A New Smuggling Solution from Chronicle Collectibles!

If you were planning a spot of Industrial Espionage this summer, or perhaps just want to shave like it’s 1993, then don’t worry, Chronicle Collectibles has got you covered! The replica everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived; Dennis Nedry’s Barbasol Cryocan!

Announced exclusively today by io9, Jurassic-licensee Chronicle Collectibles have again partnered with Universal Studios and Barbasol to be bring this iconic piece to life. While details are scarce for the time being, rumours are already circulating about a functional mechanism on the inside, so you can recreate Nedry’s antics at home!

Last seen disappearing into the soils of Isla Nublar, fans will remember the Barbasol Can as the discreet means of smuggling Dinosaur Embryos out of the park. Customs can even check it if they want! Given to Dennis Nedry by Biosyn’s infamous Lewis Dodgson (Does anyone care?), its mission was never completed.

Can you succeed where Nedry failed? If you’ve got an 18 minute window, sound off below!

Source: io9

Mondo to Release ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ on Vinyl!

No strangers to the Jurassic Franchise, Mondo have announced today the they will be offering Michael Giacchino’s ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ soundtrack as a 2 disc limited vinyl pressing. In record time too given the Official Release only dropped only days ago!

Mondo’s web exclusive version of this 2XLP comes pressed on either a stunning looking 180 Gram Indo-Raptor colored vinyl (Translucent Green with Orange Stripe and Yellow Splatter), or for the more reserved collector on traditional Black vinyl. Featuring original new artwork by JC Richard, this set will fit right in with Mondo’s previous Jurassic Park and World offerings.

Here’s what Mondo had to say about the score:

JURASSIC PARK: FALLEN KINGDOM is some of the most fun we’ve had in the theaters this year. And Giacchino’s score, which returns more to his penned JURASSIC WORLD score than the John Williams’ cues that bridged the gap in the last film, is evocative of classic Universal horror and haunted house movie scores, breaking from the pack of previous JURASSIC scores. Much like the film itself, Giacchino creates a fun, fresh take on the music of the “Man creates Dinosaurs… Dinosaurs eat Man” series.”

Hey Mondo? Can we get ‘The Lost World’ and ‘Jurassic Park III’ too please? The set goes up for sale this Wednesday at Noon (CST) over at MondoTees.com

Source: Mondo

‘Universal’s Cinematic Celebration’ to Debut in Orlando!

It’s a time honoured tradition for Lagoon-based theme parks to have a night-time show, and Universal Studios Florida is no exception! Previous years have seen a foray of shows hosted at the Studios Lagoon, from the high octane stunts of ‘Dynamite Nights’ all the way to iconic projection globes of ‘Universal 360’! In keeping with the Studio Setting, Universal have just announced ‘Universal’s Cinematic Celebration’.

The show will feature a brand new story, presented on panoramic water screens which will be brought to life with additional multi layer water screens, over 120 dancing fountains and projection mapping, utilising the entire waterfront and its surrounding buildings. A new, permanent viewing area for the show is also currently under construction in the Central Park area.

The show will explore popular Universal Park franchises such as Harry Potter, Despicable Me, The Fast & Furious and of course our favourite; Jurassic World.

And for Parents looking for somewhere to keep their younger Jurassic Fans after the sun has set, Loews Royal Pacific Resort have just opened their new ‘Jurassic World’ bedrooms, complete with Gyrosphere themed twin beds!

The 670 sq feet 2-bedroom kids’ suites sleep up to five, and features one king bed, two twin beds and the option of an additional rollaway bed. The kids’ side of the suite features familiar design elements inspired by the film and opens into the adults’ room via a door modeled after the dinosaur enclosure.

Planning a stay at Universal’s Orlando Resort this summer? Make everyone jealous in the comments!

Asset Out of Containment! The Indominus Rex Has Arrived in ‘Jurassic World: Evolution’!

The hybrid everybody loves to hate has finally arrived in Jurassic World: Evolution! That’s right folks, we have a new attraction; and it’s the Indominus Rex!

