Asset Out of Containment! The Indominus Rex Has Arrived in ‘Jurassic World: Evolution’!

The hybrid everybody loves to hate has finally arrived in Jurassic World: Evolution! That’s right folks, we have a new attraction; and it’s the Indominus Rex!

For those of you who need reminding, the Indominus was the love child of Henry Wu in Jurassic World. A killer blend of Velociraptor and T. rex, it is known infamously as the creature that took down Jurassic World!

With a bullet proof hide and psychopathic tendencies, it will surely be a force to contain in the game. Perhaps you’d better put A.C.U. on alert now?

In case you missed it, we visited Frontier’s Offices in Cambridge (Hey! Isn’t that where Nedry’s people are?) and got talk to the people building the game! Check out our video below:

Jurassic World: Evolution launches next week! Will you be playing? Comment below!

An Exclusive Look Inside of Jurassic World: Evolution

Dream it. Build it. Survive it. Do you remember that tagline? It’s quite simple really, and perfectly summarises what a park building game is, and especially what Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was.

That game was loved – and still is, and fifteen years later we are set to receive the new generation’s version of this game. Jurassic World: Evolution.

A week ago, Alex and myself were lucky enough to visit Frontier Developments in Cambridge and meet with many of the team that are developing this upcoming park-building game. We saw the game in it’s final stages of development and met with various members of the animation team, the creative team, the sound team, who are now putting those crucial final touches on the game.

We also had the opportunity to play the game. And that we did. For a good few hours! We played on the islands of Isla Matanceros and Isla Muerta, two of the Five Deaths island chain that sits near Isla Nublar.

While most of what we were able to play has been previously revealed, the camera mode within the Park Ranger Jeeps is something previously unseen, and I don’t believe the Dilophosaurus attacks on the park visitors has been seen before!

View our full gallery below!

We had a lot of fun at Frontier and we thoroughly enjoyed our time playing Jurassic World: Evolution! Our friends at Jurassic Unicast were also attending and have shared their own content from the day on their channel!

The game is available on Tuesday June 12 and is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Don’t miss out – be sure to pre-order your copy now!

Be Sure to Stay Until the End of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Credits

This week, the park is in the past as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in overseas countries starting June 6th.

While its global release schedule in frustratingly staggered thanks to the World Cup, and will not release in some countries such as the United States until June 22nd, we are now beginning the roll-out of our film companion pieces. The first of which pertains to the subject of an after-credits scene, a staple the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have cemented into the expectations of audiences when it comes to tentpole franchises.

Though none of the past Jurassic Park films have featured a post credits scene, including 2015’s ‘World’, Fallen Kingdom upsets the trend adapting to the modern studio cinemascape. Not only do you want to stay seated through the credits to experience more of Michael Giacciano’s phenomenal score, and to see the names and duties of all the hardworking filmworkers who made the latest entry possible, but also to experience a stinger with a little extra dinosaur footage.

It’s worth noting that the scene in question does not set up the sequel in any way the footage before the credit roll did, nor does it include any surprise cameos and thus this addition to the film will perhaps spark debate among fans online. The scene is harmless in its contribution to the story, and the conversations about its necessity and impact or lack thereof will surely be frequent.

Personally, while I often believe if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it, I also do like the concept of the Jurassic films being less predictable in their format of storytelling. Although he stinger itself doesn’t have the impact of the epilogues in Chrichton’s novels, it is a small scene fans have wanted to see from the franchise for quite a few years.

What are your thoughts about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom featuring an after credits scene? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest news!

Two New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Posters Debut Online!

Poster collectors are going to need a bigger wall.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom hits overseas theaters in a day, and to celebrate Universal Pictures have revealed two brand new posters! Both of the new posters are exclusive via ticket sale promotions and theater chains, Fandango and Dolby Cinemas respectively. Each poster has been seemingly designed with the fans in mind, and are fun new additions to Fallen Kingdom’s lineup.

The first poster is available now if you Pre-order your tickets through Fandango, and has been designed by fellow Jurassic superfan Nima Nakhshab. You may recognize Nima’s name as his fan posters in the past spread across social media like wildfire, and have been featured on our website numerous times. In an homage to his Star Wars style throwback poster, Nima has designed a dinosaur centric character collage with a vintage poster feel.

Check it out below, and visit Fandango to secure your free poster now!

The second poster revealed today is a more traditional and modern poster, and a huge step up from the other two theatrical posters (Stampede and Eruption) revealed months back. While it’s perhaps a bit cluttered, it feels more in tone with the films, and features Owen and Claire facing the Indoraptor and Baryonyx respectively, and of course has Blue front and center ready to attack. The composition and colors on this poster make it one of my favorites featured in cinemas, second only to the recently revealed IMAX poster.

Check it out below!

What’s your favorite Fallen Kingdom poster, and will you purchase tickets through Fandango to secure your copy designed by Nima? Sound off in the comments below, and hold on to your butts – life finds a way this week.

Pre-Order Baby Blue with First ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Replica from Chronicle Collectibles!

Spare no expense, and celebrate Jurassic June with a new collectible too cute to miss!

With the release of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘ mere days away for some of us, the first item from the new film by Chronicle Collectibles is finally up for pre-order! Sure to be a fan favourite, Chronicle’s latest offering comes in the form of none other than Baby Blue.

Based on the flashback appearance of Blue in the new film, this life size 1:1 piece is sure to be the centrepiece of any fan’s collection, with a distinct paint application and a hyper-realistic sculpt, you could be forgiven for thinking she might actually come to life! This is a must have for any Jurassic Park fan, and is easily the most authentic chance to take home a real dinosaur from the films.


  • Limited Edition
  • Made using direct digital assets from Industrial Light & Magic
  • The most screen accurate representation that will ever be made
  • Made out of polyresin; eyes are acrylic
  • Comes on an elegant smooth black base
  • Measures 37.5″
  • Priced at $999 and eligible for our interest-free payment plans

Chronicle Says:

“As soon as we saw the footage of Baby Blue interacting with Owen, we knew right away this was something we wanted to recreate for fans. Thanks to our great working relationship with Universal and ILM we were able to bring Baby Blue off the screen and into a real, tangible form for collectors and fans alike. This is a terrific piece to honor the legacy of Jurassic Park, which now stands at 25 years strong and has no signs of stopping!”

– Paul Francis, Creative Director

Pre-Order Now!

Pre-orders are live now, and as these are limited edition they’re sure to get snapped up fast! Will you be buying one for a spot of Pratt-Keeping? Sound off below!

Source: Chronicle