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Exclusive: Jurassic World 2’s working title is ‘Ancient Futures’

Hold on to your butts! It’s been a dry spell lately, annotated only by strange and uncertain happenings. While the Jurassic World sequel will begin filming early next year, news has been nonexistent. However, we now have something fun and worthwhile to report: the working title for ‘Jurassic World 2’ is “Ancient Futures“!


This news comes per the latest issue of Production Weekly, a film career magazine geared towards industry professionals following and finding jobs. Digging deeper to validate the authenticity of this report, we discovered that Universal Pictures owns a ‘Private Limited Company’ in London by the same name (Est. January 25th, 2016).

For those wondering, this does not mean the next movie will be called ‘Jurassic World Ancient Futures’. In fact, it’s highly unlikely. Working titles are often picked before the films final title even exists, and serve as a temporary production company to operate from. In the case of Jurassic World, its working title was “Ebb Tide” – another high profile example would be ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with a working title of “Magnus Rex”.

While this may not tell us much about the movies actual title or plot, we do know production is gearing up. While we are not subscribed to Production Weekly, some details about potential job openings are included in the latest issue. Further, this news helps validate that London will be used as a locale (likely Pinewood Studios). We will be sure to look into this further, and share any details as they arise!

We discuss this news in our latest podcast – listen below!

As always, stay tuned for the latest news about everything Jurassic Park, and sound off in the comments below!

Source: Production Weekly


8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Jurassic World 2’s working title is ‘Ancient Futures’

  1. Working titles mean next to nothing, you’re right. And thank goodness! “Ancient Futures” sounds like a Dino Crisis 3 adaptation!

  2. just as long as they dont call it Jurassic World 2. i really honestly think people are trying to forget that jurassic world is a sequel.

  3. Been on dog walk with my friend and see a fenced off area with signs saying No entry Acient Futures crew only..And saw that Chris Pratt had been spotted everywhere..And saw loads of signs saying AF cars..And a massive film set.

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