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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Hands On With the First Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys!

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is 1000 pictures worth?

That’s the question I’m asking myself as I sit in my hotel room, overwhelmed by everything I had the chance to see and experience today, while trying to find a way to filter and present the information on this website. There are just too many pictures – I’m not sorry about that, but I am struggling to find the best way to share them all!

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. Today, as you no doubt already know, Universal Pictures held a first look event at their numerous Jurassic World toys and merchandise – this of course included LEGO, Mattel, and Funko – but also included high end fashion, candy, and much more! We were there to see, hold, and demo the items, geek out, take pictures and videos, and ask way too many questions.

To be as in depth as possible with our articles, we will be uploading images to social media first – particularly Facebook. Major brands such as Mattel will get their own designated articles, like so. As Toy Fair continues to roar on this weekend, we will provide numerous updates via new articles, however, if this article see’s updates we will also make note of it. I’ll do an in depth ‘blog/review’ of my experience (spoiler alert: I loved it all) later, perhaps via podcast, but for now I wanted to share as many direct images as possible.

As a buffer to the Mattel items, you should know their main line has all been scaled around 3.75″ humans – so each separate SKU houses dinosaurs of the same relative size, meaning the entire lineup scales proportionately. This is something Jurassic Park fans haven’t had since the Kenner days, prior to Jurassic Park 3, and in many ways, Mattel has raised the bar. With that out of the way, it’s time to dig in.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy – starting with this video:

NOTE: These are only select images – see our Facebook Album for every photo we took!

Basic Dinosaurs ‘Attack Pack’ (price N/A):

The basic dinosaurs – these dinosaurs are articulated, and represent the smaller Jurassic Park and World species. Perhaps the most interesting one on display was the Herrerasaurus, based on the Telltale game – Universal has confirmed they’re dedicated to making a robust expanded universe, and this is the evidence! Take note, a few of the dinosaurs such as the Dimorphodon and Dilophosaurus have color variants on display.

Blink and you’ll miss it! Part of this lineup is the male Velociraptor from The Lost World, as pictured on the back of the packaging:

Basic Human Figures ($7.99):

Humans – packed with gear and sometimes a small dino! While it looks like only one is backed with an actual hatchling (Owen and Baby Blue), these figures sport lots of articulation and great paint applications. With great play factor along with fun collectability, these should be a welcome addition to everyone.

Electronic Dinosaurs ‘Roarivores’ ($14.99):

These electronic toys sport great articulation, biting actions, and button activated roars. They’re based on the mid sized dinosaurs of the Jurassic universe, such as Triceratops, Allosaurus, and Metriacanthosaurus. One thing that stood out to me was how detailed the toys were, and the fact that they are larger than the pictures implied – while I had initially thought they were close in size to the JP3 electronic dinos, they are in fact closer to the 2013 Dino Showdown sets.

Jurassic World ‘Action Attacks’ ($19.99):

Based upon the medium large dinosaurs of the Jurassic franchise, these toys are large, detailed, and eye catching. These are certain to attract fans of all ages, with their button activated attack features, and their striking paint applications. The Carnotaurus is easily the standout from this lineup, and is hands down the best Carnotaurus toy in the series.

Indoraptor (price N/A)

The new villain of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Not much is known about this new dinosaur, but from the name alone one can assume she is a variation of the Indominus Rex, favoring more Velociraptor DNA over Tyrannosaurus. This toy is super articulated, and ultra detailed, though sadly there was no loose sample to experiment with – however we were quite impressed with what we saw!

Real Feel Mosasaurus ($29.99):

This toy is massive and made out of a hollow soft plastic (or perhaps a harder rubber?), and features an articulated jaw and fins. It’s simple, kid friendly (while it’s not made for water play, it’s been tested), and yet still attractive to collectors. I fully expect this toy will fly off the shelves faster the Mosasaurus jumping to eat the Indominus Rex.

