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We’ve got the scoop on the future Jurassic World toys from Mattel! (spoiler free) #JurassicJune

The year is 1993 – Kenner releases the Jurassic Park toy line which shaped many of our childhoods. From there on, Kenner (and eventually Hasbro when they entirely overtook Kenner and their products) made Jurassic Park toy lines. Whether it was a spin-off like ‘Chaos Effect’, ‘Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs’ or ‘Camo-X-Treme’ or a film line, the franchise was handled by the same company.

Most recently, Hasbro released the ‘Jurassic World’ toy line in 2015 – and to be blunt, the toys were not good. Velociraptors were missing their sickle claws, toys were poorly sculpted, poorly and cheaply painted, prone to breaking, and riddled with gaping screw holes. Not to mention, there was no sense of size consistency in the line, and it did not feature traditional human action figures. Fans were bummed.

Apparently, so was Universal Pictures – while Hasbro began to improve the quality with much better paint application on 2016’s ‘Dino Hybrid’ line, they lost the license that summer to Mattel. This is now uncharted territory – and truth be told, when I first heard the news I wasn’t excited. Mattel has no current lineups that prove they could do the classic Jurassic style of lineup (which is quite similar to current Star Wars offerings from Hasbro), and Hasbro had just put out some of the best Jurassic Park toys ever a few years back (see: Jurassic Park 2009/2011).

Art by James Flames, click for full

Let me just jump to the point: I was wrong to doubt Mattel. While the final quality of the toys remains to be seen, the lineup style is what fans have wanted and true to the legacy of Jurassic Park.

Recently, Mattel held a showcase for vendors, licencors, and more where they showed off their in-development and upcoming lines. As you can imagine, Jurassic World was there – and from what we have heard, it was easily the biggest highlight of any Mattel offering. We’re going to avoid going into too deep into specifics, as certain items will spoil future surprises, including things about the new film.

However, this is the lay of the land for the upcoming Jurassic World toys from Mattel (the images used below are from past Jurassic Park offerings, and used for demonstrative purposes only):

3 3/4″ Human Action Figures ($10)

Yes, human action figures are back – they will be roughly 3 3/4″ tall, and in scale with past Hasbro offerings. They will follow the Kenner styling of including a small or hatchling dinosaur, and some gear/weapons. However, from our understanding the gear skews more towards collectors than play factor (as in Dr. Ian Malcolm includes a film accurate flare – not a net launcher) – and the toys have articulation that will surely please.

Basic Dinosaur Figures ($10)

The bread and butter of the line – the dinosaurs are back! Roughly 6″ long, these are comparable to the basic non-electronic dinosaurs of the Kenner toy lines (or the Bash & Bites from Jurassic World). Much like classic Kenner, these dinosaurs are not dressed with permanent mortal wounds, and have simple articulation tied to a basic action feature. One of my favorite bits of news: size of the dinosaurs are considered when choosing what type of toy to make. There will be no miniature adult Tyrannosaurs – it will focus on smaller species like Velociraptor, and Gallimimus.

ROARIVORES (Electronic Dinosaur Figures) ($15)

Slightly larger than the basic dinosaur figures, these toys focus on electronic roars tied to a biting mechanism. They again do not have open wounds, and while they are not posed as neutrally as classic Kenner toys, they are less awkard than the Jurassic Park 3 offerings. Again, the size of the dinosaurs were considered when developing these toys – so at this time, there are no electronic Velociraptors, but rather species of a larger size will be focused on.

SUPER STRIKE DINOS  (Deluxe Dinosaur Figures) ($20)

Slightly larger than the electronic figures, these hearken back to the classic non electronic Kenner dinosaurs of the medium size. An example that was described to use was a Stegosaurus with a tail swinging action that was very Kenner in looks. However, it was apparently closer in size to the JP 2013 Dino Showdows Pachyrhinosaurs.

Large Dinosaur Figures (prices vary)

Yes, they have a Tyrannosaurus Rex (two in fact!) and we have heard both steal the show. We’re going to avoid describing them anymore, as they’re worth waiting for the official reveal to be surprised! But it’s worth noting that there are more than Tyrannosaurs in the large scale, and some figures use a “Real feel” latex/rubber, have action features, and electronic roars.

Vehicles (prices vary)

Not much to say other than they’re film accurate, look awesome, and are scaled to the human figures. Everything in this line is sized correctly, much like the classic Kenner toys. The classic Jurassic Park Jeep has a few details super fans are sure to LOVE!

Matchbox (prices vary)

Gone are the fictional vehicles – they’re being replaced with small film accurate vehicles from all five films! Some include small dinosaurs, and the entire lineup was described as similar to the Micro Machines (but bigger) sold alongside The Lost World. This includes some very cool playsets based upon movie moments!

Games (prices vary)

There will be games – including something tied to pivotal plot elements of Jurassic World 2!

Various ‘smart’/electronic toys (prices vary)

Drones, remote control vehicles, and more! While a lot of these won’t be cheap, they do offer great modern play functionality.

