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What does Jurassic World 2 have in common with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? Director J.A. Bayona explains!

The crust has seemingly broken open, allowing Jurassic World 2 news to trickle out like the slow flow of magma fissures before an inevitable eruption. Recently director J.A. Bayona said the film will address the responsibility mankind faces for playing god, while Colin Trevorrow said the film will tackle more complex themes such as the mistreatment of dinosaurs (he also joined our podcast and unloaded details about the sequel, such as more animatronics, making a scarier movie, and confirming they’re not focusing on weaponized dinosaurs).


Today J.A. Bayona shared a little more with Noticias RCN:

“Obviously, when you have Chris Pratt will also be very funny.. but [Jurassic World 2] will be darker. It’s the second part of a trilogy, which are historically darker. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ or ‘ the Wrath of Khan ‘, are good comparisons.

“In that sense,” continued Bayona, “the film takes the story to new places, which surprised me. We are going to places where the saga has never been before, and yet at the same time, we are staying true to the franchise. We will take it a step further. There things that will happen that people are not expecting, and they really are shocking. That’s what really excites me about a project like this.”

J.A. went on to say how excited and honored he was to be working with Steven Spielberg alongside Frank Marshall and Colin Trevorrow. From there he added:

“‘[The Jurassic Park franchise] is a creation of Spielberg’s. He created it, and Colin Trevorrow is helming the new trilogy, so you know it’s a collaborative effort of filmmakers. It is also a personal film like ‘The Impossible’ or ‘A Monster Calls'”

So, if you’re like me, you’re probably trying to connect the dots and figure out what direction the story may be heading. For those unaware (spoiler warning!), ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is the Star Wars film where Darth Vader reveals himself as Luke Skywalkers father, cuts off Lukes hand, and freezes Han Solo in carbonite. ‘The Wrath of Khan’ (Star Trek) is the movie in which Spock dies in self sacrifice to save Captain Kirk and the others.

The Darth Vader reveal and death of Spock in those two films are huge pieces of pop-culture relevance, that are constantly hearkened back to by fans and filmmakers alike. Thematically both movies are more serious films, and while they do not lack the sense of fun their predecessors established, they allude to impending disaster and feature real consequences. The two films are revered for their high stakes and surprising reveals, coupled with betrayals, and loss.

Will Jurassic World 2 live up to the high bar those movies set? Time will tell. I suspect high stakes will certainly play a role in the film, perhaps blurring the line of right and wrong, judging by the above themes coupled with past news – specifically the morality of caring for dinosaurs and mankind facing responsibility for creating them. Considering Jurassic Park has no villains to reveal their true identity (unless Dodgson crawls back out of the woodwork), it seems likely the film will shock audiences with loss, and hard choices presented to our heroes.

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know if you think the Jurassic World sequel can truly be ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ of Jurassic Park, and how you think they can do it. As always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Noticias RCN


7 thoughts on “What does Jurassic World 2 have in common with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? Director J.A. Bayona explains!

  1. Does this mean that we’ll get more unexpected deaths akin to Zara in the previous film? It would seem like some central characters will have really have to struggle to stay alive in JW2.

  2. The Lost World is also a good comparison. And I really can’t wait to see a more darker JP/JW film. Not necessarily rated R dark but go as far as you can get with PG-13.

  3. I’ve seen both ‘The Empire strikes Back’ and ‘The Wrath of Khan’.
    From what I gather, the surprise element of both films were distinct enough for their own merits of raising the bar.
    For a new trilogy to reach or surpass that plateau would have to be done in it’s own distinct manner as well, without becoming another cliche so to speak.

    As the second in the trilogy, JW2 does have the ingredients to pull this off if the writers knows the audience’s taste to make it palatable.

    I believe the major ingredients to this surprise will come from the central characters of Owen and Blue. Their experience of defeating the common enemy the Indomius-rex reinforces man and beast being able to co-exist without killing one another. Or simply put, having mutual respect which cannot be bought or created in a test tube. Only by living through a decision making realization would cause a paradigm shift in character.
    This was clearly demonstrated when Owen controlled his fear of the raptor squad twice in the film in Blue’s presence and both times for reasons of preservation. Once in the raptor paddock unarmed rescuing the ‘newly hired’ worker, and for Clair and her nephews when he chose to lower his rifle and only to Blue extend his hand in trust, which was still a gamble but the best decision if the trust were still there.
    Of course, Blue had the final say of that outcome and probably knew what Owen’s rifle is capable of after the firefight with the i-rex. She had to be inspired by his act of trust in her even outside of the paddock face to face. She finally made the decision of acceptance based on experience as she only just met the i-rex but knew Owen all her life–a bond not so easily broken except by Owen himself, which he never did.

    So what is the surprise we won’t expect in the sequel? Malcom and Dr.Grant’s return?
    What will make it scarier? A pact of i-rex, a fraction of the size, deadly, with Dr.Wu behind the monstrosity?

    One thing is certain is that Owen and Blue will be back, perhaps as a black sheep with loyalty only to Owen in the second film. Obviously, any friend of Owen such as Clair she won’t attack, as long as there’s no fear or aggression she can sense, or at least not in Owen’s presence.

    Or like what Clair did, Blue will be able to convince T-Rexy and every carnivore to aid against the rouge i-rex pact.. not counting the flare and high-heel shoes.

    1. I remember Colin said about the main villian will be a T-Rex Hybred nothing like a Idominus he gave a example which was in a toyline a green rex with DNA of a stegosaurus

      If Dr. Grant was to return my money is on his death since he gave a clue that Alant Grant could be dead at a Hudson river.. Last seen him was his hat floating on the river someone found his hat as he stated so that’s something to think about

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