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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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New official picture teases Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom dinosaur – could it be the recently trademarked “Indoraptor”?

Yesterday, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom wrapped principal photography, finishing filming in Hawaii. While the number of days filmed has yet to be officially confirmed, we believe it to be 91 (versus the 78 spent on Jurassic World). To commemorate this exciting milestone that the fifth Jurassic Park film just crossed, writer and producer Colin Trevorrow tweeted a mysterious new image:

Pictured is director JA Bayona between the open jaws of a ferocious looking dino, seemingly inside of a cage. The first thing I did upon seeing that image was to download it, and brighten it, revealing more visual information than what was immediately discernible. I was hoping to be able to tell if it was an animatronic or something else, but there just isn’t enough shown to say either way.

What can be seen is the mystery dinosaur has Crocodilian like teeth, growing straight out of the skin — very much like the I.rex. Further, the skin texture seems to be similar to that of the hybrid seen in Jurassic World, though its color appears to be a deep black color, as opposed to the white of the Indominus Rex. Further, while at first glance the gaping maw appears to be that of a large dinosaur, it’s simply a matter of perspective – realistically, it’s probably slightly larger than a Jurassic Park Velociraptor.

So, could this be a new hybrid?

Signs point to yes! It’s always possible that we’re simply looking at a creepy museum statue, like the one image Frank Marshall tweeted, but the Indominus Rex similarities seem too many to be a coincidence. While I’m not particularly thrilled with another new hybrid, I do think there is a lot of potential with the concept of a smaller, more Raptor like Indominus (though I would have preferred to just see a new Velociraptor variation with camouflage abilities).

Indominus Rex maquette – Jurassic World

Time will tell if the image shared by Colin Trevorrow is a new hybrid – but given the story in previous film, it’s a fair bet Fallen Kingdom will have hybrids in some degree, and recent evidence all but confirms it will be called the “Indoraptor”.

A few days ago, producer Frank Marshall made a tweet to commemorate three years since filming the Indominus escape in Hawaii – however, on his first attempt, he called it the “Indoraptor”, which was later deleted. This certainly caught our and other fans attention – the name seems perfectly applicable to what Hoskins alluded to at the end of Jurassic World.

“Imagine. That one, a fraction of the size – deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” – Hoskins

Some waved off the tweet as a genuine typo, and while I considered the option, it admittedly that was not the first time I heard that name. When we were given our Mattel scoop, we were told one of the toys was referred to as the Indoraptor, though we have heard no descriptive details, nor were told if it was a hybrid or something else. We choose to sit on that info, as it was too speculative and leaky, especially considering Universal has made no acknowledgement of the name publicly – however, that just changed.

As pointed out by Jurassiraptor on Twitter, Amblin Entertainment just took out four trademarks on “Indoraptor” for toys, books, clothes, and video content. There is no doubt this name is to be used for the Jurassic World franchise, and odds are it’s a hybrid seen in Fallen Kingdom, though there is always a chance it’s simply a merchandise thing like ‘Dino Hybrid’. However, given Frank Marshall’s tweet, that seems incredibly unlikely.

We may have to wait until Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom releases in theaters to learn more about what the Indoraptor is, or what it looks like, but the concept does sound quite cool – and scary. Even that small tease tweeted by Colin Trevorrow, should it be the Indoraptor, looks like the stuff of nightmares. I’m very curious to see what the final design will look like, and if it will have traits like the camouflage of the Indominus Rex. Until then, I’m sure there will be plenty of speculative fan art, like that below!

Ultimately, we’re left with more questions than answers at this point, and that’s the way I like it.

Let us know what you want to see from the Indoraptor, and if you think that’s what is pictured in Colin Trevorrows tweet, and if you make any speculative art, be sure to share it with us! As always, stay tuned, as more news is surely around the corner.

Source: Twitter, Trademarkia


40 thoughts on “New official picture teases Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom dinosaur – could it be the recently trademarked “Indoraptor”?

  1. That picture makes me think of one promo from TLW with Steven Spielberg on the ground and the T rex right above him. Oh, the anticipation!

