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Get Ready to Celebrate – Universal Pictures Confirms Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary!

In 2018, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park will hit it’s 25th birthday. 25 years of entertaining audiences with three sequels released in that time. Many fans expected there to be some sort of celebration to coincide with Jurassic World 2’s release that same year, and now Universal Pictures have confirmed the celebration.

The Las Vegas Licensing Expo happens this May, and their line-up included detailed information on NBCUniversal’s Brand Development. Among the various properties listed, both Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary and Jurassic World 2 are named. This surely will lead to a theatrical re-release (something we’ve heard buzz about), and possibly even a blu ray set with new set with new special features.

The new logo has shown up on Amazon via the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Wall Calendar. This will hopefully be the first of many products for fans to indulge over, and we have also heard constant buzz about a 25th anniversary throwback toyline, a Jurassic Park “Classic Collection”.

While a toyline hasn’t been confirmed, we’ve been hearing about it since June of last year (see last paragraph), which may well mean that Hasbro’s plans were carried over into Mattel when they fortunately lost the license. While the linked article discusses the splintering of @JurassicWorld and @JurassicPark, it’s possible that a “classic” toyline may remain under the Jurassic World branding, but we won’t know that until next year!

What products or events are you hoping for next year to celebrate Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary? What would you like to see in a classic toyline, a Lex Murphy or John Hammond figure perhaps? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more as we learn it!

Source: Licensing Expo

Originally posted March 17th, 2017


27 thoughts on “Get Ready to Celebrate – Universal Pictures Confirms Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary!

    1. It also baffled me that Lex and Hammond never made it to toy form since they were part of the central cast, John Hammond even moreso since he made the whole enterprice and the animals what they are. If there’s ever a classic line Lex and Tim could fit well together in a two-pack while Hammond could go in a playset of some sort. That’s how I imagined the figures to be sold back in the day. Seriously, Hammond could have totally made sense in the Command Compound as an exclusive figure.

      1. your not gonna believe it!!!! on amazon they have the 1rst john Hammond figurine it is by funko. heres the whole entire list of the characters for it Jurassic park and world


        548=the iconic character rexy the trex. 549=velociraptor. 550=DILOPHOSAURUS. last but not lease of jp funkos 551 DENNIS NEDRY.

        JW LINE= Claire,OWEN,And blue The velociraptor hope this helps!!

  1. Well a “Classics” toy line it’s what I’ve waiting for the last 5 years, I finally will be able to my small JP collection figures that don’t cost me hundreds of dollars lol:)

  2. John Hammond figure is a must ,
    Hammond is the man that started it all in Jurassic park 1 , it would be a great idea to have a figure of him and it will be a great tribute too to the actor Richard Attenborough , whoever took the license just please take note about this , i am sure that most of the Jurassic park fans want this figure to happen..

  3. This is definitely some exciting news. While we all kinda hoped something would happen, I’m stoked to finally receive confirmation from the source. I’m not really too sure what to expect though. We just got JP3D in 2013. Either way, I’m totally on board!!

  4. Hopefully we’ll get a Dual 4K IMAX Laser version in the theatres. But, it is highly probable that this will be a limited release in the US and perhaps UK. I doubt they’ll re-release the film worldwide as the 3D version was released just five years back.

    Also, maybe, just maybe we’ll finally get those deleted scenes as a special bonus material in the home video, if the decode to relase another BD/DVD edition that is. Fans have wanted to see these extra scenes for a loooooooooong time now. Please Mr. Spielberg, Universal and Amblin, make it happen. Please!!!

  5. I really hope they don’t re-re-release. We’ve got JP3D already. And in that year Jurassic World 2 will hit the theatres, so I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    Think they should focus on the toyline for example.
    They never made action figures of John Hammond or Lex Murphy. I always thought that’s unacceptable.
    It would be really cool for the 25th anniversary that they’d bring all the leading characters from Jurassic Park back to Jurassic World, even if it’s a little cameo. Then you celebrate by honoring Jurassic Park plus you have some great advertising for Jurassic World 2 😀

  6. The best thing they could do is make an all new set of action figures, including Lex and Hammond this time, and make them high quality and modern with more points of articulation, instead of the crude figures of 25 years ago. A better jeep and explorer would be nice too since the old ones are not very good quality by today’s standard. They should make the jeeps customizable, with stickers and parts to make the different ones in the film. If they released one dino, it should be the huge and now expensive “LW Bull T Rex” in a set that comes with the collapsing restroom, toilet and lawyer.

  7. will the Classic toyline hit the shelves again in the event of the anniversary of JP next yr? that would be so awesome to see the toys back in the store again for once. please keep the classic toyline going until the end of the yr hits so that many of us fans can get as much as we can get our hands on like myself for instant. would love to have a full display of Classic JP toys in my room.

  8. I turn 25 next year too so the extra stuff would be awesome! I still have one of the Barbasol cans with dinosaurs on the side from Jurassic World premier around here somewhere.

  9. Can we get that fabled 4K remaster they ran under Spielberg’s supervision back in 2013? That’s all I would really want. My favorite movie, restored to its original, non-digitally sharpened glory.

  10. We need Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and JP3 LEGO sets with all kinds of new LEGO dino molds for the 25th anniversary!

  11. In Jurassic Park the dinosaurs are the mega stars
    no only Hasbro o Mattel make toys good business
    for all make products remember scale models Horizon
    tsukuda hobby, Revell, Linberg, etc. o make cosplay toys
    o toys props like star wars weapons accesories, utility articles,
    helmets, binoculars, cameras, canteens, utility belts,hats, caps,
    lens, earphones, backpacks and billions and billions of
    classic vintage news, fakes of shirts

  12. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back everything and then some!!! Compounds, playsets, vehicles, dinos, action figures, E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have loved Jurassic Park ever since i was a kid and remember running to the tv to see the new commercials no matter if it was for the next movie or for underwear. I wanted it all!!! I STILL want it all. Bring it all back. Bring in the pieces you left out. JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!! I will fight tooth and nail to get everything that comes out. I will stop smoking to have the extra money to get it all!!!! You have no idea how much i love the Jurassic franchise PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!

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