Thrash N’ Throw T rex ($39.99):

This was the toy I was most worried about – while we didn’t cover it on our website, images had previously leaked, and it didn’t look great. Thankfully, the leaks were not representative of the real item, which ended up being one of my favorite toys of the lineup! The play factor on this toy is next level, and while reminiscent of the Thrasher from ’97, it adds far more action (see the video) as well as electronic roars!

Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex ($54.99)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the star of Jurassic Park, and the queen of Isla Nublar – so it’s no surprise Mattel has made a massive toy based on this iconic dinosaur. Measuring at least 3 feet long, this toy is a showstopper, towering over the rest of the line – it features articulated jaws, and a hollow belly, allowing it to chomp and eat smaller toys, such as the ill-fated mercenary in these pictures!

Lights and Sounds Vehicles ($19.99)

Both the ‘Deep Dive Submarine’ and the ‘Off Road Rescue Rig’ are based upon key vehicles in Fallen Kingdom, and feature moving parts plus authentic light up features. They’re quite large, and can fit multiple basic human figures – and perhaps even a dino or two! Their paint applications are basic, but effective, and they’re surprisingly affordable for their size.

Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle ($29.99)

This vehicle is cool enough even without the Gyropshere functionality, which takes it to a whole new level – this heavy armored truck is perfect for hunting down the dinos, but if things get too dangerous, the drivers can make a quick escape via the push of a button, launching the Gyrosphere out! Be sure to watch the video at the top of this article to fully appreciate the feature!

Thats not all!

This was just a sampling of the items on showcase today – check out the expanded gallery below, the full gallery on Facebook, and the PDF embedded at the end of this article for every Jurassic World Mattel item announced so far (and yes – more are coming!).

As always, stay tuned – we will continue to cover toy fair, build a section based on the toys, and all the latest news. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Jurassic World Mattel Toy Fair Preview

Huge thanks to Tim Cianfano for assisting with photos and video!


93 thoughts on “Hands On With the First Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys!

  1. Between the film and the merchant, “Fallen Kingdom” is going to leave me VERY broke. Yogurt’s line from “Spaceballs” comes to mind: “Merchandising, merchandising! Where the REAL money from the movie is made!” XD

        1. Life is a joke, pal. Do you truly believe a comment section on the internet is a place to bother taking seriously? My comments rarely reflect my true views. I’d rather get a kick out of stirring people like you.

      1. That’s what you get when you can only spit out negative reactions and opinions and trash movies before they are even out. People will start to see you as someone that is basing his opinion on nothing and will make fun of you.

    1. Are you kidding? these are awesome, much better than Hasbros’ line, it’s not as good as the old kenner toys but they are far from terrible…

    2. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m all for people having their own opinions. If you don’t like them, then what am I gonna do to stop that?

      But with all due respect, sir, I completely disagree.

      In my opinion, this is the best Jurassic merchandise since Kenner’s “The Lost World” toyline, and it’s lightyears ahead of “Jurassic Park 3” and “Jurassic World”.

      So yeah. You can have your own opinion, but I disagree.

  2. These are actually really impressive. The Rex’s are the most movie-accurate toys that have ever been produced. But those Barbie dolls… LOL! They’re freakin’ TERRIBLE!

    1. Color me surprised. Glad to see you’ve come to see the excellence of Mattel’s Fallen Kingdom toyline. It’s only going to get better from here.

  3. Those are great toys finally!
    but can someone explain me what is the point of not revealing the Indoraptor apearance in the trailer since short after the toys will spoil it?

    1. Because the ”normal” audience will also watch the trailer before the movie. Most of the time the people who see the toys are fans

  4. I Gotta have all of those hot wheel cars from all the films (well besides jp3 lol)
    Great work Chris. Gotta say I’m super jealous of your job.

  5. Great stuff!

    It means there is gonna be an underwater scene with the submarine and the mosasaurus!! So thrilled!!

    And I really hope the dilo is going to show too!!!

    Just a bit disappointed that they have shown too much of the Indoraptor. I would have loved that it would remain a mystery until the movie shows.

