Subject V-2 (Film Universe)

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Subject V-2
Subject V-2 (Film Universe).jpg
Species Velociraptor (Version 1.5)
Gender Female
Affiliation InGen
Project I.B.R.I.S.

Subject V-2 is the fifth known V.1.5 Velociraptor. She was bred as part of InGen's Project I.B.R.I.S. but was rejected from the program due to unpredictable and aggressive behavior. Her current status is unknown.


Behaviour and Personality

Little is known, other than she was too aggressive and unpredictable leading to her rejection from the program and raptor pack.

Subject V-2's aggressive tendencies are further evidenced by facial scars.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Subject V-2 is only known from a archived image file attributed to the I.B.R.I.S. program. The photograph only pictured her head and neck, and as such not all of her defining traits are known.

Her skull structure and skin texture is identical to the Version 1.0 raptors, as are her eyes. She only varies from V.1 raptors in skin color, which is a muted eggplant purple atop, giving way to some peach and finally a cream underbelly. Additionally, there are small isolated patches of aqua blue in the creases of the raised scales mixed within.

She has two small visible scars on the right side of her face across her lips.


Subject V-2 was part of the I.B.R.I.S. Initiation Phase.

While it remains unconfirmed it seems likely that Subject V-2 was one of the first subjects, existing before the known 'raptor squad', using earlier genetic code. This is evidenced by her appearance being nearly identical to V.1.0 Velociraptors, and her extra aggressive tendencies.


It is unknown if Subject V-2 is no longer alive, or was simply moved away from the Raptor Arena.

Owen Grady was strongly opposed to euthanizing animals who aren't fit for the program, so whatever her fate may have been, that seems unlikely. However, as evidenced by the photograph, she at least survived to adulthood.

Production Notes

Subject V-2 was not present in any of the films, and made her only appearance on the Masrani Global website.