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Breaking: Hasbro will lose the Jurassic Park license post 2017

Extinction is merciless, and it’s coming for the dinosaurs once again. Earlier today, Hasbro has announced they were unable to secure new deal with Universal Pictures for the Jurassic Park license and 2017 will be its final year producing items for the brand. CNBC covered the latest investors call, and reported the following:

The company, which makes a significant part of its revenue through licensed products, revealed that it would no longer handle “Jurassic Park” licensing after 2017 during its earnings conference call. Earlier, the company had posted quarterly profit and revenue that outpaced analyst estimates.

“We have had a many year relationship with Universal; we will no longer handle ‘Jurassic Park’ because they are unable to arrive at a mutually beneficial financial arrangement on that brand,” Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro, said during the call.

“Jurassic Park” was a headwind for the boys’ category in the latest quarter, and it would continue to have an impact into the third and fourth quarters, Goldner said.

Hasbro Jurassic Park

This is fairly depressing news. It’s no secret that Hasbro’s Jurassic World offerings were underwhelming, and a severe step down in quality compared to their past lineups. However, Hasbro has been the license holder since the original Jurassic Park (if you count them as Kenner due to their acquisition of the brand). I personally cannot think of another toy company out there capable of easily producing a toy line worthy of Jurassic Park’s action figure legacy.

While toy manufactures like NECA could do good things with the Jurassic brand for collectors, they would not create a line nearly as expansive as the past. This means removable dino-damage, vehicles, capture gear, and large, affordable electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex items are less certain going forward. Today’s news will mark a fairly large tonal shift for Jurassic toys, and it is likely the future lines will not be nearly as mainstream.

While Hasbro retains the Jurassic license up until the end of 2017, it is unclear if they will proceed with their plans of releasing toys. It is possible that both the 2016 ‘Dino Hybrids’ and 2017 ‘Raptor Squad’ line will see cancellations.

Update: Mattel is now in charge of the ‘Jurassic World’ license. Learn more!

Thanks to Brad Jost of the Jurassic Park Podcast for the heads up!

Source: CNBC, Wall Street Journal


9 thoughts on “Breaking: Hasbro will lose the Jurassic Park license post 2017

  1. I am really happy about this news actually. Hasbro wasn’t producing quality products for a while and seeing what other brands are doing, Hasbro was falling behind in quality/price. I would spend a lot of money in low quality products and now I prefer to save all that money and get one amazing collectible. Take Chronicle Collectibles for instance. Their cheapest JP collectible right now is 550$US and what you get is something astonishing. Kenner’s JP line was the best by far with the exception of 1 or 2 items from the The Lost World line i.e. Thrasher Rex and Stego in my opinion. This is coming from a guy who has collected most of the JP toy line since 93.

    For the JP3 toys I spent a fortune and they are still good quality. For JW I was saving a lot of money and expecting a lot from the toy line and I am so happy I didn’t get any of their awful products ’cause now with that money I’m getting my freaking awesome T-Rex Breakout from Chronicle. I’m so excited what will be next from these guys.

    Maybe some toy company will step up and give some justice to what we, as fans, have been missing in terms of JP toys for a while. Can’t think of any right now but like Chris pointed out maybe NECA or even some underground company could give it a try.

    Farewell Hasbro!


  2. I for one am glad to see Hasbro getting the boot.
    Their JW offerings were awful, cheaply made garbage.
    If it wasn’t for Hasbro name tag I would have thought these were cheap Chinese knockoffs.
    Neca or even SH-Monsterarts would make better products I’d be willing to spend money on.
    I’m not even too sure about Mattel as their quality seems as bad if not worse than Hasbro’s.

  3. The nostalgic part of me is sad about this, but the Jurassic World line was absolutely rubbish. Poor quality, lack of action figures, and a general sense of laziness. I’m curious about who will pick up the reins now.

  4. Hello?! How about Todd McFarlane toys of Spawn fame. That company could add the realism and fierceness that JP toys deserve.

  5. That may leave the door open for Papo then! I know that none of their products are under a franchise, but so far they have the best JP-like toys given their quality/price ratio

  6. Dude, whoever the license goes to it’s going to be worse. This is the kind of franchise you try to milk as much money from parents for the their kids. They’re not going to care about collectors. It’s probably be, like, Mattel or…gulp…Jazwares.

  7. Mattel should do a better job. Hasbro was too worried about saftey that i always got two packets of wrnings on my product. Like it was more pamphlet on warning then toy. Good luck Mattel. Peace.

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