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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom merchandise shows off the return of Blue, Rexy, and reveals Volcano

Update: The products on display were mockups, and not fully representative of final items. While the art assets were real, they were not meant to be officially released. As such, we have removed the images at the request of NBCUniversal and TenFourCreative.

It’s time to eat some Fallen Kingdom chicken nuggets then brush your teeth with Fallen Kingdom oral hygiene products! We have our first look at the key art for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom that will be seen on the multitude of tie-in products to be released alongside the movie. The art also reveals the anticipated return of fan favorites Blue and Rexy, while also revealing two other dinosaurs and the much discussed volcano!

[Image removed at the request of NBCUniversal and TenFourCreative]

Examining the two featured dinosaurs, Blue is looking pretty much the same as she did in Jurassic World but this time she appears to be somewhat less bulky. Although it is hard to see any changes to the Rex given what we have infront of us, we would assume there would be very little changes to her design that we saw in Jurassic World.

[Image removed at the request of NBCUniversal and TenFourCreative]

As you can see, the packaging for the sequel appears to be using ILM renders for the dinosaurs whereas the Jurassic World packaging had an illustrated version of the old Rex. What’s interesting is the choice of dinosaurs that are being used this time around. There will be two different types of packaging that we will see; one featuring the Rex and volcano, and the other being Blue with the jungle backdrop. It should also be noted that an adult and juvenile triceratops and pteranodon can be seen on some of the products but it is too early to tell if they will headline any products like Blue and Rex. Aside from the Rex and Blue who were obviously going to return for the sequel, the art seems to indicate that triceratops will also be featured in some capacity. The pteranodon that we see seems to very similar to what we saw during the marketing of Jurassic World, which could mean that it was an asset from the that movie rather than Fallen Kingdom just tacked onto the products for the new movie.

If you’ve been following along with the set pictures that we’ve been posting, you can once again see a broken down gyrosphere in the background of some of the art. The product art also reveal the erupting volcano which is all but officially confirmed to be a featured in the movie. We have speculated and provided evidence as to how it may play into the movie in several articles over the past few months. This is also not the first time we have seen volcanos or embers in Fallen Kingdom promotion with some of the earliest appearances being the character and dinosaur posters from the Licensing Expo earlier this year.

It should be noted that we have heard that the Lego line for Fallen Kingdom will be featuring the design with the volcano rather than the design with Blue against the jungle backdrop. It can be assumed that Mattel may also be doing the same. Stay tuned for more on that soon.

What do you think about the packaging for Fallen Kingdom and do you prefer this style over what we had gotten with more simple designs from Jurassic World?

Source: tenfourcreative


19 thoughts on “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom merchandise shows off the return of Blue, Rexy, and reveals Volcano

  1. All of this is exactly what I hoped to see as far as merchandise goes. No one expected JW to do as well as it did so I believe the merchandise suffered because of it. Everything seemed like it had minimal effort from merchandise designs, manufacturing, and distribution. I love that they’re using the correct font, although I’m surprised none of the merch above actually says “Fallen Kingdom”. Also love the actual CGI dinos as opposed to weak illustrations. Seems like we’re gonna get a whole helluva lot more than JW too. Bring it on!

    1. I think it doesn’t say Fallen Kingdom because a lot of the art for the new film isn’t ready to be used for merch, or they don’t want to put some of the new art out there yet. It’s still a while away.

  2. Blue looks pretty much the same from before. Though I don’t know if that image of rexy has ever been used before, but she looks a bit more menacing here than in the JW promotions. It kind of adds an extra sense of threat, considering the volcano and the expected human-Dino interactions.

  3. Where does it say this is tied to Fallen Kingdom ?
    I see a gyro, a raptor, a t-rex and the Jurassic World logo, all from the previous films (the T-rex image is from Jurassic Park). The only “new” thing is the volcano (google for volcano erupting and you’ll find a gazillion pictures looking almost exact the same as the chicken nuggets package).

    Another cheap sell out.

  4. The T-Rex looks very realistic and is probably from the animatronic model. If it’s CGI, then the CGI looks quite tactile. However. One small photo won’t tell us much. We’ll have to wait for larger resolution images to tell the difference. Blue looks the same. Love those helicopters and mountains in the background.

  5. quite boring I have to say. and ofcourse always the same images in everything. nothing new. I miss the old 90s merchandise style, even when it looked cheesy sometimes.. but they used to portrait different species like pictures of animatronics and models.. they could do a lot of stuff with computer rendering.. but they are so lazy and everything now looks too shiny..

  6. Finally something new. Guess when news start pouring in it’ll be like an eruption: lots of exciting things all over us at the same time. Sorry for the infamous pun.

  7. For everyone questioning why the logo doesn’t say Fallen Kingdom:

    It’s to make the tie-in merch all encompassing, and timeless. This is a fairly common practice – embrace the keyart, but just use the franchise name. For instance, the new Hasbro The Last Jedi toys do not actually say The Last Jedi – only Star Wars. Example:

    Further, if you look closely, you will see that logo on display here is NOT the logo from Jurassic World – it is the new Fallen Kingdom logo, new color contrast and cracks, albeit without the subtitle text. This logo is also on display in the recent Lego catalog leak:

    Finally, these renders are brand new. Take a look back at all the JW dinosaur renders, which were not close to film quality, like these here. Example:

    (Also, just check out the dinosaurs on to see the poorer quality of the past renders)

    Finally, we’re sure to do our research to ensure accurate reporting. If we were unsure if these were Fallen Kingdom, we would report it differently.

    1. That could also explain why they changed the title of the sequel from “Jurassic Earth” to “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” shortly before the official reveal. They want to keep the brand recognition that has grown as a result of Jurassic World’s success.

      1. Just a quick heads up on the ‘Jurassic Earth’ thing – it was an inside joke which the Chronicle rep incorrectly portrayed as real. That was never the actual title – it was always ‘Jurassic World [subtitle]’

  8. Where can I buy this Jurassic World merchandise at? My 4-year-old is probably one of this franchises biggest fans, I would love to purchase some of these things for him

  9. I’m really hoping that box with the triceratops is cereal.

    My top wants for Fallen Kingdom merchandise:

    – CEREAL, multiple shapes!

    – Pop-tarts (not just art on boxes like last time, perhaps creative with icing colors.. “insert dinosaur name-berry”)

    – novelty spoons

    – I like the ice cream in the image, but themed as a bone or amber dig would be more fun.

    – towels

    -marshmallows yes

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