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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Mattel’s Jurassic World Toy Tie-in App Launches, Revealing New and Classic Dinos!

In what seems like a never ending blitz of news over the past few days, more Jurassic secrets have been revealed!

Mattel has just launched the Jurassic World Facts App on IOS (Android is sure to follow soon), and it has revealed many new species of dinosaur which are getting toys! For those unfamiliar, every main line Mattel dinosaur action figure has a QR code on the bottom of their feet in the shape of the DNA strand – with this app, you can unlock the species as part of your digital collection by scanning the code, which then offers more content to explore!

You can take quizzes and learn about each species, to level up and become a dinosaur expert in this fun new learning and collecting based app! The app features 4 distinct zones of Isla Nublar: the Carnivore Paddock, Herbivore Paddock, Aviary, and Lagoon. Even if you do not own the toy, you can still preview the dinosaurs by shining a flare on them, which has provided a great sneak peak at some of the toys to come!


Some of the classic dinosaurs coming from Mattel are the Jurassic Park 3 Male Velociraptor, The Lost World Pachycephalosaurus, and The Lost World Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex. As you cannot see the dinosaurs very well before you own them, it’s hard to say what other classic dinosaurs may be mixed in – but we hear you’ll be able to see more from the ‘Legacy Collection’ based upon the first 3 Park films soon!


Also revealed, are some brand new species such as Proceratosaurus and Minmi (which were spotted at Toy Fair) plus Dimetrodon and Monolophosaurus. Also of note, there is a Spinosaurus toy coming – but it remains unclear if it is a new design, or part of the Legacy collection. These species seem to be part of the expanded universe, and not Fallen Kingdom dinosaurs.

Pachyrhinosaurus Conundrum:

When Fallen Kingdom was in development, one of the dinosaurs featured in the film was a Pachyrhinosaurus. However, the design continued to evolve until it became a Sinoceratops (though the name change did not occur until fairly recently). As such, all Fallen Kingdom merch labeled Pachyrhino was switched to Sinoceratops – but this has come with a snag:

Mattel and the Jurassic Facts App did not base their Pachyrhino on the movie design, and rather based it off the real block nosed animal. While Sinoceratops has a very different frill and a long nasal horn, as seen in the film, the Mattel output was still hit with the name change. We assume the app will be updated to revert the dinosaurs name to Pachyrhinosaurus, and the toy will be released under the appropriate species ID.


The Jurassic Facts App not only has numerous distinct dinos, it also offers a ton of variety within each species. You’ll be able to own 11 different Velociraptors, 3 different Blue’s, 6 different Dilophosaurs, 2 Baryonyx’s, 8 Gallimimus, and more! While some of these toys are simple repaints, others are completely new sculpts, and each offer a different in game model.

Be sure to check out our review of the Mattel Action Attack Carnotaurus and Stegosaurus below, where you can see an example of the way the QR codes are incorporated, and stay tuned for all the latest news on everything Jurassic!

Source: IOS App Store

Thanks to Bootman Bill on Twitter for the heads up!


67 thoughts on “Mattel’s Jurassic World Toy Tie-in App Launches, Revealing New and Classic Dinos!

  1. It is SO NICE to see the JPIII Male Velociraptor make an appearance! I personally think it is the best designed aesthetically!

    Nice to see ya back, old friend!

    Welcome to Jurassic Park, Welcome to Jurassic World!

    Hold Onto Your Butts!

    1. “It is SO NICE to see the JPIII Male Velociraptor make an appearance! I personally think it is the best designed aesthetically!”

      Same here. I mean, the Raptor Squad was great and all, but I still love the JPIII raptors more.

    2. Is everyone sure its the JP3 male velociraptor. From the screenshot provided here, it seems the Raptor is none other than Blue, with the reptile-like vertical slit pupil. If one is talking about the horizontal stripes running across the back, then that was a feature present on Blue as well (as well as the Indoraptor).

  2. Too bad, not one sauropod on the app (They never get any love 🙁 ). Other than that, the app is great! And some of the contents of the dino facts and quiz are quite up to date (although it feels weird reading “velociraptor has feathered wings” with the classic JP design)

    1. Yeah, it’s kinda just matching the “not one sauropod in the figure line” too.

      Wish they’d add “Personnel Files” for the human figures and “Motor Pool” for the vehicles too…

    2. There are no sauropods because I’m pretty sure that all toys in the app are to scale with one another. So simly not feasible. I’m sure there will be sauropods in the smaller figure line down the road.

        1. Actually, not as far as you’d think. Record size specimens almost never show up in the fossil record, so it’s reasonable to think of 43′ Sue as a high-average, which puts 50′ plausible for “Pro Athlete” grade specimens at exceptional long life. The Colossal scales out at around 55′, so while it’s flirting with the limits of the plausible range, it’s not that far out really.