    1. Yes the submarine scene is certain. The cast list shows a submarine pilot and the actor mentioned a major action scene involving it. You probably knew that already but just in case haha

  6. From what I’m seeing, the line is definitely an improvement over Hasbro. While I likely won’t collect the whole line some of these do interest me, such as the Mosasaurus, the two T.rexes, Carnotaurus and possibly the Indoraptor(depending on the size of the last one).

    1. That one had the best toy line easily. The real feel dinosaurs were amazing. It’s awesome that they made a real feel mosasaur for this one though.

    2. Considering I wasn’t alive when the O r i g i n a l s came out. To me from what I’ve seen of TLW and JP toy line I think this is the best Jurassic toyline ever made.

      (The controversy train sets off)

  7. You mean then the Raptor Blue ride-on Power Wheels didn’t make this pages highlight reel? Sense this makes not.

    Either way, in my honest opinion, I have no clue why anyone would give this line an overall “bad.” Some hits and misses, but the greats far outweigh the bad. What I’m curious about is how they handled the small die cast vehicles/playsets. I know Matchbox had the line before, but Mattel owns Hot Wheels with their own similar take on the toys.

    1. Mattel owns both Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands, looks like HW is putting out dino “character cars” and MB is making movie replicas. Generally speaking, HW toys are crazy cars and MB makes realistic replicas.

  8. These look awesome! For the wave 2 line I hope there’s some things like this: an electronic Indoraptor with the same articulation as the basic indoraptor, having movie accurate roars with a removable dinosaur damage piece, idea #2: a giant full body T. rex puppet with accurate paint and sculpt. Idea #3: a giant poseable apatosaurus with a wire inside its neck and tail so you can bend it and pose it

    1. From what I’ve heard, Mattel was actually planning to make a large Apatosaurus but Universal had a problem with that for reasons unknown.

    2. What about a die-cast model of the #5 Jungle Explorer. The Matchbox version looks cool but it’d be cooler to have one that goes with the set of vehicles from the last movie.

  9. Don’t do this to a poor student’s wallet, Mattel. How am I supposed to buy all the roarivores? And the Herrerasaurus? And the Pterano-Drone? JW Evolution? Tickets? Rent!? Food!?

    I know for a fact that they’ll be super hard to get in a few years time, too, which makes it more heartbreaking that I’ll only be able to get a few.

    1. Didn’t even see the super posable, quadruped Indoraptor, holy shit. And movie accurate, too? Will we actually see the “wolf like” quadruped predator I heard about somewhere? Fucking amazing, the hype is real!

  10. These are much better. I’m actually very stoked to see these in person! It looks like Universal learned from their mistakes.

  11. I honestly am shocked at how good these are. For anyone saying they are bad, do side by side with all the other lines in the series and you will see that these are better than anything we have gotten.

  12. He i’m just filling up the prices for thw attack pack dino’s and the indoraptor. The attack pack dinosaurs are like the humans 7,99 and the posible indoraptor is 19,99 just wanted to put that in for the people 😇

  13. Oh yeah for the peole who don’t now in a video about the mattel jw toys a person who works for mattel actually sad that the indoraptor is actually a male

  14. The Indoraptor reminds me of the Xenomorph a little too much. We’re very far away from Jurassic Park now. Which is… natural, I guess.

  15. The indoraptor is definitely my personal fav! And by the way the indoraptor is $19.99, and they are releasing a more deluxe model with glowing eyes and an attack feature for $34.99 in fall of this year just so you know!😁

  16. She came by many times in pictures and other merchandise in the last couple of months, so my big question is; will the dilophosaurus make her comeback in the movie? And not as a hologram.

    1. Spitter (the name of the Original Dilophosaurus) is always refered to as a he. not sure of the confirmed gender though. Either way, I REALLY hope it returns.

  17. So they had a few toys come out damaged and weird looking and had some left over paint from the Carnotaurus and thought… ‘Herrasaurus. Do it.’