Some key notes: Mattel’s first Jurassic World lineup will be called something similar to ‘Jurassic World: The Classic Collection’. This lineup is scheduled to hit stores late this year or early next year, and is mainly based upon the first Jurassic Park. While they boast film accuracy for all their items, it does seem to also borrow from Kenner by featuring dinosaurs never seen in the films.

Sometime early spring (mid April) in 2018 the Jurassic World 2 toys will begin to arrive in stores. Much like the classic Jurassic line, it boasts film accuracy and a multitude of figures and offerings. From there, the line should continue to populate shelves with new waves featuring figures from the latest sequel, or past films. There are apparently quite a few more classes/skus of toys from Mattel than those listed above, so there are plenty of surprises in store!

It’s worth noting that some of the basic dinosaur figures were described as slightly exaggerated looking, with proportions and poses that were more cartoony than realistic. Our hope is that between now and release, those items will be refined and perfected to better match their film counterparts (and proper realistic anatomical poses). Otherwise, we’re thrilled by what the line is slated to offer, and cannot wait to see photo’s from it – there are quite a few more surprises Mattel has up their sleeves, so stay tuned!

As always, sound off in the comments and let us know what dinosaurs, characters, and vehicles you want toys for. Happy #JurassicJune, everyone!


43 thoughts on “We’ve got the scoop on the future Jurassic World toys from Mattel! (spoiler free) #JurassicJune

  1. I could not be more excited! I was hoping for a 1/18 scale toy line. I just hope that the dinosaur figures are well articulated similar to the 2013 hasbro line and not stuck in a silly looking pose.

  2. I don’t understand why older sculpts weren’t just re-used. Bring back the original red rex with a film accurate paint job and roar and it would sell like hotcakes I’m sure.

  3. So, the games. Are we talking video games? I am really hoping for an awesome mature non-Lego video game offering. Here’s hoping for Jurassic World Survivor news soon.

  4. Will the Dinosaurs be including all that show in the movie, or show all the dinos that were going to be in the stores?

  5. No plastic cheap toys. I was really dissapointed in the 2015 toy line. I was going to start collecting again, I decided I wasn’t going to waste my money. Follow the 1993 toy line as framework. You won’t fail.

  6. Seriously it’s 2017, we should get realistic collector level sculpts with good articulation! If not, it’s hasbro all over again and I’ll pass!

  7. I’ve collected since the first line in 1993. I bought every JW offering. I’ll be buying these based on this info alone. Thankful that Universal appears to have listened to the fans.

  8. Hello
    Jurassic Park series one: Walking Gigant Brachiosaurus scale 1 – 15
    Parasaurolophus Female, John Hammond action figure, Lex Murpy, JP Workers, RAPTOR PEN PLAYSET, slepping T rex, River Rafter PlaySet, DINOSAUR HATCHLINGS: T-Rex, Brachiosaur, Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus, Parasaurolophus, Stegasaurus (yes stegasaurus) scale 1 – 2
    Ingen helicopter, Visitor center with skeletons alamosaur vs. t-rex, Herrerasaurus, Baryonix, Metriacrocantosaurus, etc.

    The Lost World Jurassic Park 20 Aniversaurus collection:
    Something are survived 20 years after:
    Compys atack playset, T-rex nest play set, Evil Hunters campament play set,
    Dinosaur jails, Roland Tembo ambush playset, Village workers play set, Mamenchisaurus gigant walking action, Gallimimus,
    Stegosaurus Walking action, Unimog remote controled, Hummer remote
    control, Ingen Helicopters drone action, Pteranodons ingens drones, SS VENTURE PLAYSET, Dr. Robert Burke action figure, and More
    MORE DINOSAUR HATCHINGS: Stegosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Compys,
    Pachycephalosaurus, Pteranodon Steinberg, Gallimimus, Parasaurolophus, Etc.
    Rol Game Funcional Toys Binoculars, Walkie talkies, Roland Tembo Tranq Rifle, Nick Van Owen Nikon Camera, Sara Harding Lucky Pack, Ian Malcom 3D Black Glasses, Roland Tembo Hat.

    Alan Grant Hat, Billy Brenan Lucky pack hatching eggs and velociraptor sound chamber sold separately, Nash, Cooper, Udesky, Survival kit of Erik Kirby, Abandoned Ingen Instalations Playset, CORYTOSAURUS, ANKILOSAURUS, CERATOSAURUS , Barge River Vehicule, Pteranodon Birdcage playset, And THE LAST DINOSAUR HATCHINGS SCALE 1-2, SPINOSAURUS, VELOCIRAPTORS MALES, CORYTOSAURUS, PTERANODONS, COMPIS, ANKILOSAURUS, BRACHIOSAURUS, STEGOSAURUS, PARASAUROLOPHUS, CARNOTAURUS, BARYONIX CERATOSAURUS, INDOMINUS REX ,( yes yes excelent for Jurassic World Hatchings dinosaur comming soon)

  9. No Miniature Adult Rex? Aw, well, I was hoping for a 9 inch long and 4 inch tall Indominus Rex and Spinosaurus, but yet again, I would prefer to have a 6″ long Raptor Squad with Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie(with Sickle Claws and accurate color schemes), along with a 3 3/4 Owen with a Motorcycle…. Because for the Large Dinosaurs like T-Rex, Spinosaurus and Indominus Rex ,I probably will not purchas due to their size for the fact that I have very limited shelf space and also because I have a Budget, but Hey, let us see what happens… And I Hope that all of these toys will be amazing and I can Buy some, stuff before and after I watch Jurassic World 2.