          What I woulda done, I’d have given the Colossal the deco of the TLW Bull, either screen-accurate or inspired by the Kenner it’s an obvious homage to, along with yet another DNA barcode. I may end up redecoing mine, since I’m already gonna have to dust off the painting bench and rework the R/C Tiger anyway…

          1. Sue was only 40 feet, making her the biggest Tyrannosaurus known from more than a toe bone, but making 50 ft estimates even more fanciful

      1. Mini Sauropods confirmed, both Apatosaurus and Diplodocus. (Later possibly meant to stand-in for TLW Mamenchi?)

        Still need a Brach, though… (or were the movie dinos Giraffatitan, the East African ex-B. brancai species?)

          1. Pastebin SKU Dump.

            In the FML69 Mini Dino Assortment:
            *FML83 Apatosaurus (April wave)
            *FVL31 Diplodocus (September wave)

            In the FVG81 Window Bag Assortment:
            *FVG91 Apatosaurus (April wave)
            *FXD29 Diplodocus (September wave)

            In the GBH04 “Checklane” Assortment:
            *GBH51 Apatosaurus (April wave)
            *GBH60 Diplodocus (September wave)

            Chris couldn’t get any info about these at Toy Fair, but my gut says the three lines above will probably be composed of the same figures in different packaging for different sales channels.

            In the FPN72 Mini 3-packs Assortment:
            *FPN83? Apatosaurus, Dilo, Metallic Indoraptor (June wave)

            Additionally, there are three FWB44 Asst. five-packs which nothing is known of beyond their SKU’s, but I think it’s a safe bet that *one* of these two sculpts will show up in one of those.

            Source [SPOILER ALERT!] is at – I checked the SKU’s from it against the SKU’s shown in Chris’s Toy Fair photos and the photo album confirms the Pastebin leak is legit. Note that the PB leak is only a partial–I think Matty MEANT for it to get out to start building buzz, and I have an expanded version with post-Toy Fair data added over at JPToys. (This list doesn’t include any of the big dinos or the vehicles, mine has them added.)

  3. The spinosaurus will probably be of the legacy collection. If the jp3 raptor is in there, jp3 spino also must be there as it was the star of the movie. That and there only seems to be one spinosaurus toy, so it would make the most sense if it is legacy as the spino is most known for JP3

    1. The JW world spino was some sort of zombified mess though. Never resembled the JP3 design at all. Hopefully they follow the movie design but I don’t hold much hope.

      1. I dunno, kinda hoping for a forked approach myself: one Screen Accurate, and a later More Scientifically Accurate (assuming Masrani continued work on the spino genome).

        Then that means having to take the Scientifically Illiterate Zero Attention Span crowd to school, though, explaining that “one is screen, other reality”…

  4. Given that the app has so many different versions of the same animals, are we to assume that every package is a unique combination of deco/sculpt, or can we get a Cross Reference Guide about what all versions appear where? (IE, if the Dimorphodon with the Jeep is the same as one of the Attack Packs or 2-packs, and how many truly unique versions of Blue there are and where there are duplicates.)

    I’m pretty good at ferreting out text data, but these kind of visual distinctions, especially not having been able to see a big chunk of the lineup side-by-side… Chris, can you lend us your eyes on this one?

    1. Some will be new sculpts, others will be unique paint applications.

      So for Blue: 1 attack pack, 1 jumping raptor from the story pack, and one from the battle damage assortment.

      1. I guess what I’m getting at is, are there any true duplicates you know of?

        BTW, what comment platform are you using? For some reason it seems to block comments from my Gmail without even giving you a chance to see ’em, I’ve had to switch to an old all-but-abandoned Yahoo address.

      2. Thanks, Chris. Last question from me on this one: Did the app happen to have any of the SKU’s anywhere? There’s obviously new info here to slot into the Deep Dive and spreadsheets, but the rub is figuring out where it goes.

  5. What the hell is Spinosaurus doing in the “New” category, he was in a movie before. Most concerning of all is the fact that most of his “New” counterparts like Proceratosaurus and Minmi have models that look just like the toys. This just adds to the list of fears that I have for that figure. Please don’t look like this….

      1. Looks a lot like the Spino from Ludia’s JW The Game, which is based on the JPIII design. I’m guessing it’ll turn out to be a JPIII Spino toy, but fair enough putting it in new for now.

        1. We don’t know how many color variants the Spino will have in the app. The toy might retain the actual movie colors so no need to worry yet.

  6. There’s so many species of Dinosaur… And many that have only slight variations. I wonder how many ‘new’ species discovered are old species just with 65 Million years of deformation due to rock and mud and gravity… In today’s scientific world of ‘publish or perish’ no doubt many a paleontologist has thrown their name on a fossil just like this.

    1. And right here we can see Ben so graciously demonstrating the Dunning–Kruger effect, where the dumber the person the smarter they think they are. Being so clearly not a Paleontologist and knowing next to nothing about anatomy and taxonomy, he proudly exclaims that species on the total opposite side of the family tree are the same animal because the toys look alike! Combine that with his misguided view of the world and how science works and you’ve got yourself a clase-A idiot here folks!

      1. Aww Brent, you flatter me. However what I typed is a real phenomenon. And it has nothing to do with the toys for FK. I believe you failed to understand that I was attempting to start an unrelated discussion… Idiot.

        The Torosaurus, Nedoceratops and Triceratops debacle is just one example of what I typed out. Dinosaurs of the same species looked quite different at different stages of growth and so paleontologists have labelled them different species in the past.

