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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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The First Listings of Jurassic Park POP Toys by Funko Have Arrived (Updated)

Update: The first images have been released, and Ellie Sattler is bundled with the Jurassic Park Jeep!

Funko POP figures are all the rage, and cover almost every popular property you can imagine – so for years fans have questioned why they haven’t done Jurassic Park. Thankfully, a few months back, Universal Pictures shared that Funko was a partner for the Jurassic World license, which includes all 5 films. Fans rejoiced.

“We’ll discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back…”

Since then, the first listings have appeared online, and while the lineup is certainly exciting, its missing a pivotal character. Laura Dern’s Dr. Ellie Sattler. It’s a disappointing trend that toy companies tend to omit female characters, but seeing it from Funko, who make lineups for other properties that included even the most forgettable of throwaway characters is extra frustrating. Especially when Ellie is one of the leads, and the only member of the main trio missing.

Jurassic Park created an incredibly strong character with Ellie Sattler, who served as role model for boys and girls alike. It’s not often summer blockbusters can inspire with a strong female character, who kicks ass, takes names, and isn’t there to serve as a prop for male heroes to display. So where the hell is her Funko POP – especially after campaigns likes #WheresRey made so much noise?

This is a disservice to all fans, but especially the female fans, who so often do not get their fair shake in representation.

The franchise is known for its girl power, all the dinosaurs are born as female (until they’re sometimes not), plus it features other strong leads like Sarah Harding played by Julianne Moore (or gives supporting characters like Lex the chance to shine and save the day). It’s no surprise the film series has a very large female fanbase, both in audience and community members – for instance, 48% of Jurassic World’s box office viewership was female on opening weekend.

As it stands, the list of Jurassic Park POP’s hitting to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration are as follows:

Dr. Ian Malcolm – $14.99
Dr. Alan Grant – $14.99
John Hammond – $14.99
Dennis Nedry – $14.99
Velociraptor – $14.99
Dilophosaurus – $14.99
Tyrannosaurus Rex – $14.99
Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle – $34.99

The lineup releases March 15th, 2018 and for now, no images are yet available – but stay tuned, it likely wont be long until they are formally unveiled.

Hopefully this is a flub, and Ellie is on the way – it’s quite possible the website somehow failed to list her Funko POP alongside the others. Though given the current evidence, it’s quite suspect that the one missing character is the only female lead. At least Mattel has a Dr. Sattler (and Claire Dearing!) on the way. If it turns out Ellie is indeed part of the main line, and not locked away as an exclusive or excluded entirely, we’ll happily eat our words and update the article. Prove us wrong, Funko.

Prove us wrong.

Source: (via TheJPCollection)


39 thoughts on “The First Listings of Jurassic Park POP Toys by Funko Have Arrived (Updated)

  1. I personally dont care about funko pop figures.. I don´t understand why are they so popular. they are basically making business by always doing the same hyper sized head figure of every franchise.quite lazy work in my opinion. but ok, if people like them..

    1. Same same. And 48% of those women came because their boyfriend/husband didn’t want to go to the movie alone. lol I would know I am a woman and I don’t know any other women who love JP like most of my guy friends.

      1. Me. I LOVE JP. Probably more than most guys I know. JP made me want to become an archaeologist and a paleontologist. One of my favorite movies growing up. Don’t be that woman, Coco, who makes everything about women liking things because men like them. Plenty of us don’t need a man to tell us what we enjoy, and there are plenty of women who enjoy JP without a man telling us to do so.

  2. She could be with the jeep, they normally include a pop with vehicles and not release them seperate like winston with ecto 1 from the ghostbusters line

    1. I considered this, but that’s a crappy move locking away a pivotal character behind a steeper pay wall – the jeep is the highlight, and whatever figure they pack in they see as being not as valuable stand alone.

      1. Or maybe they are keeping some characters for a second wave ? Just look at how many new releases some franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars get. If Jurassic funkos work, you can be sure they’ll release more figures.
        I have faith we’ll get Ellie and more

        1. I’m sure we will get Ellie in one way or form, but why withhold her from wave 1?

          She’s one of the three leads, and the only female character. It’s a bad look either way, even if the intentions are innocuous.

