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Original Rex Confirmed for Jurassic World 2 Sequel!

It’s time to visit an old friend once again! The original Tyrannosaur from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World will be returning in the highly anticipated sequel. Confirmed yesterday by Jurassic World 2 Writer/Producer Colin Trevorrow in response to a concerned fan questioning whether or not ‘Rexy’ would be returning on behalf of her young daughter.

Now that it is confirmed she is returning, we can start speculating about the sequel and how she fits in to the plot.

This confirmation of the original Rex returning more or less confirms that Isla Nublar is returning. While this may be obvious based on what we have already seen and heard, this certainly adds more credibility. In addition, it will be interesting to see if the senior-citizen Rex will return as an animatronic creature as opposed to its CGI counterpart in Jurassic World.

Let’s us know what you think about this news and if you’re excited to see the classic Rex return again!


23 thoughts on “Original Rex Confirmed for Jurassic World 2 Sequel!

  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing the queen of Nublar one more time, preferrably in a formidable role, still displaying her strength and in good health. I bet that the Main Street area we’ve seen glimpses of is part of her territory.

  2. Hmm. Maybe I’m the only one who sees this as just vague enough that it confirms it’s A t-rex and not THE t-rex.

      1. Nah, the tweet says “Rexy” and “/she’s/ my daughter’s favorite”. They’re clearly referring to Rexy from JP/JW.

  3. To be honest I would have preferred if she wouldn’t return until JP6. I am also concerned that she will be killed off in JP5, and if that is going to happen I would much prefer it to happen in the finale of the series as it would have much more of an impact. Then again, I totally have faith that JA Bayona can make Rexy work in JP5.

  4. Of course I’m excited for her return! Now I just hope we’ll see her animatronic self again. Hopefully we’ll be awarded that gift.

  5. I sure hope that if Rexy does actually return, she either dies in the movie protecting (unknowingly, cause that would be stupid imo) our main characters from a new dinosaur, or she of course has a scene like JW, being Queen once more. I think it would be extremely sad to see Ian Malcolm or Grey or heck, even Owen comforting her during her death like he did with the Apatosaurus.

  6. I’m starting to think there will be an even better park this time.I think it will be more cruel however, with Dinosaur fights, Raptor hunts and such.

  7. I guess she’ll only make a brief appearance. A scene in the beginning of the movie where they are capturing the dinosaurs from the park so that they can close and clean up the island.

  8. They should totally kill her off in the last film. She does protecting Malcolm and Alan and the others and they try to comfort her until she finally draws her last breath

  9. Ohh THAT`S SO COOL, but I Hope they don`t kill her off, she`s so iconic, they should just shoot a scene where she`s living in peace or something like that!!

  10. We are very excited about the return of the T-Rex in the sequel!
    We would really like to see her with her mate and their young daughter! More scenes of this will be amazing!

  11. Come on, just let the old girl die! The ending of JW was perfect for her, stop trying to shoehorn her in for nostalgia.

  12. Remember The Dinosaurs in the Movies of Jurassic Park are the Mega Stars all this is the point no are monsters no are Beasts no are creatures
    are animals

  13. We would like to see more facial features (close ups) in the T Rex male and female. We would also would love to see their colours more to see how colourful they are in the daylight! Also more chances to see their younger baby, like the daughter. And lastly more about the T Rex And spinosaurus re match!

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