sanjay Masrani (Father)
Nationality Indian
Status Deceased (Isla Nublar, 2015)
Production Notes
Created by Colin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed by Irrfan Khan

Simon Masrani was the CEO of Masrani Global. He was present on Isla Nublar in 2015 during the Jurassic World Incident and ultimately died trying to take down the rogue Indominus Rex. His passing allowed Vic Hoskins to circumvent his final wishes, and have the Project I.B.R.I.S. Velociraptors released to hunt the Indominus. At the time of his death he was the 8th richest man in the world.



Production Notes