  10. Thanks Jurassic outpost
    Ik am a autistic boy from the Nederlandse end may only love is JURASSIC PARK
    Ik even bin on de netenool Radio station 3FM
    Wiht met hobby many Times
    So many thanks voor dihs nieuws
    Hij fijv kris jagers

  11. Absolutely stoked about this, my only complaint would have to be that they are scaled to the hasbro toys and not the kenner toys (I think their action figures were 4 1/2 inches tall). Other than that it seems pretty good.

  12. Damn, I was hoping for the 4.5″ figures, back to the original size and style! though glad to hear the dinos seem to be back to the original look and feel. Hopefully no visible screw holes or hinges!

  13. Movie accurate likenesses and clothing would be subliminal! (Paul kirby with a moustache , eddie carr without his hat as he has a bald head , carter NOT dressed as a motor cyclist but like a mexican dino hunter , robert muldoon WITH a hat , dennis nedry (with glasses and not shades) and removable raincoat , oh , and obese instead of podgy lol , new figures…….robert burke (with hat and snake) udesky with radio , jophery brown (the guy that dies when muldoon shouts “shooooot her!”) , BD wong’s character (with half hatched raptor and note pad ) , ray arnold (with chair , desk and JP computer console) , owen (with piece of meat and whip) , gray and his brother (2-pack) , lex murphy , these are just a few ideas , mattel can do this am sure , if kenner managed it and if hasbro survived this long , then mattel can succeed like with their TMNT line!!!

    1. I am searching EVERYWHERE for the Jurassic World Growler Dilophosaurus. Hopefully, I can get soon. Needed now for birthday gift, but will wait for better line in 2018 😄

  14. I hope they release the toys befor 31 october because then it’s my birthday and if it does’nt i stil have enough for a mattel t-rex the wil probaly be around the price of 30 35 40 dollars so i im exited

  15. I hope the humans sell well then it opens the door to more characters (and dino chow lol) , my idea for a deluxe range (we can dream) would be…..dilophasaurus vs dennis nedry , raptor vs udesky , compy swarm vs dieter stark , dimorphodon vs zara , billy brennan vs pteranodon , eric kirby vs pteranodon hatchlings and tim murphy vs gallimimus , rrp around 20 pounds (20-25$) , and as for a playset , how about the T-rex escape from JP1, with collapsing toilet block , dino damage fences , tethered goat and exclusive donald gennero figure (dinosaurs sold separately) , now don’t get me started on vehicles…..malcolms car box set with ian , sarah and baby rex!

    1. Itbis a good idea but mayby with the t-rex paddock playset a destroyd jungle explorer with exclusife survivor allan grant tim murhy and lex murhy and off cours a goat

  16. I’m very pleased to hear that Mattel will take over the official Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise. I’ve only had several dinosaurs from the Kenner line, but now I want to get more JP Dino’s, human figures and maybe the vehicles. Perhaps design some diorama decals like a visistor center from Adobe Photoshop.

  17. I have an idea for the T-rex. about 18-28 inches long and have great paint and sculpting with electronics. As well as a footstep sound. and can swallow humans and small dinosaurs and you can retreive them from the stomach. idea for the 2nd T. rex there making. A T. rex full body puppet that can thrash out of capture gear when you move your hand around inside the puppet. (Of course have electronic sounds too) and both of the figures are made of rubber accept for the feet, the feet are plastic so you can articulate them

  18. I’m not disappointed in the new dinosaurs coming out in 2018, but I AM VERY disappointed that NO ONE is making a NEW Command Control Center such as the one Kenner first put out. I still have mine and have it set up as a diorama, but I could sure use more fencing!! I personally think the Kenner set was the BEST ever and also have many of the Kenner people and dinosaurs from 1993. I wish SOME toy company would take over the Kenner line and re-produce the center as well as NEW and perhaps better fencing. I cannot BELIEVE the prices I see on eBay for old Kenner sets….most without any box and incomplete. There is ONE unopened box right now on eBay that costs a small fortune. My “computer” still works because I regularly checked and changed batteries. But the design is adult-oriented as most children cannot get out the battery compartment without wrecking it. If Mattel is taking over, the FIRST thing they should do is create a COMMAND COMPOUND SET and fencing!! I prefer my original Kenner dinosaurs, but have bought several of the new ones. I think the eyes on the newer dinos are much more realistic, and I DO look at detail.

  19. Why no deceast size 1:40th Brontosaurus figure? Had some nice looking ones in last movies and nothings been done.That is really sad. Only CollectA did a new up to date style great looking but to small so was Papo’s. Nothing has been done in a good size to off set the 1:40th or lagrer T-rex figures.In short what the heck. To be nice lol.

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