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New website domains may hint at the premise of Jurassic World 2!

It’s now 2017, and the still untitled Jurassic World sequel begins filming this year. In fact, it begins filming in just one month at the end of February! While nothing official has been revealed about the plot yet, some tantalizing details have been hinted at by director J.A. Bayona, and writer/producer Colin Trevorrow. By piecing together what they have said, and coupling it with newly uncovered domains purchased by Universal Pictures we may finally know the Jurassic World 2 premise.

The two new domains purchased are certainly tied to the Jurassic World sequel, and are both key to deciphering the plot, but not on their own – we must first decode their meaning from hints about the story which the production team have given prior.

(Warning: while this article is pure speculation based upon interviews and domains, mild spoilers may exist)

We know Jurassic World 2 will be a darker/scarier, more serious film than its predecessor and more akin to the first Jurassic Park tackling more complex themes. While that sounds awesome, it doesn’t tell us much about the plot. Thankfully, more specific hints were given:

So, now the real kicker – the domains Universal Pictures purchased December 15th, 2016 : and (and .org). The former is likely a website planned to be directly related to the film, while the latter may be something viral (like

New Universal Pictures domains tied to Jurassic World 2

First things first, we are returning to Isla Nublar (the home of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World) – and the story will presumably revolve around a rescue mission. Our first thought was that we have already seen a rescue story twice, once with The Lost World (Sarah Harding), and twice with Jurassic Park 3 (Eric Kirby) – but then we began thinking about the other domain, which hearkens back to the plot points shared above. Could the rescue mission not be to save human life, but rather dinosaur life – which certainly mankind is responsible for creating?

It stands to reason that after the Jurassic World incident, not only has the park closed, but the fate of the island may be in question. We have no doubt that that world will be a little less fond of having an island full of escaped, breeding dinosaurs – the threat of them becoming free in less isolated ecosystems is nothing short of hazardous. Invasive species of the non extinct variety already threaten the delicate balance of the food-chain in the real world: letting these creatures loose could have longstanding effects, creating the very chaotic butterfly effect Ian Malcolm predicted in 1993. So, again, after the Jurassic World incident it would not surprise us if the governments of the world are humoring their destruction for the ‘greater good’.

Bary and Blue – Jurassic World (2015)

Thus sparks the debate: would a mass euthanization be ethical? Do these extinct animals have rights, or are they simply dangerous corporate property? As this debate likely rages on (and for good reason, we’d be pro-dinosaur, but it’s foolish not to consider the danger they present to the natural ecosystem) certain more empathetic parties will wish to take action, to protect the animals. Those who had a hand in their creation (such as Claire Dearing) have all the more motivation to get their hands dirty in protecting them – and of course Owen Grady would have more reasons than most to protect their livelihood, due to his relationship with Blue the Velociraptor.

We feel confident in saying Jurassic World 2 features a rescue mission on Isla Nublar to protect the dinosaurs (due to the domains), but the real question is from what (and is that the full story)? It’s certainly plausible that government entities wish to firebomb the island, much like the end of the first novel – but the more we thought about that, the less it made sense. Where could they bring the dinosaurs to live which both escapes those who sought to destroy them, while not needlessly presenting a risk to mainland ecosystems? We know Masrani Global owns Isla Sorna as well, but again, if Nublar was to be destroyed by outside forces, why not the other island? Now enters the third piece of the puzzle.

Concept Art – Jurassic World (2015) – Seth Engstrom

In late November, one of our team members Ryan saw an update to – it featured an image of a Volcano, with the word ‘EPOCH’ in bold text over-top of it. When he clicked the link, it brought him to a non-existent page, and upon clicking back the image was gone. Our theory is that Universal was toying around with a Jurassic World 2 title and premise reveal, and that Epoch is part of the larger title (The Next Epoch: Jurassic World, perhaps?) and accidentally published too soon. So, humoring this, using a Volcano in the imagery was likely significant – we know one exists on Isla Nublar (Mount Sibo) – could the force that threatens the existence of these animals be an imminent eruption?

