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First Look at Packaging Art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merch!

Our first look at packaging art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom products is here!

Several listings for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom products showed up in a recent PEZ sales brochure, including several listings of dinosaur-shaped PEZ dispensers featuring the likenesses of Tyrannosauruses and raptors, as well as the dilophosaurus and mosasaurus.

However, the stand out of these listings is that of the packaging’s key art, which features a profile image of Blue, along with the grittier Fallen Kingdom version of the Jurassic World logo and a background image of an erupting volcano.

This design seems to be the general format for other products – such as those being released by LEGO and Mattel – with Blue being the centerpiece for all of the packaging.

And, since that is the case, this marks the first time that a Tyrannosaurus or other large, headlining dino (like the spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III) has not been the focus of packaging art for the franchise. The art for Jurassic World (pictured below) featured a head-on image of the Tyrannosaurus, as well as the sleeker, blue and silver version of the JW logo.

What this means for the franchise and products yet to come, we have yet to find out, but a different turn is always exciting.

Let us know your thoughts on the packaging in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: PEZ 2018 Catalog


8 thoughts on “First Look at Packaging Art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merch!

  1. They fixed the packaging this time around. Good! Much better than Jurassic World! Whoever designed the Jurassic World packaging style guide should’ve been put out of the job. That packaging was really terrible and juvenile looking.

    1. “Whoever designed the Jurassic World packaging style guide should’ve been put out of the job.”

      Don’t you mean “extinct”?

  2. Just my personal preference, but I didn’t care for the JW packaging artwork. Even with the skin texture, it was too sterile-looking with all that white. I’d rather see a vibrant, fun color scheme, contrasted with some darker areas.

    And I’d throw some vegetation on there, even if it’s just in silhouette. Something about a dark treeline, or silhouetted ferns, stirs the imagination more than solid white, and I don’t think that’s just my nostalgia for the old JP packaging 😛

    The first movie’s merch branding in particular had no sense of mystery or adventure – this Pez example for Fallen Kingdom is an improvement IMO, but still not really doing it for me. If it were my call, I think the eruption is cool – but darken the cage metal, and add a dash of green in there. Some vines or moss.

    1. Totally agreed. This art is close, but unpolished – the steel being so bright and clean really throws the whole thing off. I think they could have borrowed some ideas from the artwork in 2009:

      And perhaps rather than ALL orange, give it a warmer inviting sunset look (like the image below), but with orange lava streams piercing though.

  3. The new package is no better than the old Jurassic World one, in fact, is worse in every way except the dinosaur art on the front being more authentic.

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