        Even Stygimoloch was thought to actually be a Pachycephalosaurus some time after it’s discovery. Some duck-billed dinosaurs are also under scrutiny.

        There is also the case of a Spinosaurus skeleton put together with extremely small hind legs. One idea is that the hind legs actually belong to a much younger Spinosaurus.

        Some species have even been entirely fabricated in the past. The Archaeoraptor is one such case. China is famous for fake products.

        1. AMNH 5027 (T-rex type specimen) has a crushed skull on one side, IIRC to the point that when AMNH remounted it last time they sculpted a replacement skull cast to compensate for it.

    2. Uh, you realize that many animals today are also only slight variations? Tigers and lions for example. The reason we know that the cave lion is a lion and not a tiger is thanks to art made by the people living then. This was later confirmed by testing their DNA. But skeleton wise, those two are the same. Indeed both are also pretty much just upcaled house cats in those regards.

    1. Don’t be so sure… as Chris posted at JPToys forum:

      Attack Pack
      Attack Pack v2
      ? ? ?
      ? ? ?

      Heck, we have SIX of Blue alone accounted for…

      1. Well that’s cool. I’ll wait for a repaint of the Stegosaurus then. I dislike the green/off-blue/aqua style they have going.

  7. So the 5 star golf course has been changed to the carnivore paddock? Guess they realized that the park layout couldn’t possibly hold all the Dinosaurs they’re going to be showing in the new film…

  8. How do they call it the “Jurassic FACTS App” and categorize it under education, but make that mistake with the Pachyrhinosaurus? I’ve also heard the JP3 male raptor is referred to as female? -_-

    They really need to bring you guys in for quality control and asset management! You would really be able to help them (and help us all have more fun things to digest)!

  9. I do hope you can scan the codes from a YouTube review or picture since I’m not buying the Mattel toys. I’m more a LEGO person so I’m buying they’re entire FK line-up. It would be cool if the LEGO sets also had some codes for the app but since it seems like it’s Mattel toys only that wouldn’t happen.
    Looks promising though!

  10. i just wanted to check… but has anyone realized mamenchisaurus was in the lost world, or is it just me? because i saw it and im like “i cant be the only one who knows this.”

    1. You are correct. Mayhaps there were only two. I only remember two in the film (if I recall correctly) I suppose the fact is that INGEN could have messed around with anything over the years, producing only one or two of certain species and then giving up on them or moving onto something else. After all, there was only one Spinosaurus.

      My new view is that Sorna was a mess and only appeared on the surface to be a flourishing and beautiful natural wonder. Full of failed experiments and abandoned projects, too many species fighting for territory and food, the ecosystem was in chaos and couldn’t sustain everything that was left there. I am sure many species simply died out.

          1. As well you should… some organizations are more concerned about ends than truthfulness in the means to get them.

            Remember Dr. Grant’s comment about “some of the worst things imaginable were done with the best of intentions”? Claire is so “younger, female Hammond” I’m starting to wonder if she isn’t somehow related… which we can’t rule out, as we never saw much about the family other than Tim and Lex being his grandkids and Ludlow being his nephew.

  11. Is it bad that I spent all day on this app and got to max level in about four or five hours? After all that, I STILL couldn’t unlock any new indoraptor facts :(. I guess it’s all for the best, as the facts might have spoiled the movie.

  12. That Spinosaurus toy better be as detailed as the baryonyx toy. I haven’t seen one good looking JPIII spino in a good while.

    If you watch Gaming Beaver, you will know this. But the facts for each dinosaur can be big spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers disregard and stop reading this. We now know from this app that Indoraptor can move through the dark in total silence (Kinda already figured that out) and that it uses echolocation. Yeah you heard me. If you don’t believe me copy and paste the link below.

    1. Far out. So something with echolocation was incorporated into it’s genome? Makes sense given the reason behind it’s creation. It has to be able to out class soldiers. I imagine the plan would be to drop one or two of these things into a cave system or jungle and let them sniff out and destroy high-profile targets silently or something.

      1. Still, the Dinos-as-weapons-of-war thing is a little… Nope, given the craziness of today’s militaries and leaders I can actually buy into that. They’re all insane enough to at least try it.

      2. Echolocation coupled with the ability to sense thermal radiation, as well as great eyesight and sense of smell means that there is no way to hide from this thing. Hopefully there will be some cool sequences where Owen and Claire watch inGen soldiers get picked off one by one, not even seeing what is killing them.

      3. Then what, follow up with flamethrowers to clean up the mess and dispose of the critters so they don’t turn on their handlers?

        The game with HVT’s isn’t just to eliminate them, it’s to harvest the intel around them too–computers, papers… even family photos, you’d be surprised how many Vietcong were identified from other Charlies’ wallet photos in Nam. I don’t see these monster Frankenfreaks being inclined to sort out useful assets and bring them back, which takes a skilled eye to sort out and frequently someone with Intel/Analysis skill embedded with the strike team… they seem as much indiscriminate murdermachines as their fellow creation from Bond Villain Wannabe Wu, may be be torn to pieces by his own creations SOON.

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