Jurassic World film materials showcasing a Volcano

Jurassic World originally involved lots of artwork with Volcanoes, and even one of the toys showcased this concept. The Volcano is featured on the park brochure, website, and in-universe map (seen as Owen preps to use the Velociraptors with InGen). Colin Trevorrow has previously stated that the Jurassic World films were envisioned as a trilogy, and it’s likely the inclusion of this volcano was carefully planned to enable the sequel.

With all the above information, here is our best guess at a synopsis:

As an imminent volcanic eruption (or government sanctioned firebombing) threatens the fate of Isla Nublar and the dinosaurs on it, a fierce debate erupts in favor of their destruction. Despite arguments against this, Claire Dearing and Owen Grady feel a certain responsibility to launch a rescue mission to try to relocate the animals somewhere safe.

Now of course, we have no idea how Dr. Wu and InGen factor into this story concept – nor do we have any real clue if we’re on the right track or not -but time will tell! As much that remains unknown, the domains purchased certainly paint an interesting picture about the future of the franchise. Jurassic World 2 begins filming in London this February 27th, and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, Justice Smith, Toby Jones, and Rafe Spall – surely news is around the corner so stay tuned.

What do you think of our latest theory? Do you agree, or do you think and point to a different story line? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know!


22 thoughts on “New website domains may hint at the premise of Jurassic World 2!

  1. From what I assume – Jurassic World 2 will take place in 2018 (since every Jurassic movie took place years after previous one, not following the predecessor directly). I think government plans on destroying the animals on Isla Nublar would be first thing to do after 2015 Incident was brought to public. Therefore I am guessing domain would be connected to the game that was mentioned some weeks ago.

    Regarding JW2 plot I would say it could mirror TLW novel a bit – main protagonist are looking for missing scientist and find a place where he resides. Also let’s not forget the motif of other companies having ability to clone dinosaurs.

  2. I for one can not fathom JW2 without Owen going back for Blu… She saved his life. They have a bond, even though she could kill and eat him in 2 seconds. Not to mention, THE Queen herself, REXY. No one would dare be stupid enough to leave her behind in a situation that would blatantly kill her off. I mean yes, she’s already 35 years old.. And we know from history that she’s pretty up there for a Rex.. but maybe she somehow has an egg? Rexy 2.0 perhaps.

    517 days are killing me!

  3. This sounds a little like what I wish TLW was more like. I believe one of the reasons people don’t like the second movie as much, is that it has a muddled message. The “good guys” end up causing most of the deaths, while the “bad guys” were carrying a perfectly valid and well organized operation, until they were sabotaged. Maybe if TLW had tried to make a comment on how eco-activists struggle against giant corporations, or how in their efforts to make good they have to resort to extreme measures that sometimes backfire. It’s hinted at, but only in the most superficial way. No one is responsible for anything that happens in that movie.

    This, said by someone that loves most of TLW:JP. With a few tweaks it could’ve been great, yet different than the first.

    1. Dude. The message of The Lost World is You can’t control or own prehistoric animals. Even if you create them. Because Life finds a way.
      It’s just as said by Malcolm, you were wonder if you can but never thought of you would. It’s clear as water hahaha. Even more with the final speech of Hammond in TLW when he finally says Life finds a way (at least in the Spanish version says that. The English one I can’t remember but should be the same)

  4. I wonder if Sorna will have any importance in this film. I assume it maintained its status as a nature preserve over the years(though I’m just assuming because it surprisingly got no mention or cameo in the JW movie). If it turns out Nublar is under threat of destruction by firebombing or volcanic eruption, I wonder will the idea of moving the assets to Sorna be brought up or followed? I’m not expecting a full revisit to the island, but I am hoping it will get some love soon if not that. We never really had a JP movie which starred both the islands, even atleast as equally major plot points.