For those of you who need reminding, the Indominus was the love child of Henry Wu in Jurassic World. A killer blend of Velociraptor and T. rex, it is known infamously as the creature that took down Jurassic World!

With a bullet proof hide and psychopathic tendencies, it will surely be a force to contain in the game. Perhaps you’d better put A.C.U. on alert now?

In case you missed it, we visited Frontier’s Offices in Cambridge (Hey! Isn’t that where Nedry’s people are?) and got talk to the people building the game! Check out our video below:

Jurassic World: Evolution launches next week! Will you be playing? Comment below!

Pre-Order Baby Blue with First ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Replica from Chronicle Collectibles!

Spare no expense, and celebrate Jurassic June with a new collectible too cute to miss!

With the release of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘ mere days away for some of us, the first item from the new film by Chronicle Collectibles is finally up for pre-order! Sure to be a fan favourite, Chronicle’s latest offering comes in the form of none other than Baby Blue.

Based on the flashback appearance of Blue in the new film, this life size 1:1 piece is sure to be the centrepiece of any fan’s collection, with a distinct paint application and a hyper-realistic sculpt, you could be forgiven for thinking she might actually come to life! This is a must have for any Jurassic Park fan, and is easily the most authentic chance to take home a real dinosaur from the films.


  • Limited Edition
  • Made using direct digital assets from Industrial Light & Magic
  • The most screen accurate representation that will ever be made
  • Made out of polyresin; eyes are acrylic
  • Comes on an elegant smooth black base
  • Measures 37.5″
  • Priced at $999 and eligible for our interest-free payment plans

Chronicle Says:

“As soon as we saw the footage of Baby Blue interacting with Owen, we knew right away this was something we wanted to recreate for fans. Thanks to our great working relationship with Universal and ILM we were able to bring Baby Blue off the screen and into a real, tangible form for collectors and fans alike. This is a terrific piece to honor the legacy of Jurassic Park, which now stands at 25 years strong and has no signs of stopping!”

– Paul Francis, Creative Director

Pre-Order Now!

Pre-orders are live now, and as these are limited edition they’re sure to get snapped up fast! Will you be buying one for a spot of Pratt-Keeping? Sound off below!

Source: Chronicle

John Hammond Still Looms Over Jurassic World in New ‘Fallen Kingdom’ Featurette!

According to the online viral campaign for Masrani Global that accompanied Jurassic World’s release in 2015, John Parker Hammond passed away shortly after the events seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1997.

Despite that, the legend of the entrepreneur is still alive and well more than twenty years later. In a new featurette for next month’s ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’, we see Claire Dearing in Benjamin Lockwood’s manor standing in front of a large portrait of none other than John Parker Hammond, who’s bears a striking resemblance to when we last saw him in The Lost World – though perhaps a little healthier.

While little else can be gleaned from this appearance, it’s clear that Lockwood’s relationship with Hammond, and it’s deterioration before the events of Jurassic Park, will be an interesting look back into the mythos of the franchise.

Check out the featurette below:

Accompanying this featurette comes the Production Information for the movie which is now available to view online and you can find embedded below!

While this may not offer any groundbreaking spoilers from the plot of the movie, it does give us a chance to get to know the characters before their debut as well as setting the stage for what we will see next month. Take a look below!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Production Information
The document also dives into detail about the talent behind the camera including a short piece detailing director J.A. Bayona joining Team Jurassic.

Are you excited to discover more about the legacy of John Hammond and Jurassic Park’s dark origins? Sound off below!

RUMOUR: Orlando to Break Ground on New Jurassic Park Ride?

You might be forgiven if you forgot that Universal has a theme park in Orlando, especially with the announcement of a re-theme in their Hollywood Park, a parade debut in Japan and rumours of a Jurassic World section in Beijing. But the largest and most complete Jurassic Park ride has resided at Universal’s Islands of Adventure since 1999 and if rumours are to be believed, it’s finally getting a much needed upgrade!