    1. It’s not at all uncommon to use bits from other toys, even in the same lineup and mash them together to make something new. Mattel has been doing this with their action figures for years. check out the documentary: “The toys that made us” to see this in “action”

    1. I understand you have an opinion, and I respect that. However I do disagree, and believe that the toy looks awesome. And I do agree with you on the fact that it should die in the movie. But the toy’s nice.

  18. These look absolutely amazing. I hope they will all be sold in the netherlands. With the jurassic world line from 2015 some things where never sold here.

  19. I was wondering why the hotwheels ford exploreer look so weird to me, now I know. It doesn’t have the red roof that the movie version had. still looks amazing and I will definately pick them up.

  20. here’s a list of all the dinos i want in future jurassics: raptorex, cryolophosaurus, argentinosaurus, iguanodon, tsintaosaurus, troodon, mapusaurus, giganatosaurus, tarchia, utahraptor, yangchuanosaurus, and micropachycephalosaurus.

    1. there is goin to be a classic line but the only picture of that was the scale photo’s of the toys you can see a few dinosaurs for the classic line and an allan grandt figure

  21. The articulation on the figures is Waaayyyy better this time around! Definitely going to pick up some of the Roarivores and the indoraptor. Any word on Release dates??

  22. All dinosaur toys from the Jurassic lines look pretty alike and cool to me. The hardest parts in making a Jurassic toy feature are the teeth, added articulation features and various spikes and stuff coming from their spinal columns like with the green T – rexes from the Jurassic World model series. Another hard part has been making them stand. There is much less difference between the first Jurassic Park T – Rex and the Jurassic World dinosaurs than you would believe there is. Another hard part is to make them have more articulated points. The one that´s evolving the most to me seems to be the Mosasaurus. That is also the most intelligent looking dinosaur toy figure in my book. My idea of a really cool Jurassic Park dinosaur toy is a multiple articulated point one that has three sounds – a low growl, a middle one with a higher pitch, and a bit high pitch scream. The ones that had the least realism look like that because the storyline is not that realistic either. We want a Jurassic World movie where the dinosaurs are literally all over the place with multiple countries joining to fight them – Jurassic World 1 took a lot of clever steps toward that direction. After Jurassic World, nobody respects gmo producers or even vaccine makers anymore but it wasn´t an anti gmo or an anti vaccine advertisment either. It was a pretty clever marketization ploy in my book that looks like it´s taking pretty interesting evolutionary leaps.But to make really interesting velocriaptors or Diloposauri go to the original Jurassic World line and see what comes up. Like everyone here I look really forward to get my hands on the T – rex. What I would like to see featured in future Jurassic world line models as well are larger models of the large dinosaurs, such as Brachiosaurus and Spinosaurus. One of the most important message of their makers is to find ways to create convincing, realistic dinsosaurs so the dinosaur part of the theory of evolution will look more believable because models from toy lines will have to be more realistic. So the more convincing each dinosaur figure is, the better, which means you need to put more hard plastics into them because the harder plastics are the better for the environment. Add a little more triceraptor and stegosaurus like varieties, feathered velocriaptors and Quetzalcoatlosauri, you know, the famous flying reptiles. My apologies for my spam and I will be looking forward to see Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom.

  23. I think they are all good except for those Barbie dolls. I really want the superposable Indoraptor.

    P.S. Is the Herrerasaurus gonna be in the movie?

    P.P.S I really want to know how much the Indoraptor is!

  24. I loved the movie and the toys thank you creator of these toys thank you actresses thank you director of jurrassic world fallen kingdom thank you

  25. Why oh why is the indoraptor not an action attack like some of the others? It’s bound to be the most popular, besides blue of course! Will ya’ll be making one in the future?

  26. I wish that they had included some popular dinosaurs from the films like the sauropods and hadrosaurs. Some examples of these dinosaurs include the Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. I would have definitely bought that Apatosaurus if it had made it through production. But alas, we can’t always have nice things.

    I hope they make even more dinosaurs of even better quality next year.

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