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New Jurassic World ‘Dino Hybrid’ toys – could these be Hasbro’s finale?

It seems Dr. Wu has cooked up come crazy and colorful new dinosaur in that lab. Thanks to JP Carnotaur on Twitter, we have pictures of the rest of the Hasbro ‘Dino Hybrid’ toys via Amazon! While all of these minus the ‘Pteramimus’ (likely a hybrid of a Pteranodon and Suchomimus) were revealed at Toy Fair 2016, it’s fun to see what the final product will actually look like.

Take a look at the gallery below:

PTERAMIMUS (Growler) – MSRP $14.99

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DILOPHOSAURUS Hybrid (Growler) – MSRP $14.99

91FzWghMwjL._SL1500_ 818izkFbTOL._SL1500_
CARNORAPTOR (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

91pTmLStjTL._SL1500_ 81tjMziq9AL._SL1500_
STEGOCERATOPS Hybrid (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

91LRwwWSi5L._SL1500_ 81uz7i-IbxL._SL1500_
DILOPHOSAURUS REX (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

91oHE18VP0L._SL1500_ 81asj2Kc-sL._SL1500_
SPINOSAURUS Hybrid (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

916n6QT12lL._SL1500_ 81hVqmmcWvL._SL1500_
Hybrid Armor Ankylosaurus (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

91IVmbtQAbL._SL1500_ 91HlES1vgdL._SL1500_
Hybrid Armor Indominus Rex (Bash & Bite) – MSRP $9.99

91sJ7NghrtL._SL1500_ 81HwiSJO7bL._SL1500_
I’ll be the first to say it – I actually like some of these, or at least I like the paint jobs. They’re richer, fuller, vibrant and more detailed than their initial sloppy and cheap looking 2015 releases. While most of the sculpts leave something to be desired, there is a clear budget increase with the paints used, and it helps bring some creative life to these toys. As a big fan of ‘Chaos Effect‘ and ‘CamoXtreme‘ these are a welcome, if not bizarre, addition to the toy lineup.

There a few toys missing which were present at Toy Fair 2016 – most notably the ‘Hybrid Rampage Indominus Rex’ – thought Entertainment Earth reports it will be released some time this month. The other absentees are a Carnoraptor Growler, and two different Indominus Rex Bash & Bite repaints. I really hope they Hybrid Rampage Indominus is released, it’s easily the best toy Hasbro has created for Jurassic World.

Hybrid Rampage Indominus Rex at Toy Fair 2016
Hybrid Rampage Indominus Rex at Toy Fair 2016

While I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the ‘Hybrid Armor’ toys, it’s interesting to see some new variations of play style. If only Hasbro released the toys with capture gear and 3.75″ humans alongside instead! However, the burden of creating better toys now lays in Mattels hands, who take over the license in late 2017. With that in mind, these may be some of the final, if not the final, Hasbro Jurassic Park toys created.

The toys are expected to begin shipping to stores this Fall. Will you be picking up any of the 2016 Dino Hybrid items? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

Thanks again to JP Carnotaur for the discovery!


5 thoughts on “New Jurassic World ‘Dino Hybrid’ toys – could these be Hasbro’s finale?

  1. I definitely want that Stegoceratops, Pteramimus, and most of the other bashers, but I’ll have to see if the I-Rex is worth the $40.

  2. When I first saw these toys at Toy Fair 2016 all I had interest in was the Stegoceratops. Now I definitely wan’t the Stegoceratops as well as the Pteramimus (a hybrid of the Pteranodon and Gallimimus)!

  3. Pteramimus is interesting. At least Hasbro re-tooled the Dimorphodon sculpt and added some new parts to it.

    Hasbro continues to disappoint with poor quality and horrible distribution.

    Some of these toys will be very hard to find in stores!

  4. I’m not particularly interested in any of these. Hasbro’s quality is very bad and I’m waiting to see what Mattel does now with the franchise. Goodbye Hasbro.

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