  2. nope. i dont like this. I dont want this new trilogy to be the trilogy of hybrids. I thought that we had enough with one. I hope thats not the direction they are taking and they move to a different one

    1. My thoughts exactly. I don’t like this either. Goodbye Jurassic Park welcome Hybridssic World. The good thing is, at least Bayona is directing it.

    2. Yes but all the dinosaurs in every jurassic park movie are technically hybrids, because the first movie even explained this, that all the dinos had amphibian dna added to the gene sequence to complete the genetic codes. Henry Wu even said this in Jurassic World “if their dna was pure, many of the dinosaurs would look quite different.”

      1. And that is why crazy monsterlike hyrids are not necessary. The fact that teir DNA is not pure is a good reason for the writers to have some creativity license or some features that the species might have (case of the venom in dilophosaurus, the flog vision in t.rex, lack of feathers in raptors..).. not an excuse to transform the new trilogy into mutant monster theme movies.. that is an other concept for another trilogy, not jurassic park

        1. Jurassic Park already has a trilogy of nothing but Dinosaurs. To have another trilogy of movies with again dinosaurs wouldn’t be nearly as impressive. Even the movie takes note how dinosaurs aren’t impressive anymore. Expanding on gene splicing with dinos would be the next step for a story about mankind playing god and bringing back lost creatures and think it’ll all be okay.

    3. You’re just afraid of something different what did you think that would just throw hybrids out of the window after they had so much success with the last movie. Try something new!

  3. I was pretty excited…..untill this came out…. WTF???? Hybrids, again???? This saga of JW are MONSTER MOVIES, no more Dinosaur movies like the original JP Trilogy :’-( ….I’m very disapointed !!

    1. I agree but I do love Dino’s and monster movies so I’m fine with this.
      I just hope they hybrids don’t steal the show like the indominous did

  4. People keep forgetting that the Dilophosuarus in the first film was a hybrid. The frills and spitting posion are a dead giveaway. Also, what Dr. Wu and Alan Grant said is still holding strong. ‘Genetically engineered theme park monsters” and “Bigger, cooler and more teeth”. This is standard things in this franchise.

    1. The dilophosaurus wasn’t a hybrid. The whole point was that a dinosaur might have dangerous adaptions that don’t fossilize – eg a skin frill and venom sacs. It played into the point Crichton was making in the novel; they tried to control nature, but were surprised by its unpredictability.

      1. You are right. The point is, in the book and in the first two movies, those depicted were intended to be dinosaurs, not monsters. The frog-DNA argument has been misused by a lot of people. The idea of Dilophosaurus venom, for example, was not totally an invention of Crichton, he took it from an old scientific hypothesis of the ’80s about that animal. Same thing for the sight of T. rex, the pack-hunting of the “raptors” and all the other oddities that we find in those movies today. So, do not blame the frog DNA if the dinosaurs do not have proper fluffy covering or if they have characteristics that we know today they didn’t have in reality. Jurassic Park was a movie about dinosaurs, not monsters. That’s it.

        1. I do agree that intentional hybrids should never steal the spotlight from real dinosaur genera. However, even if when it wasn’t Crichton’s intent, the DNA splicing is still the most valid reason for inaccurate dinosaurs to exist in this film universe. It also doesn’t close out the very real possibility of more scientifically accurate interpretations sharing space with the inaccurate ones. The building blocks are there, all that’s needed is for he film-makers to use them.

        2. the pack hunting wasn’t an oddity. That’s an assumption we’ve made about raptors since probably the beginning.
          Getting mad at the film showing more prominence to obvious hybrids is about the same to me as getting mad that the dinos not having feathers.
          This is a series of films about mankind manipulating DNA, to it’s whims, with obvious results. Dinosaurs are just part of a selling point.

  5. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the film, but my excitement just dropped a little, not going to lie. So many awesome dinosaurs to choose from and we get fake ones.