        2. Then Funko should save Nedry, a secondary character for Wave 2. Ellie is a main character and deserves to be in Wave 1. Like Malcom and Grant.

    1. Yeah. I cannot for the life of me understand why people like those things.

      Funkos, I mean. Legos and Mattel are more understandable.

  3. No disrespect to the author but this comes across as an attempt to find an issue where there isn’t one. Had Funko included a Ray Arnold toy, or Tim, or something like that, that’d be one thing – but assuming they only had 4 slots to fill for humans in this first lineup, it makes perfect sense to choose these four characters: Malcolm and Grant are shoe-ins, and it just makes sense to include Nedry and Hammond – not only because (in my opinion) their roles in the film are arguably more pivotal than Ellie’s, but because I think they’d make for more interesting toy designs: Hammond with his cane and big hat, Nedry with his…Nedry-ness.

    Excluding Rey, THE protagonist, from Star Wars merchandise is a lot more problematic than simply relegating Ellie – one protagonist in an ensemble cast – to a series II position (and yes, I’d bet my bottom dollar Paul Kirby-style that we’ll get an Ellie figurine for sure). This decision makes total sense in my opinion and I really doubt there’s any call to make an uproar over this.

  4. Now as a guy who runs a Funko website, I can say that most likely she is a store exclusive (to a store like Hot Topic). This would explain why she is not on that listing you have. Store Exclusives do NOT show up in the Toy Fair catalog each year nor do they appear on order form that all stores can buy from. Thank you for the information though. I credited you.

    1. Thanks Matt —

      It’s still kinda sad to see the second lead character locked behind an exclusive tag, especially the only female character. She should get wider exposure – and not be stuck as chase figure.

      You know what would make a great exclusive though? Shirtless Malcolm.

      Tim and Lex would also make sense.

  5. How about a list for the (non-spoiler) Mattel toys? Weird that you guys don’t blink twice about posting this immediately once it’s available yet you’ve clearly been sitting on a (presumably detailed) list of Mattel toys for months and won’t share.

    1. The information is probably embargoed, Even know they have the information they are not allowed to release it until whatever time the embargo lifts

  6. Any reason my perfect logical argument defending Funko’s decision was conveniently chosen not to be posted by the lovely mods here? I can do this all day folks.

  7. You must not have a life if you’re so worried about whether Funko is making an Ellie Sattler Funko Pop or not. The only reason I would want to see an Ellie Sattler is so I could buy it, flip it, and make money off fools like you. Nobody cares about Ellie Sattler and nobody cares about how many female characters are represented in the Funko world. How many more female characters do you want? You make me laugh…

  8. People that are commenting that they don’t care about this and that Funko is garbage are being pretty rude. It’s obviously important to some people such as collectors that their favorite characters are included, and Funko has a responsibility to include these characters if they want Jurassic Park fans to buy their product. Just because you guys don’t care for them doesn’t mean that everyone shares your views. So chill out.

    1. the intention is not to offend anyone. the comment section is to say our opinions.. good and bad. and mine is that Funko takes advantage of every fandom with a very lazy creative job. makes money of basically nothing. If you enjoy Funko figures, my opinion is worthless and should not affect you. The same way it doesn´t affect me that my sister thinks my old JP Kenner toys are silly

  9. Every body seems a little bit irritated with eachother(s oppinion). Maybe we are all very much awaiting this thursday and therefore a bit edgy? Come on guys!

    I couldnt care less about pop dolls. ID rather talk about Whats gonna be in the upcoming trailer!! What do you guys expect or hope for? I hope little spoilers, only teasers that build the hype!!

  10. Thanks for publishing this article. I was excited to see the list and then upset that Ellie was not included. It doesn’t make sense as she is a main character and loved by many fans.
    I didn’t like Pop figures at first, but they grew on me. Now I have far too many. However, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them.

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