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JA Bayona teases animatronics with photo of puppeteer team

Jurassic World sequel director JA Bayona took to Twitter this afternoon to tease the puppeteer team hard at work bringing the animatronic dinosaurs to life for the new film. The team, shown in the photo below, appears to be working underneath a stage or platform where shooting is taking place.

It was reported back in early February that the Jurassic World sequel was veering away from Legacy Effects practical dinosaurs and instead going with the ‘Creature Shop’ of Oscar Award winning Neal Scanlan. Scanlan might be most well known for his recent work on both of the most recent Star Wars films, ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’. While Jurassic Outpost cannot 100% confirm, it appears Mr. Scanlan is in the photo second from the left.

Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard, who is reprising her role as Claire Dearing in the upcoming sequel also teased today a fall protection vest that was being used during today’s shooting.

Our good friends at the Bryce Dallas Howard Network was the first to speculate that perhaps the teased animatronic dinosaur and the fall protection vest could mean an exciting dinosaur action scene involving Claire.

So what kind of dinosaur do you think the puppeteer team is controlling? Also do you agree with the speculation that this could mean there is an action scene involving Claire and this animatronic dinosaur? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: JA Bayona on Twitter, Bryce Dallas Howard on Twitter


5 thoughts on “JA Bayona teases animatronics with photo of puppeteer team

  1. With all of this animatronic hype there better be more than 2 or 3 scenes with it, or I’m going to lose it. They have to make up for the one dinosaur head in the last movie.

  2. I hope its not a parachute scene where clair is falling down and a pteranodon or whatever is chasing her…? That would be dumb. Maybe the puppeteers are ‘steering’ this pteranodon surrounded by greenscreen you know because of the falling clair surroundings?

  3. This vest reminds me of helicopter safety equipment and I remember seeing helicopter on some photos made by fans on the place. So, If we have helicopter and Claire, my guesses are:
    – pterosaurs
    – mosasaur/plesiosaur jumping and grabbing the helicopter
    – some big carnivore grabbing the helicopter

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