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Iron Studios teases Jurassic Park statues ahead of CCXP 17 Next Week

Hold on to your wallets – and be prepared to spare no expense.

Iron Studios is set to unveil their first 1/10 art scale Jurassic Park statues at the 2017 Comic Con Experience (CCXP17) next week in São Paulo, Brazil. CCXP17 runs from Thursday December 7th until Sunday December 10th, but have been sharing numerous teases prior to the event.

It appears their first statue display is of the classic T-Rex breakout scene. It is likely the pieces will be sold separately as they’re in a massive 1:10th scale, and so far they have teased the JP Ford Explorer vehicle, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and the T-Rex. All appear to have base pieces set within the Tyrannosaur paddock, including fences and vehicle tracks.

Take a look below at some of the teases and how unbelievably detailed some of the pieces are!


Jurassic Outpost’s Chris Pugh will be traveling to CCXP 2017, so make sure to follow his updates from there here on the site!

What do you think of these teases from Iron Studio of their Jurassic Park statues? Are you excited to see the full display next week at CCXP17? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: Iron Studios


15 thoughts on “Iron Studios teases Jurassic Park statues ahead of CCXP 17 Next Week

  1. that is looking great… Is going to be interesting to see how much better is in comparison to the Chronicles t.rex breakout. the final product paint job was shameful for such a great sculp

    1. I must be in the minority in thinking that the sculpt for the Chronicle Breakout Rex just looks really off for some reason, although I can’t put my finger on why.

      In any case, a quick Googling of Iron Studios gives the impression they’re lightyears ahead of Chronicle in terms of sculpt quality (at least for something that isn’t just a person) – and I really hope that we get a great diorama with actual foliage/puddles/raindrops/etc, and that these teaser shots aren’t just from a display they created only for the convention.

  2. Well, it seems you in the States are very angry about Chonicle performance. US$ 550 for a piece that the colors doesn’t match with the animal is a good reason for that.
    I believe our brazilian Iron Studios will sale the T. rex alone for around R$ 1000, that would be around US$ 305. So the price is lower and the art is better. Let’s hope Chronicle doesn’t keep the promise to block all US imports from Iron’s Jurassic pieces.
    I’m close to them, for the first time something Jurassic is being made in my backyard.

    1. Oh wow! Really? Only $305??? If that is true, I can buy the whole diorama set with explorers, T.rex and Humans. May I ask where you got this information?

      1. That’s the price for a big Iron piece fo the other collections (DC comics for example). The humans cost around R$ 350, that’s US$ 108.
        Of course you have to add also US taxes and shipping, but that’s it.

        1. IDK, I think that the rex is going to be arround R$ 2.000, the 1/10 rex it`s going to be just too big… The 1/10 Hulkbuster was sold arround R$ 1.000, and it is way smallar than the rex, so there`s that… Let`s hope i`m wrong.

  3. Going by the teases this looks amazing and i think it`s really going to hurt Chronicle and maybe the guys that work there know this. Did anyone else watch their Facebook live video last week? usually when they talk about Jurassic Park they`re really enthusiastic but now they don`t seem too bothered about keeping the licence. The breakout rex had a ton of problems and Chronicle take too long from announcement to shipping. I know they can`t just make stuff then ship it in a few days but look at the large scale human figures we were supposed to get, they were announced over a year ago and nothing since.

  4. Oh man! I need to import all of this. I’ve been waiting 25 years for a damn good Jungle Explorer model and it looks like Iron Studios is going to live up to my hopes and dreams. CC is taking waaaaay too long to come out with JP stuff. And at 1/10, this Iron Studios Explorer will be over 19 inches long!!!

  5. I have mixed feelings about this… I’m so excited to see it (especially the Explorer) but I’m dreading the impact on my bank account!

    PS. I have a Chronicle breakout Rex and think it looks great – the colours aren’t a match with the film but the detail and quality are superb so I’m very happy with it. I don’t have space for a 4ft 1:10 scale Rex anyway!

  6. Yeah, the prices are out there…

    Ian Malcom Art Scale 1/10 – U$ 89,99

    Alan Grant Art Scale 1/10 – U$ 89,99

    T-Rex Art Scale 1/10 + custom base ( not show yet ) – U$ 649,99

    Car – Jungle Explorer Art Scale 1/10 custom base ( not show yet ) – U$ 649,99

    SET A ( Left Base, Left Back Base + Fence and Plants, Car, Tim & Alex, T-REX ) – U$ 1.199,99

    SET B ( Middle and Right Base, Middle and Right Back Base + Fence and Plants, Car, Alan Grant, Ian Malcom ) – U$ 1.199,99

    It is a little bit expensive, but it is a GIANT piece, the 1/10 Rexy and cars are amazing, and the diorama as a whole is simply awesome, it is incredible.

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