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Jurassic World 2 is Officially Titled: FALLEN KINGDOM

The official title for the Jurassic World sequel has finally been announced – say hello to JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM!

The reveal came via the official Jurassic World socials feeds with the quote “In one year, life finds a way.”

With Jeff Goldblum having recently been announced as joining the sequel, the 2018 follow-up to 2015’s Jurassic World is shaping up to be an action-packed sequel, feeling more in line with the first two movies and opting for similar art style to The Lost World. See the full poster below, including the new tagline:

While the poster reveals very little and is utilising the current Jurassic World colours, the logo is now seen to be cracked and corroded (much like The Lost World) and the poster shows some glowing amber ashes flying past – something we saw very recently on some of the key art used at the Las Vegas Expo.

With only one year to go until the US release date, we will begin to hear more on the sequel in the coming months. While I don’t expect we’ll see a teaser trailer soon, a plot synopsis would be very welcomed.

So what are your thoughts on Fallen Kingdom? Do let us know in the comments section below!


47 thoughts on “Jurassic World 2 is Officially Titled: FALLEN KINGDOM

  1. So excited!! Maybe with the tag line, they’re going to reclaim some of the magic of the original. With Bayona, it promises to be thrilling and scary. Mix that with the wonder of experiencing dinosaurs and man together in nature (not a park) and you’ve got another blockbuster.

  2. My thoughts about the logo and title reveal were right! Interesting title though – very glad the didn’t go with the too obscure JW:Epoch or the lazy JW2.

    1. I totally get it. It feels like a name someone would give to their Jurassic World fanfic. This isn’t a name you give to a proper film. And you’d think with all the hints at a volcanic eruption that the logo would reflect that part of the plot – make the background of the logo glow with a fiery red color or something; nah, just smash the bland grey one with a hammer and type an uninspired subtitle with a different font on the bottom. Such disappoint.

        1. Maybe putting a “The” in the subtitle could make it sound less…dumb, but that’s just me after thinking about it for a while.

  3. I think it’s very in line with the second act having a somewhat negative title. “The Lost World” and now “Fallen Kingdom”. It basically has the same meaning.

    1. not really. ‘the lost world’ sounds kind of dark, mysterious and at the same time is a tribute to the classic novel. Meanwhile… “fallen kingdom” lol. is quite cheesy and generic. it cold be a title of a marvel avengers movie or something like that. I hope the movie plot is more sofisticated

  4. A little bit dissapointed with the title. Sounds too much like Indiana Jones or something. Which kingdom do they mean? Kingdom of men? Probably not. In 3 years the planet in’t overrun by DInosaurs. Kingdom of Dinosaurs? The island/park is fallen? True, that happended in 2015..

    A lot of questions and still I have no idea what’s the story gonna be. Which is GOOD! 🙂

    Very excited! Especially because the movie is gonna be scarier (like jp)! I hope they don’t screw it up!

    1. Maybe they should have named it after another Arthur Conan Doyle novel, like ‘The Land of Mist’ or ‘The Poison Belt’

  5. I loved the title. Glad they are telling a connected story for the second trilogy. Using numbers is unimaginative and dull. These subtitles give the installments personality to stand on their own at the same time they fit into a wider and bigger story. Way to go, guys!

  6. Not into the title. Jeeez. I agree it sounds very fanfic-y. And the crumbled logo.. too much like the Lost World! Blarrg and the subtitle’s font! What’s going on??

  7. Hey, anyone notice the name “Allen” in the word FALLEN?

    Could that be a subliminal hint that Allen Grant might make at least a cameo appearance?
    Having both Malcom and Dr. Grant in this chapter again would be such a great surprise!

    1. His name is ‘Alan’, not ‘Allen’. Do not get your hopes up. Chances are he won’t be in it (well, that’s what I thought about Malcolm so..) It is a very loose connection.

      1. I appreciate all the replies to my post from you all and I stand corrected.
        But if making a mistake makes me a troll.. then I won’t post anymore. sorry.

