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New Photos Showcase Set Construction for Jurassic World 2!

Filming for Jurassic World 2 is now in full swing, with actress Bryce Dallas Howard kicking off the #JurassicHype by posting an image a day from the set. Along with her not-so-revealing but equally cool photos, a number of fans who live near the current filming locations decided to take a walk and see what they could see.

Below are a series of photos showing the construction team in development on sets for the film, as well as some potential props and vehicles. While the sets are indistinguishable, if you want to avoid any spoilers then look away now.

The first photos are from Jay on Twitter, who took these photos in the Hawley Common area. There were signs on the surrounding fence that confirmed it was an ‘Ancient Futures’ closed set.


The second is from Raptor Chaser on Twitter, who took this photo of the set currently being constructed in Pyestock!

Another image from Darryl also shows the Pyestock set:

Filming began at the Langley Business Centre last week, and a few fans waited around to see what they could spot. Raptor Chaser took a photo that shows a Mercedes Unimog U5000, possibly being used for the film. A portacabin with large jungle vines dangled on it was also seen:


Also spotted at this location were some mysterious pods that possibly hold the Jurassic World logo:

Below are some more photos from the Hawley Common area, taken by Raptor Chaser:


These photos certainly are interesting! Have you seen any Ancient Futures signs near you? If so, let us know, and be sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for round the clock Jurassic news!


6 thoughts on “New Photos Showcase Set Construction for Jurassic World 2!

  1. I live right next to Hawley Woods where some filming is taking place and took the kids for a walk there this morning. I took a photo of the set being built, although you can’t see much due to the fence and screen blocking access. Where do I send the photo so you can all see it?

  2. That’s clearly the Jurassic world boardwalk. Sooo awesome. Wish they could have built them all in Hawaii and left them so so visitors could tour it.

  3. I have photos from Hawley where some serious sets are being filmed, including an impressive Manor House arch entrance which is coming along nicely. Where should i send them?

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