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Jurassic World Sequel Looking to Film in Harrow, London?

With cameras set to start rolling in less than a month, it’s no surprise that we’re beginning to hear of more locations getting the confirmation that they’ll feature in the sequel to 2015’s Jurassic World. A few days ago a Spanish website confirmed that Brecon Beacons in Wales was a location, and we already know that the islands of Hawaii will be utilised for filming, along with Pinewood Studios in London.

But now we’re hearing that another location in London – outside of Pinewood Studios – is apparently being eyed by location managers for the sequel. Dijeirusan reported on Facebook that the area of Pinner, Harrow in North West London has been scouted by location managers.

“I had Harrow Council Planning Department visit my house, to approve my new extension. They saw my Jurassic Park collection, and said the filmmakers were scouting Pinner (an area in Harrow) for filming”

He went on to say that they didn’t have any other information to offer other than that. The area of Pinner is described as a wealthy area of the London Borough of Harrow in northwest London.

Without any further information we have to take news like this with a pinch of salt – and it’s unclear in exactly what capacity the area of Pinner might be used. Due to its relatively short distance to Pinewood Studios, it’s a logical location for the production, and it may even be that they’re only shooting an interior location here, which could stand in for anywhere in the world. This in no way confirms that the actual city of London will feature in the sequel – but at this point, it could.

Either way, this little rumour is reminiscent of the days before social media, when internet message boards and word of mouth were the main source for film news. Council Workers liking the look of someone’s Jurassic Park collection and handing out some information sounds like it was pulled straight out of 2002! Huge thanks to Dijeirusan for sharing!

Have you heard any rumours about filming? Shoot us a message and we’ll devour it.


5 thoughts on “Jurassic World Sequel Looking to Film in Harrow, London?

  1. It would be cool to see some action scenes with dinosaurs at the London Eye, Shard, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Gherkin, the real London Bridge(not Tower Bridge), and Natural History Museum. I think that this would be a real way to pull audiences in.

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