  6. As much as I think Indoraptor will be seen in the movie (weird name btw – in Poland where I come from “Indor” word describes a turkey), something tells me, that this is not the creature on photo. Firstly – it’s caged, so I think we might see one of the Jurassic Worlds specimen here. Secondly – assuming Indoraptor is new iteration of raptor, jaws on the photo seem a bit too big for such animal.

    My guesses are:
    – Suchomimus
    – Baryonyx
    – Mosasaur
    – Allosaur

    1. In America Indonimous(Hope I spelt that right) means untamable king but I love this I think we are going to get some of the original JP thing (animatronics) and new things (hybrids) anyway everyone thought JW’s hybrid would work bad…we were wrong.

  7. At this point it could be anything. Might as well be a kaprosuchus, so I don’t think guessing will get us anywhere.
    And Indoraptor sounds like a subspecies of raptor that only lived on the Indonesian islands.
    I really hope that hybrids aren’t stealing the show again and that we get a good story and not only dinosaurs chasing and killing people.
    Jurassic Park, for example, was a 2-hour long movie, but only had 15 minutes of dinosaurs on screen.
    So I hope they go that way again, with more tension and suspense.
    Right now, I got all my hopes on Bayona.

  8. While there are a boat load of dinosaurs I would love to see in the movies, if that is the Indoraptor, I’m pretty excited and not surprised. That was what Hoskins was wanting to do, and Wu did escape with all of that DNA. Also, this is going to be more horror focused, and one of the most terrifying scenes in the first movie was the raptor kitchen scene, so throw all that together with basically a mini-Indominus, that thing is going to be just downright horrifying.

    Also, Ingen never learns. They’re going to keep attempting their plan of military dinos regardless of their mistakes and casualties. They just don’t care if it’s wrong or inaccurate or whatever, they just want results and to use those results in their plans.

  9. Yeah, not a fan of this. I was hoping they would ditch hybrids altogether, but I realize that was an unrealistic expectation. They weren’t going to introduce a hybrid in part one of a new trilogy and then suddenly abandon the concept.

    I hope it’s treated much like the raptors were in the first two films. Have the characters discuss the Indoraptor – about its viciousness, intelligence, and general capabilities. But don’t include it for much of the film. Keep it unseen and uninvolved, only to then have it rear it’s ugly head just prior to or during the final act.

    I suppose I’m slightly more open to this because they apparently borrowed a lot of dialogue from the first novel and that might offer some great philosophical conversations that parts three and four severely lacked. If that is their intention with the Indoraptor, then fine, I’m willing to give it a chance. But if they just want another Indominous Rex that runs around chasing our characters while chewing up scenery and stealing the spotlight from basically every other threat, then pass.

    1. The main reason being, these teeth grow JUST like the Indominus – out of the skin, not out of the gums like any other dinosaur, including Spinosaursus. Plus, they’re shape and placement is quite like Indominus, and almost is an identical match to the early Malusaurus renders.

  10. It looks like a maquette which makes sense since they used those for CGI reference in the previous movie. While I hope this one will have way more animatronics than the previous film(which only had one) the creature in that picture looks to be stuck in one position with it’s jaws open which isn’t how animatronics usually appear. It is also possible that it is yet another display piece from Lockwood’s mansion which the earlier Dilophosaurus turned out to be.

    1. Dilophosaurus? I clearly missed something here 🤥
      But I agree with you about the maquette, because the mouth looks like it’s in one position indeed.

  11. eu achei demais a ideia de uma novo hibrido,eu nao to falando que os dinossauros normais do filme nâo sâo demais mais pocha todo filme o mesmo vilao o rex assim ja e abusivo um novo dino a mais nao vai ser um pecado ne .

  12. It would of be nice to see the spinosaurus again or make a hybrid spinosaurus as the main enemy. It will be good for end of the film when they jump into the sea.

  13. Why do you people keep complaining about this hybrid stuff? It’s still interesting! It sounds exciting to be honest, and actually. All Jurassic park/world dinosaurs are hybrids since they filled in the gaps of the dinosaur dna with other animals. Remember that. If they were pure.. they would of course look different, and more like what they would supposed to be like, yet no one is exactly sure.
    I’m excited for the film anyway.

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