  5. Clever theory but wrong:

    -third island
    -there is a volcano but it erupting isn’t part of the story
    -no parks
    -ingen focus on modified dinosaurs for selling
    -lots of weird hybrid monster in the story
    -this includes human dna experiments to try to make advanced people in the future
    -mainly real dinosaurs in the action of it all
    -chris pratt and bryse dallas howard get called in to oversee ingens activities
    -meanwhile environmentalist investigate the 1st island and get stranded
    -starlord goes to rescue the environmental guys and reunites with his raptor
    -turns out outside company has been stealing dinosaurs and selling them on the black market on mainland
    -ingen panics trying to secure a contract and all hell breaks loose
    -movie unfolds as hybrid monsters and real dinosaurs break free, and rival company establishes its dominance in the dinosaur trade

  6. One of the unverified leaks had the name “Return To Jurassic World”, I swear if thats what they call the movie I am going to lose my sh*t, and NOT in a good way.

  7. A volcanic eruption would seem a tad convenient since it would take a literal super eruption comparable to Krakatoa to fully make the animals of the island extinct since pyroclastic flows, while deadly, still cannot consume the whole place. Still, not a bad idea and poisonous gas produced by a volcano could theoretically still make a large section of Nublar uninhabitable if it somehow built up to a point where the dinosaurs would get packed together in a smaller area, thus, killing each other in territorial battles over food and living space.

    Nevertheless, the people around the world simply wanting to eradicate a perceived threat to their safety would be the best way to go since that’s exactly what was done in the first novel, only now there being an actual debate on whether or not the animals deserve such a fate, the whole “genetic asset” issue from the previous movie returning with a vengeance since it’s not only about the bias of what the threat of these creatures is but also how some new folks might want to profit off them at the black market, thus, continuingnthe same mistakes of the ones who bit it in the past. Also, I think the relationship between Owen and Blue could be extended upon with this plot. I imagine Owen joining the debate and, after failing to get the other party from backing down from their intentions, goes to Nublar to search for her with the intent of finding her a new home. His team gets attacked by an angry Dilophosaurus(seriously, get at least one of those properly involved in a movie, please) but gets saved by the very Raptor that they were looking for when Blue appears and drives the Spitter off after a brief scuffle. Stuff like that.

    So, yeah, there is enough material to work with as long as it isn’t backed to a creative dead end like they did with Jurassic Park 3 in the past.

    1. Not sure what I can think about the plot. There are too little informations. We do know that militarised dinosaurs won’t be in JW2, because they have already explored that area in the first movie. Colin mentioned that technology used to create dinosaurs would go public so more and more companies would offer them to society. As for webiste that’s easy to figure out what the webiste means. I think people behind that webiste would be activists fighting for the same right animals have now for dinosaurs, similar to what SeaShepard does for whales. Dinosaurs are property of company that created them and there is no laws regulating their rights. I assume dinosaurs will being exploited by humans badly. (Also Jurassic World trylogy talks about the relationship we have with current animals in general)

      IslaNublarRescueMission … I have no idea what it really is. If JW2 takes place right after JW ends then it would be it will be cleaning up mission, but it’s not very good material for entire movie. If film had taken place after 3 years, I would have said that something really bad would happen to the Island that someone or something has to be evacuated to main land. At that point we are free to speculate.

      I bet Blue will be in the movie as well and I’m looking forward to it. She is a pack hunter and she cannot live alone. It’s logical that Owen would come back to her, because it’s not wise to have such carnivore roaming free while JW park team is cleaning the mess up. I won’t be suprised we would see her in her old pen in JW2 again. I assume the bond between her and Owen became stronger due to the fact he is the only being she trust after all her sister were killed. I hope she won’t become as cuddling as dog tho, however It would be adorable to watch her being affectionate to Owen 😛

  8. The rescue mission could be Owen going back for Blue. As for why… In TLW Hammond required a photo record of the dinos living in harmony to garner public support right? So in a world where mans relationship with dinosaurs is in contention, Owens relationship with Blue could be the proof people need to see that dinos are ok. If the story uses owen and blue as the focal point to represent mans connection with nature, that could be the more intimate story we’ve been promised?
    I dunno, that’s my guess anyway!

  9. the title is Jurassic Outbreak, which can mean a few things in my opinion. By the name, and the volcano, i think the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are going freak out because the volcano explodes, so they break out of their enclosures and possibly make it to the mainland. Imagine the indominous rex in the city…

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