With the spotlight elsewhere, Universal discretely filed a demolition permit for a 9,100 Square Foot area in the park earlier this month. This could easily be mistaken for the new ‘Harry Potter’ ride, but demolition and construction are already well underway at the site of the former ‘Dragon Challenge’ attraction, which was listed as Project 942. The new permit is listed as Project 741, a distinctly older number. Sources inside the park have hinted that area to be cleared is the former Triceratops Encounter/Discovery Trail, which closed in 2005, but was temporarily reopened in 2011 and 12 as an overflow attraction during the debut of ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’. The size of the area certainly matches to that reported in the permit.

This is not the first time that Universal has filed for permits to modify the Jurassic Park area, though disappointingly those turned out to only be small changes; Carnival style booths in part of the River Adventure’s extended queue, and the Raptor Encounter in the exit to the Triceratops Encounter. Given the scale of the area, is certainly looks as though Universal is finally pushing forward with a new attraction, especially given that the former attraction has previously sat dormant for over 15 years.

At this time we can only speculate what the new attraction will be. Whispers from insiders are hinting at a coaster, perhaps in the style of Japan’s ‘Flying Dinosaur’ though at this early stage all bets are off. Prior to the park’s opening, attractions known as ‘Jeep safari’ and ‘Helicoptours’ were planned for the Jurassic Park area though were eventually written off due to budget constraints. The patches of land reserved for these attractions have since been filled by other IPs but perhaps one of them could have a resurgence on this new plot.

Demolition is set to begin on June 1st with a reported cost of $300,000. Keep your eyes peeled for more info then!

The Graham Norton Show to Host Jurassic World Special!

In the first of what is sure to be many talk show appearances, Graham Norton will host Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum on his famed sofa in a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom special this May.

It’s common for guests of the show to bring new footage with them, so keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive look from the upcoming film!

Also, did you catch the latest TV spot with a new look at the Stygimoloch? Check it out below!

The Graham Norton show airs on Friday 24th May. Will you be watching?

China Gets an Alternate Final Trailer With Extended Fallen Kingdom Footage!

Yesterday, Jurassic fans were treated with the third and final trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which gave us an even closer look at the story and characters in the movie.

Following the trend of almost every other large franchise these days, a new extended trailer has just debuted in China with even more spoiler-heavy footage. Check it out below:

With new looks at Rafe Spall, Ted Levine Toby Jones and BD Wong as well as a few more beautiful establishing shots sprinkled in, this trailer is less of an extended version of the trailer we received yesterday and more of a creation unto itself.

I personally feel like this trailer is considerably stronger in the narrative department than previous trailers, laying out a clear and honest look at the film we will see in June. Though some might consider it a little too concise.

We have compiled over 90 screenshots from yesterday’s trailer in glorious HD for your viewing pleasure.

Which trailer do you prefer? Are you back aboard the Fallen Kingdom hype train? Sound off below!

Jurassic Park Rex to Appear in Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’

Finally answering months of speculation, a new TV spot for Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ lays to rest the debate over whether or not the film will pay homage to Spielberg’s own work with a resounding YES!

This reference to Spielberg’s portfolio of classics comes in the form of none other than the Jurassic Park Rex!

It was previously reported that Spielberg would not be referencing any of his previous films for fear of it being interpreted as vanity, thankfully however this is not the case and at least one throwback has slipped the net.

The film which is due out later this year, is based on the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline. Despite being set in the future, the novel is grounded in references to pop culture from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. Other references include the time travelling DeLorean from the 1985 hit ‘Back to the Future’ and the titular ‘Iron Giant’ from Brad Bird’s animated classic.

Whilst it remains to be seen if this will be a cameo or more of a featured appearance, this will be the Jurassic Park Rex’s second appearance of the year outside of the Jurassic Park/World franchise, after the Jeep Wrangler advert that debuted at the Super Bowl earlier this month.

‘Ready Player One’ is due out on March the 29th.