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Artist Spotlight: Anson Aguirre – Dinosaur and Comic Book Prints

When I began this website, it was always my intention to help promote artists and creatives alike who I’ve met through the fandom. There is a huge number of talented individuals in this community that all share the same story – Jurassic Park was a huge influence in their life and has helped them pursue their career.

I recently received a number of art prints from Anson Aguirre, a Finland based artist who is currently raising funds to debut his art at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles this October. And after receiving some of his work, I can honestly say that he really deserves to be there. And seeing it in person made me want to write this article, not to urge you into donating, but to highlight the art itself.


Talent comes in many forms, and Anson has managed to capture the Jurassic Park dinosaur style with every single piece he has made. All of the pieces I have seen look like they have come straight out of an art book for one of the Jurassic movies.

Getting into an industry like this is no easy feat, and more recently crowdfunding has helped independent filmmakers show their vision, artists open galleries, musicians fund their albums, and of course, random dudes make potato salad.


Anson has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help him fund his trip to Los Angeles to debut his art and showcase it to the right audience. I have donated, and if you are an aspiring artist yourself, a creative, or just a fan of art and Jurassic Park in general, then do check out his campaign. Either way, I do hope Anson makes it to Stan Lee’s Comikaze and is able to showcase his work!

It really did blow me away when I opened the package – firstly because I had no idea what it was, but mainly because of just how impressive it is! These are Jurassic Park dinosaurs.

Best of luck Anson, and if you have made some Jurassic related art then be sure to submit it to our ‘fan work‘ section of our forum!


One thought on “Artist Spotlight: Anson Aguirre – Dinosaur and Comic Book Prints

  1. Great article Jack! It is very inspiring to see the JP community come together like this. I wish Anson the best of luck!

    Would Anson consider allowing some of his art to be featured in the JO Encyclopedia? I’d love to see some high res scans of his art in there. 😉


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