        1. Sorry! I honestly thought you were trolling 🙂 My apologies, please don’t stop posting. Didn’t mean to be a dick.

          1. apology accepted.. JW was my first movie before I saw the rest albeit in reverse order.
            Didn’t get to the book tho.
            I do like Alan charcter better than Owan.. lol

  8. I don’t necessarily dislike the title, but it’s a little awkward. ‘Fallen Kingdom’ seems more suitable for a Jurassic Park video game than an actual film in the franchise. Still, better than ‘Jurassic World 2’. Maybe it’ll grow on me. But whatever, it’s just a title. What I truly care about is a solid story, better direction (which we’ll get with Bayona), much better writing (who knows, same screenwriters are back), and less stilted performances (again, might actually get this with Bayona at the helm).

    I do like the embers, though. And that tagline!

  9. simiolar style from The LOst World? I wish!! where is the color? when is thos tren of colorless designs/ movies going to end? the logo is baically the same. Im missim some more lava, color, leafs, volcanic texture maybe.. i dont know.. and the tittle.. well, at least is not just “jurassic world 2” but is a bit lazy isnt it? I was expecting for something more sofisticated.. less marvel movies style

    1. marvel movies typically tend to be the superhero’s name, followed by a plot device if it’s a sequel. the only stupid cheesy subtitle was age of ultron

  10. Still think that The Ancient Futures: Jurassic World would make a better TLW-like title with this logo. But I’m happy with this as long as it isn’t any Jurassic War/Epoch/Five/World 2.

    They again forgot about blue background, but the logo overall is outstanding.

  11. I’m sure the title is more about the overall idea of the movie but I can’t help but wonder if it could be hinting at the death of the T-Rex. After all, it’s habitat in Jurassic World was called “T-Rex Kingdom”.

  12. It’s funny. Just after JP3, I wrote a fan fiction trilogy for JP4-6. My Jurassic Park 5 was titled “Life Finds A Way.”

  13. Fallen Kingdom Makes Sence because Rexy’s paddock is called the Tyranosaurs Kingdom.
    she takes over island. whole island is kingdom. so something happens fallen kingdom
    or maybe rexy dies. then it would be a fallen kingdom

  14. They are keeping their track record of using a different naming convention for literally every movie.

    Jurassic Park

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park III

    Jurassic World

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdon

    What’s next?

    Rise Of The Jurassic World?

    1. Jurassic World: The Edge Of Chaos. I seriously hope they’ll use that for the sixth movie, it’s a perfect homage to a chapter in the first Crichton novel.

    2. I personally wish they had called this Jurassic Kingdom. It’s juts cleaner and works better. I get that it won’t convey the whole ‘Fallen Kingdom’ aspect but to me ‘Jurassic World’ was the zoological resort and ‘Jurassic Kingdom’ is what the island has ow become. It also links with the original sequel ‘The Lost World’ in naming concept with both referring to a land ruled by dinosaurs.

  15. I believe it’s called Fallen Kingdom because, as it’s been pretty much confirmed (just look at the amber ashes all over the poster), there’ll be a major volcanic catstrophe in Nublar at some point in this new movie. Therefore, their (the dino’s) kingdom will be destroyed. Whether the dinosaurs will make it out of the island or not is a whole different ball game. But then there is also Sorna and the thing Trevorrow has been hinting about for ages concerning the technology of cloning dinos going open and different companies being able to breed their own dinos. To my understanding, though, after Fallen Kingdom, expect to see Isla Nublar no more, ever again, in any future Jurassic Park/World film. I truly believe it’ll be wiped out of the map by this volcano in this next movie. Maybe that’s why they’ll go full throttle at the nostalgia effect this time (the explorers, the park and its ruins, maybe more of the original park…), because later on, it’ll either be Sorna or the whole wide world.

    1. I saw a leaked image showing a ton of smoke and skeletal remains of what I believe was the dying apatasaurus (not sure if I spelled that right) seen in JW. There was ALOT of white smoke. Idk if it was supposed to be smoke bombs going off or, as you said, a volcanic explosion taking place. The burning embers seem to indicate a volcanic eruption as well.

    2. If there is a volcanic eruption it won’t wipe out the whole island, just make it uninhabitable to living beings. It will take one heck of a pyroclastic flow to do it, though.

  16. I don’t mind the title. It makes sense that the Jurassic World theme park would fall after the disaster of the last movie. Or maybe Rexy will die ending her reign.
    I don’t know the plot of the upcoming movie but based on the poster it looks like a firey, brim-sotne-y disaster will make its way to Isla Nublar (i hope to god it’s not in the form of an asteroid).

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