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Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Bayona on Ian Malcolm: “He’s a great character!”

As 2017 roars in, the Jurassic World 2 news machine shows every sign of ramping up. The movie, which begins filming this February in London according to producer Frank Marshall, is said to be a darker and scarier sequel taking inspiration from the original Jurassic Park. Recently, director J.A. Bayona joined Collider to promote his new movie “A Monster Calls”, which opened wide today, and towards the end of the interview he talked a bit about the upcoming Jurassic sequel.

When the subject movies to Jurassic World (around the 9 minute, 20 second mark) Bayona reiterates it will be a darker and scarier film, but also reassures the movie will still have a sense of fun, in part due to Chris Pratt’s Owen. The subject then shifts to the classic Michael Crichton novels, as the interviewer asks if any material from them will make it to the film. J.A. says that he loves the science of the novels, and did return to them for inspiration, but then the subject goes slightly astray, and Ian Malcolm gets brought up. J.A. Bayona wastes no time enthusiastically stating “He’s a great character!” before dropping the subject.

Now, of course this doesn’t mean Malcolm is returning in Jurassic World 2 – but that won’t stop us from hoping for his return! If there is one character from the classic Jurassic Park films that would make sense to see in the mix of things again, it’s Malcolm. His character would bring a welcome injection of science and cynicism that Jurassic World was missing (in my opinion), and plus the charisma of Jeff Goldblum would be welcome anytime. Perhaps this is the “closer connection to Jurassic Park” which was previously hinted at by Bayona?

Whether or not Ian Malcom returns in Jurassic World 2, we cannot wait. Everything is sounding great, and the news will surely continue to inspire confidence. As always, sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Collider



8 thoughts on “Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Bayona on Ian Malcolm: “He’s a great character!”

    1. I doubt Julianne Moore would be open to returning. IF Malcolm returned (which I don’t see happening, but it’s possible), I reckon the writers would either ignore their relationship altogether or mention them splitting up shortly after the San Diego incident, which would be a shame, as I really like them as a couple. What they did to Alan and Ellie was terrible enough, I’d hate to see Sarah and Ian get the same treatment.

  1. If they bring back any of the core three (Alan, Ian, Ellie), I suspect it won’t be until Jurassic Park 6/Jurassic World 3. However, I’m more than happy to be wrong on this!

  2. I don’t think any character except for Henry wu should return to be honest, especially after Independence Day 2 it would seem too much like a cash grab. Most people didn’t even realise BD Wong was from the original movie!

  3. None of the old Jurassic Park characters will return – apart from Henry Wu. JA Bayona is smart enough to understand this would have no added value, the focus has clearly shifted to Owen & Claire (at least for this sequel) and other newcomers, the story will probably take a turn to a global event so it makes no sense to revert to the – restricted world of – Jurassic Park.

  4. they should add him back at least temprary moment for the island part with the team where he would be needed than after they leave island owen takes the lead, is a mix led role between the 3 but Jeff as a temprary timing.. like Roland Temblow

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