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Hawaiian media shares footage of dinosaurs on Jurassic World 2 set; “big news” coming soon!

Today’s news is twofold, as the Jurassic World Sequel continues filming in Hawaii. First up, comes the numerous images from the Jurassic World 2 sets at the He’eia Kea Pier, some including practical dinosaurs! As we do with any image not released by the production, I want to give a fair ‘potential spoilers’ warning – though it’s worth noting the media was permitted by the production to take and share these images.

First up we have a Triceratops inside of a transport cage, via Mahealani Richardson on Instagram:

I just saw a dinosaur in a cage! It's a triceratops. #jurassicworld2

A post shared by Mahealani Richardson (@maheatv) on

Dinosaurs in transport cages? Interesting! Perhaps this has something to do with the “save the dinosaurs” plot lines that were previously hinted at?

We had first seen this Triceratops via another user on Instagram a few days prior, which we’ve embeded below. As you can see from the image, this is not an animatronic dinosaur, but rather a low detail foam model, used as a stand in. The dinosaur will eventually be replaced with CGI in post production, and likely serves as something for the actors to naturally work with, and lighting reference.

@heeiakeapier #dinasour was getting ready for the shooting next week! you know which movie im talking about 🎬 ハワイ車の旅を計画中に映画の撮影で交通規制や道路、駐車場閉鎖があると知り、必死で情報かき集めたらあの恐竜映画の続編と判明😳 あと一週間ずれていたら計画丸潰れになるとこでした😅 下調べってほんと大事🙄 なにやら爆破とかあるみたいやけど、この子は爆破されるのだろうか。。🤔 #jurassicworld2 #hawaiimovie #heeiakeapier

A post shared by Mako Ishida (@komako0202) on

Next up, we have a few images of a Stegosaurus stand-in (again, we do not believe it to be a animatronic, but rather a prop that will be replaced with a CGI recreation). This image comes via Mackenzie Stasko of KITV, and was first brought to our attention by Reel News Hawaii:

Reel News Hawaii also shared this image that included both the Triceratops and Stegosaurus together in the same shot:

While the Triceratops seems smaller than its Jurassic Park counterpart, that Stegosaurs looks HUGE! You can catch a preview of tonight’s newscasts, which have more footage below via Mahealani Richardson once again:

Check back soon – if the newscast airs and includes new footage, we will be sure to post!

The second bit of news, and perhaps the most exciting comes via producer Frank Marshall who took to Twitter to promise “big” Jurassic World 2 news soon – as Thursday the 22nd marks the ‘1-year until release’ date (in the US), our money is on it dropping then. Some have suggested this means set images via Entertainment Weekly, mirroring the news release schedule from Jurassic World in 2014, while others have their money on a title and logo.

If we’re really lucky, perhaps we will get a mix of both?

Not that we had any question, but Frank also confirmed that we will once again return to Isla Nublar, the fictional island seen in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World (Isla Sorna, the second island with dinosaurs on it, appeared in The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3). We’re thrilled to go back to the home of the two parks, and hope we can once again return to iconic locations such as the visitors center, alongside all new locales.

While the big news hasn’t been confirmed as dropping tomorrow, we do recommend you keep your eyes on our site and on social media. Until then, sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you want from the upcoming news and if you’re happy with the returning dinosaurs!

Source: Reel News Hawaii, Mahealani Richardson, Mackenzie Stasko, Frank Marshall


10 thoughts on “Hawaiian media shares footage of dinosaurs on Jurassic World 2 set; “big news” coming soon!

  1. At 18 seconds in the news reel it looks like a few transports, including the one holding the Triceratops, are moving out pretty quickly in formation. Wonder if that has anything to do with filming or simply moving the trucks. Either way, looking forward to the upcoming news.

  2. we always wanted more practical dinosaurs and now Im a bit affraid that they seem to look more cartoonish than the stan winston ones.. maybe they ad more details after by cgi_ maybe they are only statues?

    1. The general consensus seems to be that they are only rubber placeholders for actors to interact with and will be CGId over later, not animatronics (luckily).

  3. Stan Winston proved in the Triceratops scene in JP, and the caged dinosaurs in TLW that you DONT need foam stand ins for CGI. Stan Winston had legit detailed puppets. C’mon guys! You don’t need low detail stand ins to replace CGI laying down dinosaurs. Had they not been so lazy, they could have used REAL animatronics for the raptor heads in the cages when petting in Jurassic World.

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